Doing with the money and managing it is one of the most stressful parts of being in a relationship. Though relationship building is important than money management, poor money management will lead to a crash of a relationship. So, as a resolution for this, there are budgeting apps for couples. Therefore, “” loves to share this comparison guide on the best budgeting apps for couples.

Before getting into the point, let’s consider what is a budget app and why is important.

#1 What is a Budgeting app?

Simply, a budgeting app is a software that lets you create a budget, categorize your income and expenses, and track your transactions. In addition, the app helps you to see how you spend your money by providing useful reports and analysis. Generally, the budgeting app runs on smartphones, but if you need them on a desktop or other mobile device, you can find the version’s support to them.

#2 Why Budgeting is helpful for couples?

For all the people, including couples, it is better to have budgeting. The most important thing is it helps to make sure that you are using your money in the best way. And not only that, it helps to make sure that you are using your money by setting up your financial future.

To go a long way with your partner, you have to make good financial decisions. Simply, both of you can make a decision that both of you are financially secure with your budgeting.

A budget can be the turning point of your relationship. If you plan it with one of the best budget planning apps, you may able to go a long way with your partner financially secure. Accordingly, your decision to use a budget planning app is great.

#3 Best budgeting apps for couples

Different apps do different things. Depending on both of you actually need, you can choose the best budgeting app for both of you.

01. Personal Capital

When it comes to best budgeting apps for couples, Personal Capital is the best app for couples who like to see an overview of their entire financial position.

Personal capital is an online financial advisor, that lets you work on your budgeting. It is a solid combination of budgeting and investing features, that gives you a great overview of the overall financial position.

It provides you with,

  • Individual securities
  • Free comprehensive investment management tools
  • Dedicated financial advisors
  • Advanced tax optimization strategy

With personal capital app, you can get a real-time view and easily track and manage your entire financial life. Not only that, both of you can plan for your retirement with this app. It helps to build, manage, and forecast your retirement in one convenient place with your partner. So, this app can be considered as one of the best budgeting apps for couples.

In addition, you can compare your portfolio’s allocation to the recommended target and see how well your investments are doing with the investment checkup. Further, both of you can check Is your portfolio working as hard as it could be? Their free analyzer will help to save you thousands in expensive hidden mutual fees. So, if you prefer to get a budgeting app to get an overview of the entire financial position, you can look for Personal Capital.

02. Good budget app

Good budget is the best app for those who deal with shared household expenses.
When considering cost, it is free for a basic account and $6 per month or $50 annually for a plus account.

This app uses the envelope system, to help you to get a clutch on your spending. To create a budget, you first need to add your envelopes. In this app, there are two categories. One is monthly for your regular expenses and another one is annual for savings goals and irregular expenses like insurance premiums, gifts.etc.


  • It is easy to use
  • Supports multiple financial accounts
  • Can share with your partner

Accordingly, Good budget is an effective solution for couples, who want more control over their cash flows. But remember, this is not for investment accounts.

03. YNAB

YNBA is best for the couple who want a budget app with all the details.
This app has a trial period of 4 days. After that period, $11.99 per month and $84 annually.

You Need A Budget app, (YNBA) provides you with,

  • Improved security
  • Goal settings
  • Great tutorials and education materials
  • Solid user experience
  • News reports
  • Easy to use
  • No advertising

This budgeting app also a budgeting program brings with the envelop method into this digital era. In fact, this app is based on four rules which help to stop living paycheck to paycheck and spend less money than you earn every single month.

Whether it pays off your debt, add to your savings, or just your usual living expenses, YNBA will make sure that your money is used for the best. You can check your manual and automatic entry of expenses, automated synchronization across mobile interfaces, and goal tracking and analysis of your finances.

YNBA connects multiple bank accounts, customizing spending categories and there are free workshops and budgeting advice. That is why YNBA becomes one of the best budgeting apps for couples.

04. Pocket Guard

Do both of you prefer to keep all the things simple? Then, the Pocket guard will be the perfectly matching app for both of you.
This app is free.

PocketGuard a perfect financial management app, which gives you a nice report of how much you have spent over and how much leftover. This will provide you nonstop with a money management solution that lets you track spending and develop a clearer picture of your financial situation.

It provide you with following key features.

  • Tracking your incoming and expenses
  • Creating spending limits
  • Setting savings goals
  • Easy to use

Accordingly, Pocketguard comes highly recommended if both of you want an overview of your money. With all its key features, it will provide you a clear picture of your budgeting and it will secure your money. If both of you are nervous about your spending habits, so this will also be the perfect selection. When comparing this with personal capital, it is different than Pocketguard, but personal capital still has budgeting features.

05. Mint

Mint, is the best app for the couples who want an easy budget tracker.
This is free cost app.

Among the connected budgeting apps, Mint is the bet connected app out there. You can access with any browser or a mobile device. Mint is a very helpful and useful app for things like budgeting, creating goals, and aggregating all your financial accounts in one place.
It includes the following key features,

  • Budgeting
  • Investment tracking
  • Access to iOS, Android and web-based
  • Credit score monitoring
  • Bill management
  • Tax reporting
  • Custom categories
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Online synchronization

In this app, budgeting is fully easy to set up. Though this haven’t investment and allocation tools, this is excellent in creating and tracking budget.

Definitely, couples can use the Mint app. Whether you can’t merge two existing accounts, you can use solutions for it. You can create new accounts for both of you or not you can use your existing accounts and share the login details. If both you prefer to this app and if it could fulfill the needs of both of you, get the Mint app and manage your finances effortlessly.

06. HoneyDue

Are you looking for a dedicated couples budgeting app? If so, you can’t go wrong with the Honeydue app.
It is cost-free.

Honeydue is a financial app that allows you and your partner to pull all of your financial information in one place. When both of you connected to Honeydue, you add your checking, savings, credit cards, loans, and investment accounts through encrypted connections and mark the transactions of you and your partner.

This app will help you to track your balances and activity for each of your accounts, categorizing each transaction. From it, you can understand your spending habits.

Key features are,

  • One place for your accounts
  • Category feature
  • Split expenses

Accordingly, Honeydue, is useful for you and your partner are starting from scratch and trying to handle on your financial picture. You can have healthy conversations bout your financial matters, with Honeydue.

07. Zeta

Zeta is a financial tool designed for couples that helps them to stay on top of the finances together.
It is free of cost.

key concepts
Monitor invoices and reports
Pay merchants in both online and offline
Access your cash card and corporate tax benefit cards

This app allows you to split shared expenses by a set percentage. Not only that, it allows for any combination of managing your money as a couple of separate, particularly combined, or totally together.

You can have the best experience with Zeta. Zeta’s coaching sessions will make you feel manageable.

08. Honeyfi

Honeyfi is one of the best budgeting apps for couples. This is specially made for couples.
They will give you a 30 days trial. After that, you have to pay $9.99 per month or $59.99 annually.

Key features

  • Expense tracking
  • Automatic monthly budget
  • Split transactions

Honeyfi app has the ability to track your expenses a breeze and you will always know where your budget stands because it updates in real-time. With this app, you may be able to find out areas to improve your spending habits or cancel the unused payings. So, if both of you prefer to budgeting with the Honeyfi app, set up your relationship with financial success with it.

09. Twine

Do both of you have a shared financial goal? If so, Twine is the best app.
This is free for saving cash. 0.6% of the balance for investments.

When it comes to features of this app, one of the best features in this app is the ability to save for a goal. Twine is an app built specifically for couples to achieve shared financial goals by making sure you are allocating money towards these every month. With this app, you can set up specific savings and investment goals. Even if you don’t have a joint bank account, you can save toward goals with your partner from twin joint savings.

But, this app is with few customer service options. Not only that, this app higher interest rates at online banks. Without these two factors, there’s nothing wrong with the twine app.

10. Betterment

Betterment is the best budgeting app for the couple who want to start investing.
This costs, 0.25% annual fee with no minimum balance.

Betterment is designed in order to have access to a lot of automated options. This app teaches the ropes to invest and more importantly proper asset allocation. However, this app is perfect for young investors. Not only that, there are betterment flexible portfolios.
Key features are,

  • Multiple investment options
  • Goal-based tools
  • Fractional shares

One disadvantage of the betterment app is, there is no direct indexing. If both of your main goals is to invest through the app, it is to choose the Betterment app.

11. Splitwise

This app is best for couples who don’t want to share an account.
The cost is free.

Whether you are looking for an easy conflict way of splitting household expenses, this app will be the right choice for you.

Key features

  • Split bills and other expenses the easy way
  • Choose exactly how to split each expense
  • Accordingly, Sliptwise is an app that helps to split bills and expenses in an easy way.

12. EveryDollar

GreatDollar is an app that is great for tracking your spending and making sure that you are laser-focused on paying off your debt.
This app is free or $129.99 per year for the plus account.

EveryDollar is a budgeting app that helps users make the budgeting process easier and find the financial freedom that they want.

  • Easy to use
  • Focuses budgeting
  • Ability to connect you with local experts
  • Ad-free service

Before using this app, remember there is a limited free version. To get the service you have to pay, but it’s not cheap. Except that, there’s nothing goes wrong with the EveryDollar app.

13. Mvelopes

Do both of your budgets with the envelope method? If so, Mvelopes is the perfect match for both of you.
This will cost $ per month or $55 per year.

The Mvelopes app is making sure that you are only spending as much in each budget category as you can afford.

Accordingly, these are the best budgeting apps for couples. Are you worrying about how to choose the better budgeting app for your relationship? Let’s consider how to choose the best app.

#4 How to choose the best budgeting app for your relationship?

The very first thing to consider before choosing the budget app is, consider what you both really need. You are choosing a budgeting app for both of you. So, the app should be suitable for both of your needs. Just as an example, if both of you want an app to see an overview of your financial position, you might want to consider the apps that give your finances in order.

Another considerable factor is cost. Most of the budgeting apps are free or with their free trial. If you are looking for a free app, both of you can select so. But, if both of you prefer to go with a budgeting app with a monthly fee, first of all, test out the free trial of your app. (if you or your partner prefer to use papers and plan your budget instead of using budgeting apps, then check out this Budget Planners)

So, now you can choose the best budgeting app for your relationship. In fact, you and your partner are going to keep a great step in your relationship. Picking one of the best budgeting apps for couples from this will be the key to your financial success.

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