Attracting more customers and increasing sales – These are age-old phenomena that affect every retail store in the world, and retail stores are no different. There is no doubt that supermarkets have long been investing heavily in marketing their business in an effort to increase their customer spending. However, considering customer behavior and social behavior, you can build a successful marketing plan to increase your sales and increase your profits.

So, Founderactivity loves to share this article, with the most effective ways to attract customers to your supermarket.

  • make a great window display
  • training staff consistently
  • offer suggestions
  • reduce wait time at counters
  • combo packs
  • value customer’s feedbacks
  • work with brands
  • Having a sale
  • social media campaigns
  • seasonal campaigns
  • loyalty programs
11+ Secret Tips | How to Attract Customers to Your Supermarket 2021

#1. Make a great window display

Making your display impressively is one of the main ways to attract new customers. If you are in a popular destination with high foot traffic, especially it is better to create a store window that tells your story well. In fact, your window display must be your invitation to enter for your customers. A well-designed window display boosts sales and increases the curiosity of potential customers.

In order to keep customers in your supermarket for longer, it is essential to have an effective store layout. The entrance area is the first space where customers visit your store. Thereby ensuring that the area is most important in terms of lighting, display, and color.

11+ Secret Tips | How to Attract Customers to Your Supermarket 2021 supermarket customer choosing a goods billing

In fact, in the retail environment, 90% of customers turn to the suppressed right when they enter a store. So, window display and store layout will have a greater impact on their first impression and will require extra attention depending on what you choose to display, and how you show it.

Additionally, create a customer-led walkaway across the entire store. This allows them to see more of your products and it will help to increase the chances of making a purchase. Actually, the window display and the store layout is a great fact of attracting new customers.

#2. Training staff consistently

11+ Secret Tips | How to Attract Customers to Your Supermarket 2021 supermarket customer choosing a goods billing

Have you ever thought that your employees represent the image of your store? In fact, customers tend to keep in their mind their experiences when shopping more than anything. So, it is crucial to provide outstanding customer service and expertise.

As the first step, you can build a relationship with your employees, and developing a bond by listening to any of their suggestions and activating a gift of encouragement for motivation. In fact, satisfied employees are more likely to exert more effort and achieve significant results while working. So, train your staff to consistently attract new customers.

#3. Offer suggestions

11+ Secret Tips | How to Attract Customers to Your Supermarket 2021 supermarket customer choosing a goods  billing

Most of the time, customers respond better when they are offered various options to choose from. So, it is better to train your salesman to build a bond with a customer and understand their needs and requirements. You can start by offering products or offering options while customers are at the counter.

#4. Reduce wait time at counters

11+ Secret Tips | How to Attract Customers to Your Supermarket 2021 supermarket customer choosing a goods billing

Especially in the festive seasons, long queues at billing counters are one of the biggest struggles that most customers have to face. It adds a bad experience to customers’ minds and they will never recommend your supermarket to others because of their bad experience. So, it is better to keep a few counters or follow any other method to reduce the wait time of customers at counters.

#5. Create Combo packs

11+ Secret Tips | How to Attract Customers to Your Supermarket 2021 supermarket customer choosing a goods

Bundling of products as a combined offer using the demand of the primary product for sale of the secondary product. The reason is, a set can be powerful. Usually, it leads to higher customer performance and a longer life cycle. In fact, combo offers are the most attractive way to benefit your customers and make them more in need of the platform.

In addition to attract more customers with offering combo packs, there a more pros of them, including,

  • Gives more visibility to customers:
    Combo offers are the best ways to keep your store’s offers visible to customers.
  • Makes the customer loyal:
    There is no denying that a customer who feels special and makes him feel important to the platform will be able to connect more effectively and lovingly with your platform. Combo offers are additional discounts that can be given to your customers to make your store more trustworthy.
  • Move dead stock:
    It is clear that some of the products in your store do not get as much visibility as others. This may be due to a lack of product brand utility or ignorance.
  • Boost sales:
    The compelling price you offer with a combo offer will give you the result of multiple product sales at once. Rarely, it can be difficult to tap customer for a product but can be easily reached with combo offers.

The combo packs work in a similar way as discounts and deals. It is a great way to attract new customers and retain customers.

#6. Value customer’s feedbacks

11+ Secret Tips | How to Attract Customers to Your Supermarket 2021 Value customer's feedbacks women men supermarket customer choosing a goods

Customer feedback is the information that audiences provide about how your supermarket, products, or services has helped your customers and meets their needs. In fact, there is no better and more definitive source of knowledge about a store’s quality than customer feedbacks.

You may know your products at their core. You and your team may have thought and discussed a thousand times, about its every features and application. But, unfortunately, this is the reason you do not see its shortcomings. It is important to know what suits customers best, what is their least favorite features, and why. Showing that you really listen to your customer’s opinions sells better than anything. After all, the products are for the customers, so it is better to close to what they like.

When it comes to your side when you go to buy something from a store, what is the first thing you lookup for? Most people, look up to customer feedback. So, never underestimate your customer’s feedback. It affects to attract new customers.

#7. Work with brands

11+ Secret Tips | How to Attract Customers to Your Supermarket 2021 work with brands women supermarket customer choosing a goods

As is often the case today, your supermarket may have a card where your customers can earn points for transactions and discounts. Why not make some of those deals with products from fashion brands? Finding a brand that creates beautiful kitchen appliances or plates will really motivate your customers to go back to your store for the smallest thing, which counts hugely. It is better if you try were possible to use local brands. This will get positive positive feedback in your local community and it is definitely worth feeding.

#8. Having a Sale

11+ Secret Tips | How to Attract Customers to Your Supermarket 2021 Having a Sale  super market customer

Sales will always be a big call to any customer. They can be easily overwhelmed by the sense of urgency that comes with limited time offers. Start by contacting your customers’ database via email newsletter and notifying them of upcoming sales and other events they may be interested in. When it comes to your supermarket, explain that there is a sale going on by posting up huge sale signs in RED!

When having your sale, remember to use a strong call to action for effective results like “Buy now” or “hurry up”‘ “Limited stock”, “Special offer”. This will allow customers to hurry up through your door. According to research done by Conversion XL, they were able to increase their sales by 332%, adding a bit of urgency to their offers. So, having a sale is a great way to attract new customers.

#9. Social media campaigns

11+ Secret Tips | How to Attract Customers to Your Supermarket 2021 Social media campaigns  super market customer

It is no secret that the world uses social media crazy, and as a result of it, businesses have to be in. Social media campaigns have been a new income source for companies in the past few years. And there is no reason supermarkets cannot have a Facebook page or Instagram or Twitter account. Supermarkets can sell their products exclusively on social media platforms. Before running a social media campaign, you can consider the below steps.

Choose platforms where your audience engages the most

Before you start your social media campaign, first of all, find the social media platform used by the supermarket customers most. If you want to attract new customers with your social media campaign, start by identifying where you can reach your audience on social media. First, establish your target market. As a supermarket, you will have multiple types of customers that come through your door.

Once you know who you are targeting, you can figure out where to target them. There are numerous social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can consider the user demographics of each platform and they will give you a good starting point to figure out which platforms to use.

Make a creative content

Once you have set up your platform, you can start posting content to get the following and increase functionality. The content you post varies between platforms. You should explore your selection platforms to see what you can post. If you make your content impressive, you have a better chance of catching your audience’s eye and getting them to check your content.

Encourage engagement with your audience

Social media is one of the main places where you can connect with your audience at once. You can connect with them on a personal level by interacting with them in the comments or by replying to their messages on your platform’s messaging platform. Moreover, you can also encourage engagement by creating open-ended posts on your social media accounts. A poll and asking questions are some options that you can use.

Using platforms for customer service

Apart from encouraging engagement with your audience, you can use your social media platforms as a medium for customer service. While some people may be answering questions and there may be people that comment on your posts to report an issue with your store, complain, or ask questions. You can use these platforms to answer and address questions and consider them. Moreover, you can use social media messaging as customer service too.

Run social media ads

Running social media ads is a crucial part of your supermarket social media strategy. Social media ads are paid ads that appear on users’ social media. These ads look like normal social posts unless they are tagged with the word “sponsor”. You can try different ad formats to see what ads to encourage you to connect with your audience.

Social media ads are very helpful to reach shoppers who have not yet found your supermarket. With specific targeting, you can create ads that appeal to your audience. If you want to get more customers in your store, it’s a good way to add to your supermarket’s social media strategy.

In fact, the social media campaign is the key to help your supermarket reach people interested in shopping at your business and attract new customers.

#10. Seasonal campaigns

11+ Secret Tips | How to Attract Customers to Your Supermarket 2021 Seasonal campaigns supermarket customer

Every year in the last quarter the soft bell starts to ring, but the holiday season does not simply end with the “Old Long Sign”. When it comes to sales cycles, there is usually a seasonal angle that your business should take at any time of the year. Although it is as broad as the beginning of the summer, it is popular from back to school, but there are a number of ways to take advantage of the changing calendar.

Absolutely, what season you are engaged in really depends on the nature of your business. It is helpful to build a celebratory calendar that is relevant to your industry in advance. Whatever suits you best, adjusting your strategy accordingly is an important step in developing a long-term relationship with your trusted customer base.

When it comes to supermarkets, Every year feels like Christmas decorations go up earlier, Black Friday emails start to arrive before Halloween. But there are much more special days and they seem like a never-ending cycle. In fact, each season has something different to offer. The key here is, doing your research and gathering data when your customers are most likely to be engaged, and then choosing events that are somehow relevant to your business.

Spring, summer, winter, and fall are more than just seasons, they are opportunities for business growth. With each season comes unique holidays, events, and activities that cause customers to behave differently. So, you must pay attention to those behaviors and realize what strategies are worth focusing on.

#11. Loyalty programs

11+ Secret Tips | How to Attract Customers to Your Supermarket 2021 Loyalty programs customer shopping

Loyalty programs for supermarket chains are fundamentally different than what you might expect in other industries. For example, discount coupons are not the biggest draw. Customers are increasingly engaging with free treats, complimentary delivery, and branded gift items such as an attractive coffee mug.

Once the top priorities have been set, here are some of the features needed to implement a retail benefit program, as well as some additional features that will help make your loyalty program feel unique and attractive. There are a number of Loyalty programs, including, physical loyalty cards, mobile passes, app-only benefits, friend referrals, etc.

However, supermarkets have a significant advantage. Everyone wants to eat, right? Not surprisingly, retail stores can be the biggest challenge to be loyal to customers. Try those strategies and fulfill your primary goal f attract and retain customers. Definitely, a steady flow of new customers will allow you to grow your business.

Uditha Sanjaya
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