Administrative assistants are used by many businesses to support their staff and manage the workplace. The questions you might anticipate being asked during an interview for an administrative assistant can help you prepare your responses and make a positive impression. In this article, we at founderactivity will go over some of the most asked administrative assistant interview questions you may anticipate being asked during the interview. And offer advice on how to respond, including an overview of the STAR interview method.

Key takeaways

  • Prepare to discuss your organizational, communication, and time management skills in your upcoming administrative assistant interview.
  • Use the STAR response technique to prepare concrete examples of times you had an influence in past roles.
  • To incorporate the employer’s requirements into your answers, review the job description.

STAR Interview Technique

Using concrete examples from your own experience, you can respond to behavioral interview questions simply and clearly using the STAR interview method. Situation, Task, Action and Result are abbreviated as STAR. When using this strategy to respond to an interview question, you must precisely specify a particular circumstance you have encountered that is important to the topic posed, describe your role in the situation, detail the steps you took to address it, and describe the outcome. This approach enables you to respond to the question with a precise explanation.

Who Is an Administrative Assistant?

Today’s administrative assistants frequently serve as the CEOs’ right hands, helping with day-to-day operations of a company. Calendar management, meeting planning, basic office management, and serving as a point of contact between the CEO and other departments are all tasks carried out by administrative assistants.

They may also be given more conventional tasks including making phone calls, responding to emails, writing reports, and managing data bases and file systems.

Hiring managers will be searching for applicants with a wide range of talents because a good administrative assistant’s responsibilities are so varied. This means that if you are going to an interview for an administrative assistant, you should be ready to respond to questions that are equally diversified and include both hard and soft talents.

Administrative Assistant Interview Questions

There are administrative assistants in various kinds of sectors. Typically, this is an entry-level role with a broad range of support responsibilities. The most effective administrative assistants are inquisitive, attentive, and believe that no task is too little.

1. What function do you think the administrative assistant performs at work?

Employers can assess your knowledge of the duties of an administrative assistant in the workplace and how you would perceive them by asking you this administrative assistant interview questions. Employers can gain insight into your self-perception as it relates to office hierarchy, whether you see yourself as a team player, and how much you enjoy working as an administrative assistant by asking you this question. Try to emphasize the most typical responsibilities of an administrative assistant in your response, and talk about the value of the position to the office.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “The administrative assistant, in my opinion, plays an essential role in an office. They not only keep up with routine duties like filing, organizing, and maintaining schedules, but they also assist the individuals they serve by making sure everything goes smoothly and delivering critical information as necessary.”

2. What about working as an administrative assistant do you like?

People who enjoy their work are typically more effective and productive at work. This administrative assistant interview questions enables the interviewer to learn more about your preferences for working as an administrative assistant and your level of job satisfaction. Identify one or two aspects of being an administrative assistant that you like the most when responding to this question, and then provide evidence for your response by outlining a time when you got to do those things.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “Being able to keep up with everything going on in the office and playing an important role in ensuring that everything works well are the two things I appreciate most about my job as an administrative assistant. For instance, I always delighted in assisting my team in organizing significant events and meetings in my former position as a receptionist.”

3. Which office tools and software are you proficient with using?

Your response to this administrative assistant interview questions is important since it reveals to the employer what software and office supplies you have prior familiarity with and reassures them that you are prepared to start working on your duties with little to no training. Identify the office supplies and computer software packages you have used in the past and describe how comfortable you are using them in your response to this administrative assistant interview questions.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I have a lot of experience with the Microsoft Office Suite. In addition to having completed a computer course at school that concentrated on these tools, I also regularly utilized Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint in my prior position, using Excel and PowerPoint on a weekly basis. Furthermore, I have no trouble using a variety of office tools, such as computers, scanners, printers, fax machines, mail-stamping devices, and multi-line phones.”

4. Describe an administrative assistant project that you particularly loved working on.

The interviewer may also ask you this administrative assistant interview questions to find out what you enjoy most about your position as an administrative assistant. They can better grasp how you use your abilities to support workplace projects by asking you this question. The STAR method is the most effective way to approach it because it starts with “Describe a time…” In this way, you may point to a particular project you worked on and describe what it was like, what you contributed, what you did, how it turned out, and what you liked best about it.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “In my capacity as an administrative assistant for a standard size legal company, I worked on a project to manage the team’s daily calendar for when they would email customers, which helped the office improve their client communication process. I explained to the team the need of checking and responding to emails at least 2 times a day, at the start and conclusion of each shift. I took pleasure in doing this and I’m able to help our team and our clients find a solution to a problem.”

5. What abilities do you think an administrative assistant needs to succeed, and why?

Your response to this administrative assistant interview questions will help the interviewer determine a number of things, including the skills you think are most important for the position, why you think they are vital, how you have successfully applied those skills in the past, and how you’d apply those same skills to help your team succeed. Use the STAR method to discuss how you have applied important administrative assistant abilities in the past and how you will apply them to benefit this organization when responding to this administrative assistant interview questions.

SAMPLE ANSWER – I believe that a successful office depends on the administrative assistant position. An administrative assistant must be exceptionally good at organizing, time management, and communication to make sure the office functions well at all times. In my prior position as an executive assistant, I was in charge of planning and overseeing four executives’ schedules.

I accomplished this by appropriately scheduling meetings and appointments for each executive using a customized scheduling application, and I shared their schedules with them weekly through email and daily in-person during our meeting this morning. This helped the office stay on schedule as a whole. I can use the same abilities at your company to make sure that everything goes properly in the office.”

6. Describe a time when you had to exercise discretion in your capacity as an administrative assistant and how you handled the matter.

The workplace and the clients of the company are typically intimately known to administrative assistants. This administrative assistant interview questions aids the employer in assessing your capacity to manage challenging or delicate circumstances while upholding discretion and confidentiality. Once again, it’s important to use the STAR technique to pinpoint a specific case in which sensitivity and confidentiality were essential to the outcome and then explain how you were able to handle it.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “As the director of HR’s assistant, I provided support to him while learning about the upcoming personnel reduction. Although I had many friends who were employed by the corporation, I was aware that keeping order and harmony in the workplace required caution. I was aware that someone will be let go even though I didn’t know who it would be. Even though it was a trying period for everyone in our department, I protected my privacy, and the information was shared with the rest of the staff when it was appropriate through formal means.”

7. How would you respond if you were given a task but not all the necessary instructions?

The interviewer uses this administrative assistant interview questions to find out how you handle challenging circumstances without specific directions. The employer will be interested in learning what research techniques you apply to learn how to perform something and whether you feel comfortable approaching others to seek for clarification or help when necessary. Make sure to include your abilities to conduct independent research on the subject and to seek clarification as necessary when responding to this question.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I would first think about whether I could find the information I required to perform the assignment by easy investigation of my own, such as conducting a web search, if I were given a task without clear instructions. After doing my research, if I still felt I needed more guidance, I would get in touch with the person who gave me the work and ask them for clarification. Before I started working on the job, I would make sure I understood exactly what needed to be done and when the deadline for the task was.”

8. Which management approach do you favor?

By asking you this administrative assistant interview questions, the interviewer can assess how independent you are at work and assess if their management style suits your preferences. It is vital for administrative assistants to be self-sufficient enough to handle the office with little supervision, but it is also important that their management style and that of their boss coincide in terms of how they want to operate. To ensure that the position is a good fit for both you and the employer, it is essential to be truthful about your preferences while responding to this administrative assistant interview questions.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “My ideal boss is one who sets clear expectations, provides me with the knowledge I need to perform my work, and has faith in me to do it without excessive supervision. I don’t need someone to check in on me frequently to make sure I’m remaining on task and being productive because I am organized and good at managing my time. I also value feedback from time to time that informs me of how I’m doing and, if necessary, offers me suggestions for development.”

9. What do you consider to be the hardest aspect of the administrative assistant position?

Another way to asses your vulnerabilities is with this administrative assistant interview questions. The interviewer can tell if you are able to pinpoint and explicitly develop your areas for growth by the way you respond to this administrative assistant interview questions. Use the STAR response technique to describe a specific event that you found difficult and how you overcame it to achieve a successful outcome when responding to this administrative assistant interview questions.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “In my previous position, I learned that if I don’t have a detailed calendar to organize my time, I can occasionally find it difficult to prioritize assignments. I struggle to set things aside or make someone wait while I finish a task because I want to do everything right away. This was overcome by me setting up a detailed timetable for myself to adhere to, which prioritizes job activities according to their due dates. I’ve found that using an electronic calendar has helped me keep on task and finish my work by the due date.”

10. Share a situation when you had to provide support for a sizable crew. Did you have any luck?

This administrative assistant interview questions enables the interviewer to assess your capacity to effectively multitask, prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and support a sizable team. This question is excellent for applicants who lack administrative assistant experience since it enables you to describe your capacity to carry out the essential duties of the position and to back up your response with data from a team project you have participated in. This administrative assistant interview questions should be answered utilizing the STAR technique, as with the others, by providing a specific, pertinent example from your prior experiences.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I excel at working in large teams and providing the team with the assistance they need to accomplish their objectives. All four years I attended high school, I was a cheerleader for the school, and in my junior and senior years, I was chosen to lead the squad as captain. I was in charge of choreographing routines, planning practices and events, and ensuring that everyone on the squad showed up for practices and prepared for events. My senior year, our team competed in the state championships, and we finished in second place.”

11. Have you ever had an unhappy customer phone you? How did you act professionally in the circumstance?

All day long, business partners, staff members, and clients phone administrative assistants. They have a responsibility to conduct themselves with decency and professionalism when speaking with these people. This administrative assistant interview questions aids the interviewer in determining whether the administrative assistant possesses the skills necessary to represent their business and answer callers’ questions. The interviewer can also gain additional insight into a candidate’s professional history and determine whether they have the relevant work experience to fulfill the position of administrative assistant.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “In my former position as a receptionist, I occasionally got calls from people who were worried or upset. I discovered that in these circumstances, it’s preferable to give the caller an opportunity to describe their circumstance and the reasons for their irrational behavior. I make sure to apologize on the company’s behalf after they’ve finished speaking and give them a couple options. Normally, I offer to transfer the client to the customer service division; nevertheless, there are times when I schedule a meeting between the client and a manager.”

12. Can you describe your experience with customer care?

Asking a candidate for an administrative assistant position about their experience with customer service is important. This administrative assistant interview questions will assist you in determining:

  • Previous encounters interacting with customers
  • How long have they been in positions requiring them to communicate with two parties?
  • Talents in communicating in general
  • Their capacity to solve issues

All of these skills—especially problem-solving and communication—are necessary for the position of an administrative assistant.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I have a lot of expertise in providing customer support on the phone, email, and in person. When it comes to resolving client issues or concerns, I am calm and effective.”

13. What experiences do you possess to make you eligible for this job?

Raising administrative assistant interview questions about the expertise and credentials that make a candidate for the position of administrative assistant suited for the position is another important question to ask. Although the response they give will undoubtedly rely on the requirements outlined in the job description, this is an excellent general question to have them describe their work-specific talents.

Other questions that delve further into each of these events should follow after this one. Ask the respondent what they did on a daily basis if, for instance, they recall working six months as an assistant during a college internship.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I have worked as an administrative assistant in a college dean’s office before, and I have a degree in business administration. I assisted with scheduling food for events, processing reimbursements for payroll team, and coordinating with the marketing division to let people know about the dean’s events that were taking place across campus.”

14. How would you describe your typing speed?

The ability to type quickly is essential for any administrative assistant. It is critical to understand the employee’s typing speed and accuracy if their job demands them to create lengthy papers and emails. If the candidate is unsure, you may always conduct a few typing tests to evaluate this ability following the interviews.

Although it is unlikely that having this skill will make or break a candidate, it is still a useful skill to have. If the candidate does not perform well, you can also examine if they independently exhibit an interest in improving this skill—a strong sign of their perseverance.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “According to a recent typing test I took, I can type 71 words a minute with 99% accuracy. In addition, I’m very adept at proofreading anything I write or type, so if there are any mistakes, I’m sure I’ll find them.”

15. Do you experience with scheduling?

This administrative assistant interview questions will enable you to learn more about the administrative assistant’s experience with scheduling, which is another essential duty.

Candidates should have prior expertise setting up and managing other people’s calendars. Typically, assistants are in charge of making sure that everyone who has to attend a meeting is present. Additionally, they must ensure that particular meetings come before other work that staff have to complete.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I have organized company-wide meetings for a business with more than 1,000 people and have a lot of expertise organizing schedules for teams of 10 or more leaders. Any scheduling job, whether it involves one person or several, may be handled by me. I’m also acquainted with a range of scheduling applications, such as Microsoft Teams.”

16. Do you have experience with bookkeeping?

Sometimes bookkeeping duties like invoicing and expenditure tracking are the responsibility of administrative assistants. Ask them to describe their experience in more detail. If they lack experience, you can find out if they possess any bookkeeping-related talents, such as organization or knowledge with Microsoft Excel.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I have previously kept track of the costs associated with team-building activities for the executive leadership team. I collaborated with the budgeting and costs team to ensure that the executive team’s outings were under their allotted spending limits.”

17. Do you have experience with management?

An administrative assistant could be in charge of managing the incoming and outgoing correspondence with other people as well as sending emails. Candidates should be comfortable using a range of email clients and be able to manage large volumes of correspondence.

Have they used Microsoft Outlook to plan an email to be sent at a specific time, for instance? Have they created a newsletter and a list of email addresses to distribute it to? Do they have any prior experience setting up Listservs for other departments inside your business? You could assign an administrative assistant any of these tasks.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I helped my previous employer build up a monthly newsletter regarding workplace events, and I have experience processing huge amounts of emails.”

18. Do you have experience with event-planning?

As we discussed in our discussion of the last topic, event planning is another essential responsibility for an administrative assistant. Candidates should have experience with a range of event planning duties, including designing invites, organizing cuisine, setting up transportation, and other elements that make events work successfully.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I have prior expertise organizing events, including team lunches, workplace parties, and promotional events. I have worked as a wedding coordinator in the past, so I can manage different events.”

19. Do you have any prior work experience managing marketing tasks?

Composing and sending emails, developing proposals, and managing social media accounts are all common marketing duties that administrative assistants frequently aid with.

Although you should not delegate all of your marketing to an administrative assistant, they might be asked to assist with various forms of communication. Use this question to determine whether the candidate is willing to assist with these duties or to find out how they can assist if it is not their area of expertise.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I helped the CFO of my previous employer keep up regular posting on LinkedIn. I haven’t sent out newsletters before, but I’m more than happy to learn. Do you have any recommendations for starting points or resources?”

20. Do you possess data entry experience?

You might ask an administrative assistant to perform data input. Asking about their prior experience will help you evaluate their level of expertise for this work. Have they utilized Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel? Do they intend to study these platforms and/or pursue certification on them?

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I began my work in administrative support by organizing the spreadsheets of a sales team. I organized their client database and the way they kept track of spending. When it comes to learning new Excel activities, I pick things up quickly.”

21. Do you have experience working with Microsoft Excel?

One of the most used software applications in the world, Microsoft Excel, is the reason we are specifically inquiring about a candidate’s knowledge with it in this section. Administrative assistants, in particular, may use it for the following purposes:

  • Making graphs and charts
  • Organizing information such as phone numbers and other essential details
  • Recording expenditures
  • Flow diagrams
  • Basic general accounting

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I have a lot of experience with Microsoft Excel. At my previous employment, I utilized it for a year to make a simple system for employees to enter their expenses, which would then automatically update the expenses tracking sheet for specific occasions.”

22. Tell us about your competency with social media.

You could ask your administrative assistant to manage the social media accounts for your business. (For larger businesses, it is advised that you employ a full-time social media expert or someone with relevant experience to develop a strategy. It is worthwhile.)

Examine the candidates’ social media posting history on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. This ability might be useful for basic firm marketing while informing clients about activities both within and outside of the office. Assess your administrative assistant’s experience using social media for other firms if you want them to assist you with this.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I have a lot of social media experience. I have an Instagram with over 10,000 followers, however it’s not for legitimate company purposes. It’s an Instagram account devoted to local cuisine. It has aided me in better understanding social media trends and posting manners.”

23. Have you supported more than one person as an assistant? If so, elaborate.

The number of persons an administrative assistant supports will determine how different their position will be. You can learn a little bit about the candidate’s level of experience working with one or more people from this. Ask them how they would manage helping numerous individuals or groups at once if they have only ever provided support for one person (or if they have never served as an administrative assistant).

SAMPLE ANSWER – “As an administrative assistant, I’ve assisted three persons at once. I took careful to set up different calendars for each person’s schedule, and I made sure the three of them were aware of the significance of interacting with one another to establish priority for particular activities.”

24. What is your experience with administrative tasks?

Instead of asking each candidate about the specific skills needed for the position, you may sometimes want them to describe their experience to you. You can find out what they believe they are most comfortable with by asking them where they have the most experience. Once you have obtained this data, you may assess the candidate’s skill gaps.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “My main areas of expertise are data entry, social media, and some simple accountancy procedures. I’m good at data entry, though. For three years, I used Microsoft Excel at work.”

25. Tell us why you would be the ideal candidate for this position.

This administrative assistant interview questions is an excellent method to discover positive qualities from a possible administrative assistant. By asking them administrative assistant interview questions, you might discover something about their character that you otherwise would not.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I am highly organized, pay close attention to the smallest details, and have a lot of expertise with administrative chores. I also have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, which I believe will help me fit in at work and win over my colleagues’ trust.”

26. How do you motivate yourself to do repetitive work?

The same responsibilities may need to be completed by administrative assistants every day. You can learn more about how the candidate handles repetition in their work by asking them this question. Some people might enjoy the repetition, while others would find inventive ways to make the same work feel different. In either case, you want to be sure they can continue to work where it can also occasionally seem boring.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “In order to maintain motivation, I like to create tiny goals for myself. For instance, I might attempt to finish a specific task within a specific amount of time in order to improve my efficiency. Additionally, I’ve discovered that taking little pauses for my personal health allows me to separate each day and keep me refreshed.”

27. What tools do you use for organization?

Administrative assistants must have organizational resources. They assist in keeping track of projects, due dates, and crucial data. Ask the prospect how long they believe the learning curve would take or if they see any similarities between what they have used and what they have not used if your firm favors one tool over another and they have not used your chosen tool.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I have tried a variety of organizational apps in the past, including Microsoft OneNote, Airtable, Calendly, and Asana. I used Calendly for team events at my previous job, thus I am aware that it was mentioned in the job description.”

28. How would you approach learning new things? Such as new software?

Companies occasionally switch the software tools they employ for project management, communications, and other purposes. Administrative assistants frequently need to pick up new software rapidly so they can both use it themselves and teach other employees how to use it. You can discover more about the administrative assistant’s approach to learning new things and dealing with change by asking this interview question.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I normally use a step-by-step approach while learning something new. In order to gain a fundamental understanding of how the program functions, I’ll watch videos or read tutorials. After that, I’ll begin utilizing the program in real-time applications to practice using it so I can become more accustomed to it. If a company offers any legitimate certifications or tutorial courses, I try to take them.”

29. What do you think are important qualities an administrative assistant should have?

This administrative assistant interview questions will help you gain some understanding about what people believe an administrative assistant does and the characteristics that make a successful assistant. As long as the applicant is sincere and demonstrates an understanding of the duties of the position, there really isn’t an incorrect response to this question.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “The capacity to stay calm under pressure, excellent organizational abilities, and attention to detail are, in my opinion, the most crucial traits for an administrative assistant. A good communicator is essential since an administrative assistant frequently serves as the focal point for several parties.”

30. How have you handled confidential information? If so, please elaborate.

Confidential information is held by many businesses. These might comprise items like:

  • Health information for employees
  • Secrets/ideas for business
  • Personal information
  • Reports on financial projections

You want to make sure the administrative assistant has expertise handling the information that may need to be handled by them (or comfortable with doing so).

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I have experience handling private information, and I consider my duty to keep it secure extremely seriously. I was in charge of overseeing the master data set for our company’s sales contact list at my prior position. I made sure that this information was always held securely and that only high-level employees who had the owner of the company’s approval could access it.”

31. What kind of time management systems do you use to manage your work?

It is common for administrative assistants to handle several responsibilities at once. You can learn more about the candidate’s time management skills and how they assist others in doing the same by asking them this question.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “My regular method of systematizing time management involves making a list of the things that must be accomplished. I then rank these jobs according to their urgency and relevance. I also consider how much time it will take me to finish each assignment. If I have a ton of essential and urgent duties, I’ll start by finishing those. I also use my project management abilities to get through challenging projects successfully.”

32. Do you have any questions for me?

Always ensure that the candidate has had the opportunity to ask any questions they wish before concluding a job interview. It enables the applicant to demonstrate their interest in both the administrative role and the business at large. Although the answers to the previous 32 questions ought to give you a good idea of what an assistant does, the applicant might be thinking of further specifics or questions.

Ask here about anything that was not covered in the initial interview! Question about the company’s hiring plans or the hourly expectations. Do shifts always begin at 8 a.m., or are the start and end times flexible? It is best to avoid discussing money at a first interview, but if it was not mentioned in the job description or discussed prior, it’s acceptable to inquire about compensation.”

Operational and Situational Administrative Assistant Interview Questions

  1. What about working in an administrative capacity at this company appeals to you?
  2. How well do you think you can use a computer?
  3. How can you make sure that routine processes like processing bills and creating reports are accurate?
  4. How do you choose which projects to work on first if you help numerous employees at the same company?
  5. When did you last work as a team to accomplish a common goal? What part did you play?
  6. Describe a moment when you offered a solution to reduce costs, make more money, or save time.
  7. What exactly do you mean by “managing up”? How did you go about doing that?
  8. This work involves some repetitious tasks. What drives you to succeed in this position?

Good Questions to Ask in an Administrative Assistant Interview

It’s likely that your hiring manager may ask you if you have any final administrative assistant interview questions before ending the interview.

While it may be tempting to go as soon as possible, give yourself some time to think. You will not only demonstrate to the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the job, but you might also pick up some new information.

The following are suitable questions to make:

  1. What does a typical day in this position/department look like?
  2. What exactly would I be expected to do if I were hired?
  3. What direction do you see this business taking in the ensuing five years?
  4. Is there potential for advancement in this position?
  5. In what manner are the departments set up? Whom particularly am I responsible to?
  6. What, if anything, would your former assistant say was the finest thing about working for you, if I were to ask them? Which is worst?
  7. Describe the ideal aide you would have. What are the most desirable characteristics that you seek?
  8. Tell me about your least effective helper. What did they do to deserve this fate?
  9. Could you please explain to me how your performance reviews work? When are reviews conducted? Who runs them?
  1. Does this organization reward or motivate its employees?
  2. Are there any initiatives for continued education that you or the company support or encourage? Are workers encouraged to enroll in higher education programs or return to school?
  3. Do you urge your staff members to join any professional organizations?
  4. What guidelines exist for weekend or overtime work?
  5. What traits did the top achievers have in common with previous employees who held the position?
  6. What is the policy regarding vacation? What are the sick leave rules?
  7. What about your job at this company do you personally like best? What do you dislike least?
  8. What advice, if any, would you provide the new administrative assistant? Explain your choice.
  1. Over the past five years, how has this position evolved? How do you see this position evolving over the next five years?
  2. What is the largest issue this business or division is dealing with? What problem would the new hire in this job be able to help with?
  3. What are the new employee’s objectives during the first 30, 60, and 90 days?

What Do Employers Look for During Interviews for Administrative Assistant Positions?

Companies prefer candidates with excellent soft skills for entry- and mid-level administrative assistant positions over those with a specific amount of years of experience or a technical background.

In general, hiring managers are seeking for applicants that can support the team and help everyone advance the company by communicating clearly, coming up with innovative solutions to difficulties, and maintaining an eye on the minutiae.

The following are the primary criteria hiring managers look for:

Top 59+ Administrative Assistant Interview Questions & Answers
What Do Employers Look for During Interviews for Administrative Assistant Positions?
Communication Skills
Organization Skills
Collaboration Skills
Computer Skills

In conclusion, an essential component of any business is an administrative assistant. They guarantee that everything is orderly and that the office runs well. Ask inquiries about the workplace culture and the post’s requirements while applying for an administrative assistant position. Since it’s a two-way interview, consider whether you and the company would get along.

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