Apple has long been recognized as a pioneer in the field of technology. Because of this, many professionals are motivated to ace their Apple interview questions in order to increase their chances of working for the ground-breaking organization.

Undoubtedly, Apple is regarded as an innovator, and many of its products are viewed as status symbols. Although the Simon, which debuted in 1992, was technically the world’s first smartphone, the idea didn’t really catch on with consumers until 15 years later. The introduction of the iPhone was significant because it completely changed the landscape of consumer technology. That is a feature of Apple’s employer appeal. Today, we at founderactivity will dive into this technological innovator and what is takes to be an employee at their company.

Additionally, the business has a remarkable effect on the economy. It employs roughly 2.4 million people across the entire U.S. labor force. Only 137,000 of those, though, are actual Apple employees. Here are the requirements you must meet if you want to increase your chances of working for Apple one day.

Apple Interview Questions

How to answer Apple interview questions

You should think about the position you’re applying for when preparing for an Apply interview so that you can tailor your responses accordingly. Examining the job description carefully for hints about the kinds of questions you’ll be asked is a great way to accomplish this.

The STAR method is a great resource for responding to behavioral-based interview questions, regardless of the position:

  • Describe the situations.
  • Describe the task.
  • Specify the action(s) that were taken to complete the task.
  • Describe the results.
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Apple Interview Questions

Apple Interview Process

Due to the number of interviews they conduct and their on-site procedure, Apple’s software engineer interview process is different from that of other bigger tech companies, like Amazon.
If Apple asks you to interview, the procedure usually goes like this:

  • Recruiter pre-screen: The time between submitting a resume and making contact will be about a week. Typically, a recruiter will get in touch with you via LinkedIn or email to schedule a phone call. The phone interview will last between 15 and 30 minutes, and the questions won’t be too complicated. Interview Questions like “What’s the reason you want to work for Apple?” could be expected. or Which Apple service or product is your favorite?
  • Technical telephone interview: They will usually set up your subsequent technical phone interview a week later. One or two technical phone screens will be conducted, during which your resume will be questioned and a coding question about data structures and algorithms will be asked. The coding interviews last 45 to 60 minutes, and the challenge can be finished in 30 minutes.
  • Interview in-person: The in-person interview will last roughly 6 hours. You’ll meet with 8–12 Apple employees, and the interviews will include a range of cognitive, coding, and behavioral questions. Each interview lasts between 45 and an hour, during which you will be asked to solve technical issues. Employing managers place a lot of importance on behavioral questions.

Data structures you got to know: Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs, Hash sets, Hash maps, Arrays, Stacks, Queues, Heaps

Algorithms you got to know: Binary search, Divide and conquer, Mergesort, Depth first search, Breadth first search,Quicksort, Dynamic programming

Apple Interview Questions (with Example Answers)

The most typical Apple interview questions are listed below, along with advice on how to respond to them.

1. What Apple product is your favorite, and why?

An interview can be used for a variety of things. The hiring manager is interested in learning about the applicant’s personal characteristics, prior achievements in the workplace, and future professional goals. The interviewers at Apple, though, will also be interested in how much you know about their business and goods.

The hiring manager will be seeking a response that goes a little deeper than “I like iPhones” because Apple is a name that is well-known throughout the world.

Describe aspects of the product that you particularly value or the reasons why you need it in your daily life. Make sure to choose a product that you feel at ease discussing in a back-and-forth conversation.

Sample Answer – “The MacBook Air is by far my favorite item from Apple. I’ve owned two MacBook Airs for the past fifteen years, and both of them have consistently surpassed my expectations. It has fantastic security features and an amazing Retina display. I’ve worked on this laptop for days on end in my apartment while traveling long distances with it in my backpack. I can easily transport the Air anywhere I need to go. I have more freedom to complete my work while on the go. I also appreciate that the MacBook Air is recyclable and environmentally friendly.”

2. You want to work for Apple, why?

The multi-billion dollar company Apple is looking to hire thousands of people. Apple’s recruiters are aware that there is a strong desire to work for the company, but they are more curious about the reasons for this. The hiring manager typically asks questions like this to learn more about the motivations behind applicants’ applications for Apple.

While there are probably many reasons why you are interested in a position with Apple, pick the ones that are most relevant to your career. The hiring manager will be seeking a more thorough response than simply stating that you need money or a job.

Sample Answer – “I want to work for Apple for two main reasons. First of all, Apple is renowned for having a highly encouraging workplace that genuinely cares about the professional development of its employees. Apple seems to be the ideal place for me to join a team that will support me as I continue to develop professionally in the years to come. Additionally, Apple offers its employees a work-life balance that, in my opinion, would help me produce my best work. Overall, it appears that working for Apple would enable me to perform at my highest level at work.”

3. What is the thing you are most proud of?

The level of a candidate’s professional achievements is a good indicator of how far their career has advanced. It also demonstrates the accomplishments that Apple can anticipate from them if they are hired.

Pick an accomplishment that is both pertinent to the job you’re applying for and shows you to be a standout applicant with a lot to offer.

Sample Answer – “So far in my career, managing a fruitful marketing project for a multimillion-dollar campaign has been my proudest achievement. I was a junior marketer for the same company for five years and learned a lot during that time. My managers took notice and made the decision to offer me the fantastic opportunity to lead a ten-person team on a new campaign. I had never before had such a large role in a project that lasted half a year. My success in the supervisory role ultimately led to the campaign turning out even more profitably than expected.”

4. Tell me about your biggest mistake and the lessons you took away from it.

A hiring manager for Apple is interested to hear about your failures, even though many interviewees are eager to discuss all the amazing things they have accomplished in their careers. The interviewer is particularly interested in learning how you grew as a result of the experience.

Pick a failure that resulted in a win when selecting a failure to discuss during an Apple interview.

Sample Answer – “At my previous job, I experienced my worst failure. I worked as a customer service manager, managing a group of 20 staff members. I kept an employee named Sarah on despite her subpar performance because we had established a good working relationship. I allowed her to operate unchecked despite knowing that it was my duty as a manager to make sure every employee performed to their fullest ability. I eventually began to receive a large number of grievances, particularly regarding Sarah. Since I hadn’t yet intervened, the customers were now suffering. In my eyes, this was a colossal failure, but I moved right away. I informed Sarah that she had been placed on probation for the upcoming month and had to perform better or face termination. Although the strict management approach felt uncomfortable to me, it ultimately led to a dramatic improvement in the situation and a complete turnaround in her performance. But the experience made me realize that sometimes the best management strategy is to be firm.”

5. As if I were an eight-year-old child, describe to me what a modem and router are.

Even if you’re applying for a position at Apple that isn’t necessarily technical, like a customer service job, the employer wants to know that the applicant is still able to communicate this kind of information.

Sample Answer – “A modem and router together bring the internet into a home, I would say if I were explaining what they are to an eight-year-old. The modem is a device that connects to an internet provider to bring the internet into the house. The router, from which the WiFi originates, is the device that distributes this internet power among the computers in the home. Together, the two work to supply a home’s internet.”

6. What do you want to be doing in five years?

Apple wants to know where candidates see themselves in the next few years when they are hiring for a position. It enables them to determine whether the applicant intends to advance within the Apple organization or simply use it as a stepping stone for future opportunities.

Though it’s impossible to predict the future with absolute certainty, try to predict where you’ll be in your career in five years. Avoid clichéd responses such as “I hope that I’ll be your boss!” A reputable company like Apple seeks applicants who can show they are serious about their careers and have excellent planning skills.

Sample Answer – “I’ve been striving to assume more supervisory duties throughout my career. With that in mind, I’m hoping that five more years of work will solidify this objective and lead to my employment at the Apple Corporation’s management level. During that time, I intend to establish my value and show Apple why I’d make a good supervisor.”

7. Give an example of a time when you went above and beyond for a client.

The Apple corporation prides itself on being a brand that goes above and beyond to satisfy the needs of its customers. As a result, the brand demands that the workers they hire uphold these values.

You’ll probably be asked some questions like this about your customer service abilities during an interview with Apple. Even if the position you’re applying for doesn’t deal with customers all that much, be ready to talk about your experience in this field.

Sample Answer – “I handled an average of 100 or more customers per day at my very first job as a retail sales associate for a well-known luxury clothing line. A woman entered the store looking for a dress for her daughter’s wedding. She wanted a companion to hold and consider all of her options because she was very picky. She and I spent nearly an hour trying to find the ideal outfit, but in the end, she gave my manager a great review of me.”

8. How would you deal with a coworker who was annoying you at work?

Even at a business the size of Apple, certain situations arise frequently in the workplace. Dealing with an annoying or frustrating coworker is one of those typical professional situations.
Apple wants to be certain that the candidate they choose to hire is capable of handling this kind of situation professionally, even though it is a possibility.

It can be useful to describe a situation that has happened to you before when responding to this type of question. Describe what occurred, how you responded to it, and the final result.

Sample Answer – “I’ve worked with a variety of personalities in the past, and occasionally even those that I like can be disruptive at work. When this situation occurs, I believe the best course of action is to move forward with direct and professional communication.
For instance, I once had a coworker who I was friends with outside of work and who would talk to me all the time as I worked on my daily tasks. I finally had to tell my coworker plainly that I needed to concentrate during work hours and that I’d be happy to chat after work or during lunch because it was getting so distracting. The situation significantly improved after he apologized and showed understanding.”

9. Have you ever had a disagreement with a supervisor? How did you respond to the circumstance?

Another scenario that can frequently happen at work is when a worker disagrees with their supervisor. Apple wants to make sure they’re hiring a candidate who can handle this situation professionally and effectively while upholding a supportive workplace culture.

The hiring manager at Apple will inquire about a candidate’s ability to handle challenging circumstances, such as disagreeing with their boss.

Don’t just dismiss this inquiry by saying that you’ve never had a disagreement with your boss. The hiring manager would be looking for your interpersonal skills in handling the situation even if it had occurred in your first job. If you try to sidestep the question rather than provide a plausible explanation, it will come across poorly.

Sample Answer – “I have, in the past, disagreed with a supervisor. One example that comes to mind is from my previous position. I was a member of a team of ten people working on a project under the direction of a higher-up employee. The project manager insisted on keeping costs down, but I felt that she had set the bar too low for the project to be practical. So, despite the supervisor’s objectives, I came up with a presentation explaining why I thought the budget should be adjusted. My recommendation was well received by the supervisor, who ultimately increased the budget by $100,000.”

10. What would you do if a customer arrived with a broken iPhone?

Apple wants to know a candidate’s first reactions in this situation even though they have a specific protocol for dealing with customers who bring in broken devices. Try to describe your actions as a series of steps you intend to take when responding to this question. The hiring manager will find it simpler to comply with as a result.

Sample Answer – “I would follow a specific procedure to address the issue if a customer brought in an iPhone that wasn’t functioning properly to the Apple store. I would start by asking the customer about the history of their device, including when they first got it, where they bought it, and whether it has ever experienced any problems. I would then precisely identify the malfunction precisely to gain a better understanding of what the possible cause might be. Then, if it falls within my area of expertise, I will work with them to resolve the problem. If not, I will give the customer the option of sending the device to the Apple warehouse if it is outside of my area of expertise. I would stay focused on finding solutions throughout the entire exchange.”

11. Give the names of three iPhone accessibility features.

Another question that will test a candidate’s familiarity with Apple products is this one. To test their familiarity with accessibility features on a device, the inquisition probes a little further. Give examples of a few features from Apple that come to mind to prove your understanding of their features.

Sample Answer – The magnifier, text size adjustment, and Siri the virtual assistant are three accessibility features that immediately come to mind as being present on today’s iPhone.

12. Why should we hire you?

When a hiring manager asks you why they should hire you while staring you in the face, it’s normal to feel a little uneasy. It’s straightforward enough to be unnerving, but answering this question well and effectively selling yourself can give you the boost you need to receive an offer of employment from Apple.

List the qualities that will set you apart from the group of other deserving applicants for the job at Apple in your answer to this question. Then, make an effort to connect these skills to the traits that are desired or required for the position for which you are applying.

Sample Answer – My character, abilities, and experience match the kind of candidate Apple is looking for in this position, so you should hire me. I have five years of experience as a product specialist in the technology industry, as well as exceptional customer service and communication skills, as requested by the job posting. In addition, I have a natural aptitude for problem-solving and optimism, both of which I think would be very helpful in this position.

13. What aspects of your present position would you miss the most if you accepted a job offer from Apple?

Although it may seem at first that this question has nothing to do with the interview, Apple’s hiring managers ask it on purpose. They want to know what you would find rewarding in your current position, industry, and previous employer, as well as what you enjoy. It also shows how you’ll talk negatively about a former employer.

When responding to this inquiry and discussing prior positions, be sure to act professionally.

Sample Answer – I would be overjoyed if I were given the chance to work for Apple, but I would also miss some aspects of my current position. The people I worked with at my previous job were wonderful, and I would miss them dearly because we had a great working relationship.

14. What does your availability look like right now?

In addition to inquiring about your prior employment history, an Apple hiring manager is also interested in learning about your availability going forward. Although being asked this question is a step in the right direction, it does not imply that you have been selected for the position.
If you were given the job, give a precise picture of your current availability.

Sample Answer – I am currently available to accept a new professional position with Apple. If necessary, I could work a full-time, 40-hour schedule with the option of overtime or weekends.

15. Do you have any questions for me?

An Apple hiring manager will typically ask you if you have any final questions before ending the interview. This is not a trivial request, and how you respond will reveal a lot about you to the hiring manager. Bring thoughtful questions to elicit answers from the interviewee at the conclusion of the conversation.

Sample Answer – “I do, in fact, have two inquiries for you. What is your favorite aspect of working for Apple, is my opening query. Second, I was curious as to who I would be reporting to in this role and whether I would have the opportunity to do so.”

Questions to ask the interviewers

During a job interview, it is critical that the applicant demonstrate an interest in the organization and position. Prepare a list of inquiries for the Apple interviewer that are specific to the company. For instance:

16. What do you enjoy most about your job at Apple?

17. What does a typical day at Apple look like?

18. What traits are necessary for this position to be successful?

19. What will Apple look like in five and ten years?

20. What new or distinctive products is the business currently developing?

Apple Interview Questions by Roles

Apple interview questions change depending on your position, experience level, and knowledge. Let’s look at the most frequently asked questions in interviews for software engineers, program managers, and other positions.

Apple Software Engineer Interview Questions:

21. Determine if there are any three integers whose sum equals the supplied value if you are given an array of strings.

22. Return a new output array by merging the overlapping intervals of an array.

23. Make a deep copy of a directed graph to duplicate it.

24. Combine two linked lists that have been sorted so that the new linked list is also sorted.

25. Given the roots of two binary trees, determine whether they are the same.

Apple Engineering Program Manager Interview Questions

26. You want to work for Apple, why?

27. How would you respond to a displeased customer?

28. How would you satisfy a customer who had an unreasonable or unexpected expectation?

29. Tell us about a time when you were given a task and had no idea how to complete it. How did you quickly pick it up?

30. Apple is known for being picky when it comes to App Store app listings. Is this a benefit or a drawback for you in terms of competition, and why?

Apple Front-End Engineer Interview Questions:

31. Why do you want to work for Apple?

32. What does a composting layer in CSS3 mean?

33. How will you apply your prior education to your upcoming position?

Apple Coding Interview Questions

Let’s examine a few of the coding interview questions from Apple that evaluate your skill sets:

Apple Java Interview Questions

34. What does Java’s last keyword mean?
35. Does Java use pass-by-reference or pass-by-value?
36. Explain the differences between the swap and compare algorithms.
37. Can you program in Java with an empty catch block?
38. What constitutes the Java programming language’s essential components?

Apple QA Interview Questions

39. How might a vending machine be tested?
40. What is the issue with the Leetcode medium?
41. How should scalability problems be handled?

Apple iOS Interview Questions:

42. Which JSON framework does iOS support?
43. Establish atomic and nonatomic property distinctions.
44. What distinguishes a bundle ID from an app ID?
45. How can iOS users achieve concurrency?

Apple SQL Interview Questions:

46. What does SQL‘s inner join mean?
47. What does SQL’s left join mean?
48. What does a full outer join or join mean in SQL?
49. After using the ALTER command, can we go back?
50. What distinguishes the commands Truncate and Drop?

Watch this playlist for more questions.

Behavioral Apple Interview Questions

For senior roles, such as those of engineering managers, behavioral rounds are crucial. In the Apple engineering manager interview, you can anticipate the following behavioral interview questions:

51. What have been the toughest management challenges you’ve encountered?

52. Talk about a time when you had a conflict at work and how you handled it.

53. Tell us about a time when a member of your team wasn’t operating at peak efficiency and how you handled the situation.

54. Tell us about the project that was the most difficult for you to complete in the past.

55. Tell us about a situation where you were forced to make a critical choice with scant information.

56. How can you ensure that everyone on your team is inspired to give their best effort?

57. What opinions do you have on mental health? How can you ensure that each day you arrive at work with the right attitude?

58. Tell us about a time when you and your superior disagreed on the strategy employed for a crucial project.

59. Tell us a story about an uncooperative coworker. What strategy did you employ to handle the circumstance?

60. Describe a time when you coordinated with several teams on a crucial project.

Make sure your responses to behavioral questions follow the STAR format. You should discuss the Situation, Task, Action, and Result in each question you respond to. You would provide interviewers with a clearer picture of what occurred if you did this.

5 Good Questions to Ask at the End of an Apple Interview

It will be time for you to ask a few questions of your own once the interview is about to end. It is essential to have several on hand. Why? Because you risk coming off as uninterested or enthusiastic if you don’t have any questions. Yikes, I guess.

A genuine interest in the position is demonstrated by your desire to learn more. While you can ask questions as you go along in the interview if you have any as you go along, it doesn’t hurt to have a few prepared. Here are five ideas to get you started if you’re stumped.

61. What does success in this position mean to you?

62. What is a typical day like in this position?

63. What about your new position at Apple surprised you the most?

64. Exists a career path for this position?

65. What do you like best about working for Apple?

Tips to Crack the Apple Interview

There are no shortcuts when it comes to the time and patience required to prepare for interviews. But you can use the following best practices to stay on top of the game:

There are no shortcuts when it comes to interviewing preparation; it takes a lot of time and patience. However, there are some best practices you can adhere to stay competitive:

  • Learn the basics: Because these businesses are constantly attempting to stay ahead and innovate new ideas, the questions they ask are frequently challenging. Learning the fundamentals is the best way to comprehend the underlying ideas, which will help you solve any coding issues connected to that idea.
  • Practice using various tools: It’s a good idea to practice using a whiteboard, conducting mock interviews, and managing your time well.
  • Refrain from memorization: Companies like Apple continually update and add to their extensive list of interview issues. Nothing will be accomplished by memorization. Instead, concentrate on comprehending the reasoning behind each problem and creating a system for solving it.

FAQs on Apple Interview Questions

How long does Apple’s interview process for software engineers last?

The interview process for Apple’s software engineering positions typically lasts one to two months. At each stage, Apple interviews have different questions. Basic coding questions are asked during the first rounds, while the main coding interviews concentrate on the breadth of skills.

What qualities are Apple’s hiring managers seeking in a candidate?

Apple interview questions are made to place as much emphasis on a candidate’s attitude and method of working as they do on the breadth of their skill set. Apple seeks candidates who can pick up new ideas quickly and apply them to their work.

What are the most frequently asked questions during technical interviews at Apple ?

During the technical interview, Apple will ask you questions about fundamental computer science ideas and important behavioral skills. Expect to be asked about Apple products and resolving disputes.

What are some typical coding-related Apple interview questions?

Algorithms and data structures, arrays, dynamic programming, graphs, linked lists, search, sort, strings, trees, and other such basic coding concepts will likely come up in Apple coding interview questions.

Is it challenging to land a job at Apple?

The hiring process at Apple is extremely rigorous and competitive. However, by properly preparing for your interview and concentrating on your technical knowledge and behavioral skills, you can be successful.

If you see a crime at an Apple Store, are you an IWitness?

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