“At the moment you built it, they will come”. This cannot be applied to your coworking space. Distribution of your message is a crucial step in generating leads for your coworking space. Social media designed for your coworking business is the best bet for distributing and marketing content to potential leads in your area. That is why we at founderactivity have compiled this guide for you to come up with the best social media strategy for coworking spaces.

In fact, social media can be an effective advertising medium for coworking spaces. Regardless of the size of your business, it is reliable, profitable, and easy to manage. Here are some tips for using social media as a successful commercial channel.  

  1. Instagram to impress the community 
  2. Facebook for the highest interest  
  3. LinkedIn to contact targeted prospects and brokers  
  4. Twitter to tie all together  

#1. Using Instagram to impress the community

Instagram is a platform that has 1 billion users every month. So, Instagram is considered the second-ranked traditional social network in terms of active users, behind Facebook. 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily.

According to statistics, they are among the most educated, contemporary, and high-income social media users. In addition, Instagram users are incredibly connected to the platform, with more than 81% using it to research and learn about new products and services.  

In fact, Instagram is a great platform to Introduce the beauty of your Coworking space. Though you can’t link your site directly from each image, you can link your website pages, blog posts, and other content in your bio. Then let your users fall in love with your space through beautiful professional photography and videography. 

Featured events or walkthroughs in your stories to give your potential leads an insight into what it would be like to spend a day in your coworking space. Here are ways to promote your coworking space through Instagram.    

1. Stimulate Emotions  

In order to promote your Coworking space on Instagram, you need to make sure that your posts are able to generate genuine feelings among your users. You can use Instagram filters, targeted messages, and happy colors to target your achieve your potential customers. Coworking space is community-related and you need to capture this feeling in order for people to register through your notes. 

The pictures you choose should represent what people want to know about the coworking space. As it captures the sense of community, fun, and laughter, photographs of people looking at the space of coworking space are more appropriate.

2. Post-high-quality photos 

Actually, a picture is a worth thousand words. And that’s why you need to take high-quality photos in your coworking space, in order to reach more people on Instagram. Primarily, Instagram is a photo-sharing service, so you need to make sure that photos communicate the positive things about your coworking space.  

You may be tempted to use your smartphone to take pictures of what you post on your page to save cost. But it is better to hire a professional photographer who can capture the high-quality photos you use for your promotion campaign. If you hire one, let him know what you are trying to achieve with the photos. In fact, high-quality photos will attract people to your coworking space. 

3. Deal with other community members 

Another successful strategy to promote your coworking space on Instagram is to interact with other players in the coworking community. In order to make a sense of community, you can like and comment on the content posted by others. There is no need to be afraid to interact with other competitors in the coworking space. Of course, you need to follow each other and often intervene to create a positive environment to uplift the industry in general.   

In addition, to support other players in the coworking space, you can support other small businesses in your area by following and liking their posts. Support for local businesses especially those is in the creative industry such as photographers, designers, and dev shops. Because they will direct you, several clients. Sharing your notes in your schedules will help you to promote your content and increase your audience. 

4. Change your content 

You may be tempted to post a large amount of promotional content on your page to increase the chances of new customers landing, but this is a misstep in the age of online marketing. Such content can easily arrive as spam, so it is easy for people to ignore it and move on to the next post. So, this is why you need a content strategy that guides how you publish content on your page.

Mix your posts and make sure you have community and inspirational posts rather than promotional articles. In fact, limit your promotional posting to 1 to every 10 uploads you make to your page. This way, you will add value to your audience and this will give more recognition to your promotion; messages.   

5. Build relationships with your audience 

In a social media platform, you need to make sure that you connect positively with your audience on Instagram. When they comment on your posts asking for more information, definitely you need to reply as soon as possible, so that they do not lose interest in your services. If you are not available to respond to user queries on time, it is better to hire a social media manager. Because Instagram is primarily intended for photography, it can be more difficult to distribute content including press releases, blog posts, and newsletters through the app. 

However, it should not prevent you from constantly updating the bio profile with more current blog posts or creating stories when it truly represents your space on Instagram. Small updates like these will give your Instagram channel a sense of validity for strong followers.  

Accordingly, Instagram is a great platform for supporters to promote their coworking space, but there are some guidelines to follow if the promotion is to be effective. These tips will help you to make it easier to generate leads from Instagram.  

#2. Facebook for the highest interest   

Facebook is a platform with around 2.375 billion monthly active users. 45% of people get news from Facebook. Not all popular social networks offer advice on how to market your support space in one go. That’s why we need to focus on Facebook today. This is the largest social media platform that allows you to run the most targeted ads and assign your customer to the toothpaste they use.

The great thing about Facebook is that the site almost never limits you to content. You can post text, images, videos, anything. Be sure to integrate your content into this social media platform as much as possible.

Social Media Strategy for Coworking Spaces Facebook for the highest interest

For instance, if you have shot a new video about your coworking space, don’t just link this video on YouTube, upload the video on Facebook, so that people could watch it while on the platform. Just make sure to keep your audience on the platform as much as you can. Here are the Facebook marketing strategies for your coworking space. 

1. Use Facebook Business Manager  

If you decide to promote your support space on Facebook, get started with the free Facebook business manager tool. Facebook Business Manager is essential for managing your ads, pages, and people. It will make your social media marketing experience much simpler. Instead of multiple tabs, you have a single place to change your business for better performance. 

Social Media Strategy for Coworking Spaces Use Facebook Business Manager

But more than that, you can choose your audience based on location, age, gender, tastes, behavior, and relationship. You can also point out the devices needed to display your ads. It is up to you to choose whether to use Automated Ad Positioning (recommended by Facebook) or where your ads should go and the device you want to target them with.

2. Take advantage of Facebook Live 

There is no single explanation for the popular phenomenon of Facebook Live. The point is, people prefer to watch live videos than traditional ones. Maybe they feel more involved, maybe the point is more confident and transparent. Whatever the reason, this is your chance to connect with your target audience and promote your support space in a joyful way.

Actually, videos on social media generate 1200% more hare than texts and images. 82% prefer to watch a live stream than read a post on social media, according to the statistics.  

As you can see, a live video can be a valuable investment. It is extremely interesting, people watch it longer than any alternative video content, and more importantly, nearly 67% of viewers will buy anything you promote when you get the chance.

But remember, video marketing is almost new and the trend is still in the development stage which means that your streams will differentiate you from competitors and characterize you as a modern innovative coworking brand. 

3. Enable Instagram integration 

This is a zero attempt. After creating a Facebook ad, you can click a single button and publish it on Instagram. Choose “Feed,” “Stories,” or both. Coworking space occupants are mostly young people with Instagram accounts. So, it is worth considering using this automated integration that expands your access without extra work. 

4. Create a visible audience 

Once you find your perfect audience to promote your support space, you can absorb your success by creating a visible audience, which is a cool Facebook feature. It’s based on the fact that many other audiences have the same characteristics as your current audience. In other words, if you already have an amazing audience, why not create another one with better performance? So, give this feature a try in your coworking social media marketing strategy. 

#3. LinkedIn to contact targeted prospects and brokers  

LinkedIn is a social media platform where 675 million monthly users. It is attracting new audiences and renewing its relevance in the workplace industry. As a coworking operator, it is relatively easy to ace visual social media platforms like Instagram. But this requires a different approach. So, this is how to promote your coworking space through LinkedIn. 

1. Don’t neglect your personal account

Try to promote your own account in the same way you would with your company account. If you have been neglecting it for some time, take some time to ask yourself the following questions. 

  • Is your “work experience” up to date? If you do not already have one, do not forget to add your coworking company- and keep the details brief.
  • Is your “about” section concise and does it accurately reflect what you do?
  • Do you have any recommendations? If not, ask some of your closest business associates to write one for you.
  • Is it time to update your photo? Maybe one of you in your own coworking space?
  • Do your employees have LinkedIn and update their profile?
  • Are you associated with top industry influencers? 

To get the most out of LinkedIn, you need to connect with people’s content and make relevant connections. In fact, you can use LinkedIn to post a job opportunity. LinkedIn does a new job every 10 seconds, and its job tool is targeted promotion, making sure the ad is seen by the most relevant people.  

In addition, you can use LinkedIn as a publishing platform.   

2. Build a company page 

It is important to create a LinkedIn company page that is separate from your personal LinkedIn profile. Create a LinkedIn page for your company and use it to share your own content and related articles, pictures, and videos created by others. 

With a company page, you can put your brand on the front and center and invite team members to share updates and notes. This means that your personal profile does not promote your space – what you can and should do. It simply gives you a way to clearly connect and follow with your company. Only if you post regularly will you start making the following, so apply a strategy from the beginning. 

  • Post regularly 
  • Share content 
  • Create content 
  • Remember to tag 
  • Get staff involved 

But, be sure to optimize your company page for SEO. Social media marketing with LinkedIn, for your coworking space to contact targeted prospects and brokers, is a great way to generate leads for your coworking space. 

For more refer to this article: LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Coworking Spaces 

#4. Twitter to tie all together   

Twitter is a natural platform to link to your other social media accounts and your online content. It keeps your posts together and helps direct your affiliated followers to your other platforms.

With combinations from Facebook, Instagram, email marketing platforms, and more, you can make sure that your Twitter is always updated with your newest and most exciting content. 

Additionally, pre-schedule tweets on a regular basis throughout the day to make sure that followers can always find the latest updates about you and your space. 

You can Twitter to share, 

  • Upcoming events 
  • Hours of operations 
  • Content updates 
  • Video content 
  • Invitations to open houses or walkthroughs 
  • Infographic versions of blog posts or video content 
  • Motivational messaging geared toward your target market 
  • Quote card graphics related to your content 

Accordingly, Social media is one of the best ways to market your Coworking space. But remember, social media is not a sales tool. It’s not a lead generation tool unless you are advertising. It’s just a relationship and brand-building tool. So, take the right plan to your mind and make actionable the social media strategy for coworking. 

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