Almost all people need at least a little help from their friends. There is a common trend, the most well-rounded pairs or groups recognize their individual limitations and understood what the others can bring when it’s a partnership.

The best examples are, in 1975 Bill gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft.
Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in 1998.
In 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Inc.

In fact, friends are the special people in our lives with who we share our ups and downs, a solid sense of confidence, and allegiance. As well as friendship is a healthy relationship that helps both. Therefore, if you are looking to start a business with your heart-touched friends, Founder activity loves to share this helpful guide to Business ideas for a group of friends.

In the workplace, a strong and tight-knit team can prove to be a difference between productivity and success. In fact, good strong friends can make a good team and work for success.

I used the extra time I had and compiled a list of all possible business ideas to start with your group of friends. If you want to check it out, you can access it through the link below.

List Of Top Business Ideas For A Group Of Friends

How to find a great business idea?

In order to find an awesome business idea you need to be systematic and you need to be thorough. As well as you need to put together a list of proven and practical business ideas. Then you and our friends need to carefully assess which ones would be most likely to work for you and your friends to work for you.

27+ Profitable Business Ideas for a Group of Friends

Things to consider before starting a business with your team

Earning money with a group of friends seems a good idea at once. But, before you start the business you must have to concern about some facts. Simply, before working with a team you must have the correct knowledge to working with a team.

  • Make sure the team represents a common definition of success
  • Everyone should be connected well
  • All must have the ability to break the barriers
  • Strong sense of Group dedication
  • Ability to take High-quality decisions as a team
  • All must have the practice to participative leadership

Make sure the team represents a common definition of success

When working with a team, it is important to represent a common definition of success to be successful in the business. Simply, the vision of all team members about the business must be clear as well as same. Further, it will avoid from failure by without losing the confidence among the members.

Everyone should be connected well

A good communication is a main feature in a successful group. So, each team member should be connected with everyone of the team. It will help to bring out the best to their role.

All must have the ability to break the barriers

Running a business is not easy, especially when it comes to a team work. If there is a problem for one, everyone should have the ability to breaking those barriers, and protect the team member. In fact, it will lead to the success of the business.

Strong sense of Group dedication

In order to be a strong group, team members should have a strong sense of belonging to the group. Further, it will help to a experience a commitment to the group’s decisions and actions. So, before get into the business, make sure to have this ability.

Ability to take High quality decisions as a team

Making high quality decisions together is a must have feature in your team. Though you are friends, you will be unable to go a long way of success, if you failed to take decisions. So, you must have the ability to make high quality decisions as a team.

All must have the practice to participative leadership

Practicing to participating leadership means, all of the members should practice to lead meetings, assigning tasks, assessing progress, recording decisions and commitments, providing direction for the team and holding team members accountable and more tasks.

By the way, these are qualities you should boost before start a business with a group of friends. Let’s consider the business ideas for group of friends.

Top Business ideas For A Group Of Friends

So, now you may need to find a business idea to start with your friends. Founder activity is presenting you with the following list and you can choose one of them or several types with your friends. Before you choose one, make sure to consider all of your talents.

01. Business branding

Almost all businesses need branding. Logos are the special things which fulfil that purpose. Logo designing has become a trend nowadays. There are a lot of graphic designers, but there are only a few people specializing in logos. So, you can take this into your opportunity. In order to build up a great brand, a good logo is necessary for it. So, a good looking logo is more important than ever.

Most businesses need a place to get a great logo instead of a weak one. So, you and your friends can start to help such people to build their brands and earn money. While some members of your team designing the logo, someone can market and advertise your business. In fact, you can use platforms like 99design, Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer to grow your business branding with your team.

02. Content marketing

Almost all the companies run websites for their company and they need content for their website. The importance of it is, they need to develop a bond with their customers online. So, as a result, there is a huge market for people who create web-friendly content.

By the way, You and your friends can take this into your opportunity and make a great team for fulfilling the need of them. Many companies look to hire content marketers who can do both kinds of research and write well. So, you can work as a team and make a great team of content writing and marketing.

03. Drop shipping

Already you may know about dropshipping. Simply, a dropshipping business is selling physical goods that you or other companies ship out. All you have to do is, taking the order from the customer on your website and then you would have the order shipped out by the supplier.

If a group of friends connect to dropshipping, it will be a help to earn a good capital. With that, you can advertise your business which is considered as the main part of drop shipping. Further, when your team tries to sell a lot of items, it is easy to handle the business. But remember, At the start, keep things simple and start with affiliate marketing.

04. Publishing eBook

Though it is hard to get attention for books in this era, it is not impossible. You and your friends can publish rare books that make a lot of money. Not only that, there are a lot of competitors and you have to face them. So, book publishing is not the easiest way to be rich fast, but it is also a good way if you are with great content. Further, wen you are publishing eBook, target a specific group instead of targeting a general audience. It will help you to earn more profit.

05. Start a fashion blog

Starting a blog is an easy and a trend in nowadays. Though it is hard to be successful, it can earn more and more money after its success. If you and your team of friends passionate about fashion and style, defenetly you may follow fashion bloggers and influencers on Instagram. Already you may know that, a fashion blog provides a platform to get out their ideas on the subject. So, as the same, you just have a simple and little things to start a fashion blog.

06. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a complex and high profitable business idea. It includes more than things building links, creating content, and adding keywords. But remember, if you don’t know any of these, it is better to have a better knowledge of them before getting into the industry.

In fact, the world of search engine optimization is more complex and ever changing. But, a small knowledge on SEO can have big impact. If you and your friends prefer to get into the industry, you can learn it from the web. There are free guides on SEO in the web.

07. Product reviewing

Product reviewing is also a good way to earn money with your team. How do you make money as a product reviewer? Well. By cashing in on affiliate marketing links from products you review. Even if you are giving a negative review you can mention another product as an alternative. There are various sites that offer product reviewing jobs.

08. Starting an Outdoor adventure travel company

Starting an outdoor adventure travel company with your friends will be a fun and enjoyable thing. It is all about your passion for adventure and making a jump. You and your team of friends can enjoy an inviting environment where all of you can build a business you love.

In fact, adventure travel not only engages your body, but your mind also relaxes and gets the benefits of staying in the outdoors. So, if you and your team of friends love adventures and the outdoors, you can start your outdoor adventure travel company and become a part of a $60 billion industry.

09. Sport fishing charter boat business

Almost all people love fishing. But, only a few have boats. However, running a charter boat business is hard work. The fishing charter business takes people on fishing trips, which gives people a new great experience. These trips may range from going into swamps to venturing far offshore. With the correct steps, you will be able to start a fishing charter boat business with your friends.

10. Operate a Gardening business

This is also a business that mostly fits once who love the outdoors. You can enjoy working with plants and flowers. Operating a gardening business includes many tasks, like watering, trimming, raking, digging, planting, hoeing, leaf blowing, and so on.

In fact, gardening can be done as a full-time business. It is a business with high demand. So many homeowners struggle to manage their gardens with their busy schedules. So, you can help them with your team and earn money.

11. Garden Center

Gardening is a vast field. In order to get into this industry, you should have the courage and prefer to do gardening. Simply, you can start with a supply center. You and your team of friends can start to sell plants and other equipments need to do gardening. With your unity and togetherness, you can eventually vertically integrate with your plant nursery.

12. Starting a beer pub

I’m sure, most probably your friends will idly agree to open a beer pub together. Though opening a beer pub is a difficult task, it will be easy for you with your friends. Most probably, you may need a larger amount of capital to get the doors open. But, it depends on where you start the bar.

13. Starting a Wine Bar

A wine bar is a profitable business is a good opportunity to start a profitable business. In fact, the cost of starting a wine bar based on wine by the glass can be less expensive than starting a full-service restaurant. However, the profit margin of a Wine bar is attractive. So, if you and your team of your friends prefer to deal with wine and earn a good profit, starting a Wine business will be a good option.

14. Bar-tending Service

Bartending is a fun and great business idea, that you can start with your friends. You can sign up for a bartending course and get a safety certificate and it will require in your state. In fact, bar business is one of the most profitable business ideas in restaurant industry. So, this is a great idea to you and your strong team.

15. Coffee bar

In fact, Opening a coffee bar with your friends is a great idea in order to earn money with your friends as a team. But, remember your location must be a good place with a high foot traffic. You and your team ca stand out from the competitors, by offering world class beverages wit some fabulous foods.

Moreover, you can make cookies while running your coffee bar. Because you have a strong team, you can do more and more creative things in order to stand out from the competition. Almost all the people loves a fancy cookies with a world class beverage. Further, it is a very easy food and a simple food you can sell in your coffee bar.

16. Cake making

Are you guys preforming well in baking cakes? So then, this will be a great idea for all of you. Mostly, people love to celebrate their special days with a special and great cakes. While some of your friends are busying with making and baking cakes, others can promote, market and advertise the business.

17. Cupcake business

A cupcake can make someone’s mood good. In fact, there is something magical about a cupcake that says fun and silliness. So, if you and your friends are specializing in cupcakes, you can make someone feels better with your talent and you can earn money from it.

18. Event organizing

Starting an event planning business is one of the best business to start with a team. According to the researches, the average profit margin for an event planning entrepreneur is around 15% and it is continuously rising. Perhaps you and your team have been working in the event and meetings industry for several years. And now your time has come, to work for yourself.

19. Interior designing

Interior designing depends on creativity, skill, and knowledge. Starting an interior design business can be tricky. But, with a strong and creative team, you can go a long way in the industry. First, plan the services you are going to offer with your friends. Because you have a team, you can cover various areas with their talents.

20. Photography

Are you and your team talented to capture great moments? Then, this is the most suitable business idea for you. You can earn money while traveling, with this business. When it comes to the photography business, there are several different careers in it including Commercial photographers, photojournalists, digital photo editors, videographers, and so on. So, you and your team can start a great photography business with your team.

21. Starting an advertising agency

We all know that, every business needs to advertise itself. Including small businesses, many companies spend money on advertising in order to draw new customers and keep growing the business. So, if you have a background to start an advertising agency, you can get into the industry with a correct knowledge. A strong team can build a successful advertising agency.

22. Starting a Rental Property business

Starting a rental property business or real estate is one of the best investments you can make. Though the business is more attractive, it really needs a large amount of money to start. Not only that, you need more and more potential liabilities and you have to take legal responsibilities. If you start this business, make sure to choose the correct and faithful friends.

23. Fitness equipment rental business

As long as you need to separate from the competition, starting a fitness equipment rental business is a great idea. here are a number of benefits of renting your fitness equipment. In fact, you can make a great and intensive fitness equipment rental business when you are accompanied by your friends.

24. Antique Refurbishment

Do you and your team of friends have expertise in antique refurbishment? Then you can easily start his business. You and your friends can strip off old paint and varnish, and refinish them. But, before you get into the industry, know the market well.

25. Art Gallery

Though you don’t think about this business a lot, this is a really big business. You and your friends can start this business and collect various different arts as individua collectors. With your team, you can go a long way in success.

You and your team of friends can share your tasks. You can make a team of art buying consultants, restoring members.

26. Import and export business

Are you prefer to get paid for travelling? Yes. That’s a cool idea and you can do t with import and export business. All you need here is your patience. Because, it requires time to get going.

27. Clothing Line

Running a clothing line and a boutique may be lot of fun, but it takes some time to make money. First, you can start with few items. As a example, if you started to sell neck ties, you can built your business in to a million billion empire. Really difficult part of the work is, contacting out the manufacturing. Then you can focus on eye stopping designs and sell them in a boutique, sell them online and talking with potential resellers and sell with them.

When you are choosing a place to open a clothing boutique, make sure to choose a place with a great foot traffic.

Accordingly, now you may have got a business idea to start with your group of friends. If your team will improve the necessary qualities, you and your team will be success and reward the sense of teamwork. So, choose the correct business that fits to your team and achieve the greatness.

things to consider before starting a business with your team
top business ideas for a group of friends

28. Starting a YouTube Channel

Sure, starting on YouTube may seem like an unusual way to start a business with your friends. But, if you enjoy creating content as a team, this is the ideal business idea. If you are able to build a brand and customize it to your target audience, your vlogs can be monetized. (Dude Perfect, USA and Sidemen, UK) average income per year $75,328 per year on average, or $36.22 per hour. Startup costs are either zero or minimal.

29. Start a niche blog

There is no limit to the types of niches to choose from. But as a team, it will seem suitable to lean towards a unique niche. This decision can help make an income since it will be an area with interest with the possibility to provide good content. For example, self love has become a very popular niche since 2020 and is still on trend in 2022. Average income per year for bloggers is $42,618 and startup costs are either zero or minimal. 

30. Unisex Beauty Parlor

Most clients want to feel good about themselves. Starting a unisex beauty parlour can help you grow that clientele. You and your friends can assign yourselves into what you specialize at best and keep the flow while working together as a team. This helps keep a friendly environment and create the pampering ambiance that clients expect when they walk in. average income per year for a $50,930 and the startup costs would be $100,000 to $500,000

31. Start a food truck

Choosing to start a food truck business with your friends, you will want to cater something unique in taste. This can build your customer base and have them keep coming back. Create something unique in taste with your team in a way that it caters to your community. Average income per year $250,000-$500,000 and startup costs  $28,000 and $114,000

32. Tutoring Services

Do you and your friends major in particular subjects? Great, use it to generate a source of income by offering to tutor students. Using your knowledge, make money with your friends by offering a service that is much needed. Average income per year $60,675 per year, or $29.17 per hour and start up costs are either zero or minimal. 

33. Catering Business

A catering business may be tricky as it sounds. If you and your friends have a knack for cooking good food, this may be the best business idea. 

 Average income per year $30,000 and startup costs are $10,000 to $50,000

34. Opening a Bakery (Organic)

Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free foods are something we’ve been hearing lately. But availability is limited. Such foods have a market mainly because of health concerns. You and your friends bring in teamwork and decision making to see whether you can start a business in an available market space that is highly profitable. Average income per year – not available. Startup costs $100,000 all the way to $300,000.

35. Wedding Planning Business

Wedding Planning can be an exciting field to work in. Filled with so much emotion. With this industry, teamwork and creativity will be put to the test with the deadlines to meet. Can you and your friends work together and work on time for the happy couple? Average income per year of a wedding planner is $420,000 and startup costs $1,500.

36. Seasonal Decorations Business

There is nothing more than celebrating your favorite holiday. Starting a business with your friends for festive holidays and create seasonal decorations for sale. Is your team crafty enough to handle the job? Find out whether you and your team can thrive in the seasonal industry to make sales even during the holidays. Average income per year not available and start up costs $1,500.

37. Automotive Services

Repairing, rebuilding, re-conditioning, painting, steam cleaning of motor vehicles or parts. If you and your friends love how automobiles work or how they are fixed, being in the automotive services industry is the right choice. Just like any other factor that is important when it comes to working with a team, problem solving skills are crucial. Just like the nature of the business, problem solving skills of you and your friends while working can be put to the test. Average income of a automotive service technician per year $48,181 and startup costs $50,000

38.Editorial, Graphical Arts and Publishing

Starting a business in the Editorial, Graphical Arts and Publishing industry will put your creativity beyond its capacity. It is necessary to create unique designs for each and every client. Putting creativity ahead and collaborating with one another, does your team have what it takes to work in this industry? Average income Graphic designer/editors make $50,085 per year and startup costs are $2,000 and $10,000.

39. Online store

Customers have taken into account online shopping as the most convenient service. In order to be successful in this industry, you have to work as a team. Most importantly to keep the business functioning. Such as,

  1. Make a business plan (link article)
  2. Determine the startup costs
  3. Register your Domain Name
  4. Select the e-Commerce Platform
  5. Design and create your website
  6. Make secure payments with customers
  7. Managing the inventory and shipping
  8. Include all sales methods
  9. Put marketing strategy in place
  10. Create a promotion plan

Average income per year not available and startup costs $5,000 to $10,000

40. Open a driving school

The responsibility of how the students who attend the driving school will be in your hands. That is, if you decide to open a driving school as a business. You and your friends can invest and decide on the size of the business and how many vehicles will be running. Depending on it, there will be documentation to fill with the state. After that, teenagers who are excited to learn to drive can be educated. Average income per year $42,933 and startup costs for a driving school business range from $10,000 to $50,000

41. Starting a radio station

Radio Stations may be dying out but they can still be revived. Advertisements and sponsorships being most their main source of income. These are called full power (for commercial radio stations). If you and your friends are thinking of starting a radio station, make sure to communicate if you want your listeners to keep coming back and have consistent content for them to relate to and listen to without a bore. Average income per year $61,924 and startup costs are $3,000 and $3,500

42. Escape Room Business

Escape Rooms are a way for people to pass time and enjoy working as a team. These are usually designed for entertainment. You and your team can build games for your customers to pay and charge them per game or by the hour. This kind of business can be an exciting one to start with your friends. It will put the team’s creativity and critical thinking to the test in order to be able to create games for business. 

The average income per year $125,000

Startup costs $9,550 – $21,100

43. Pet Bakery

Do you and your friends love furry friends? Starting a business catering to them might be just right for you. Making food and treats that will be absolutely wholesome for them. Also catering them the healthier options for their health, if you are an owner with health concerns. Creating and baking a range of products for your customers. This will help build trust and communication within the team, knowing what your likes and dislikes are. Average income per year is $40,000 and startup costs are $1,000

44. E-sports

Gaming that started out as a casual hobby in the 1990’s is now a competitive professional sport. Most girls and boys play it as a hobby and then there are other players who play online games to go pro. If you and your friends play online games competitively and are able to win and make a name for yourselves; there is a chance of recruitment from the esports organizations. Organizations also prefer to recruit highly skilled, consistent players from other teams. Recruitments will be to play professionally for tournaments  to supervise the winning chances of the team. This will require consistency and hard work which can be beneficial when seeing it play out with the team under pressure. One of the largest esports organizations to exist is Team Liquid 

Average income per year $50,000 – $75,000 and startup costs $150,700 and $237,080.

45. Starting a Beverage Company

Starting a beverage company can be tricky. Since it is a very competitive market to start in. Having built a product that is not available in the market with a strong marketing plan will help you succeed. When you and your friends are thinking of starting a beverage company, decision making for what is best will be the key factor. Therefore, letting you see how the decisions made by you and your team will play out. 

Average income per year $564,104 and startup costs $20,000

46. Tutoring Martial Arts

Are you and your friends skilled in Martial Arts? Use that skill to turn it into a business. By starting to tutor martial arts to students who wish to learn. There are so many types of martial arts, the most commonly known are Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Judo and Kung Fu. As a team that is skilled with martial arts, the skills and benefits learnt can be applied to when starting a business together. Skills like self confidence and minimized aggressive emotions which helps you have the emotional strength to bounce back up faster if you hit the ground. 

Average income per year is $52,500 and startup costs $10,000.

47. Create Online Courses

Just like tutoring (create link to tutoring) students, you can create an online course. If there are subjects that you and your team major in, turn into a business by creating online courses.  Pick a course that you excel in and see if it is not available in the market. Create a course outline and relevant content. Then pick a platform to sell your online course. Market your online course on social platforms and build a student base. Sharing information and communication can be considered as the key factors and will help your team work together. 

Average income per year $1000 to $100,000 and startup costs $200 to $10,000.

48. Tattoo Studio

Are you and your team passionate about art? Are you great at tattooing? Is your team a part of the tattoo community? 

Starting a tattoo studio with your friends will be a great idea. Importantly, being able to ink art but also consider the business aspects when it comes to opening a tattoo studio. Such as, customer service, agreements on the inked art with its pricing, taking care of business operations and handling clients. The core aspect of running your tattoo studio is to maintain clients and attract potential clients using marketing strategies. Using your team to brainstorm to maintain and attract clients, you will be able to monitor teamwork and their strategizing methods. 

Average income per year $50,000 and startup costs $51,867

49. Dance Centre

The possibilities of contemporary types of dancing are endless. Is your team talented to teach contemporary arts in dancing? If so, starting a dance studio to teach both young and old seems like a good business idea to start with. But when starting a dance studio, there are correct steps that should be taken. Such as beginning to operate in a market space with demand for your studio. Target your market who is more likely to attend the studio. Strategize how to market your business with your team and launch. This will help build strategizing skills to be able to directly cater to one category successfully. 

Average income per year $55,000 and startup costs at $10,000 to $50,000

50. Childcare services

Good with kids? Is your team able to handle hyper or even cranky kids? 

The skills that you and your team will learn from starting this service will be decision making and responsibility. Firstly, to decide on what age category of children you will provide your services to. Make a business plan and legalize everything related to having complete responsibility once the children are under your care. Open your center in a smart and ideal location to attract parents who require your services. Average income per year $10,000 to $50,000 and startup costs $69,361.

51. Cutting flower shop & delivery (Starting a Florist Shop)

  1. If you and your team care about appearances, how about starting a florist shop?

To accessorize workplaces, decorate restaurants for occasions or to deliver a bouquet of their favorite flowers to someone on their special day. You and your team should be able to work as a team to meet deadlines and be responsible for maintaining clientele. Attracting more clients towards your florist business should be the first priority. This is because you and your team can only run the business with a loyal client base. Therefore, having your loyal customers on a monthly or weekly subscription would really be beneficial for the business. Average income per year $27,750 and startup costs at $10,000 and $50,000.

You can get cutting flowers and creat a monthly subscription service with offices and restaurant around your town area. Then you can deliver flowers early morning to the each palace 

52. Modern Wood product Creation (Modern Wood Production Business)

Woodwork and wood carvings were a part of the early stages of “industrial concepts”; modern wood work consists of more edgy and minimalistic styles. Modern Woodwork caters to the modern urban lifestyle which is constantly growing. It is estimated that urbanism would grow to 68% by 2050. If you and your team wish to work in an industry that supplies the modern urban lifestyle; this business would be the ideal choice. Also, earning higher profits will be easy since your business will be creating a product targeting a specific audience. An audience means available market space. With hard work and creativity being the key factors to be used by you and your team when it comes to a business like this. Average income per year $41,491 and startup costs $3,500.

If you are skill with woodworks with modern minimal design styles , this one definitely fit for you. Creation of minimal wooden product is easy and giving you a high profit.

Create specific product for specific target audience will make a huge profit on you.

Ex :  pc table items , kitchen & restaurant items, office table items like that

53. Kids Science Adventure organizing (Outdoor Kids Adventure Program me)

Relating this business category to Escape Room (make link) but for kids. Creating a safe outdoor adventure packed program me for kids is work for a creative team. Exposing them outdoors in a safe manner. Can you and your team create the ideal outdoor activity for kids to enjoy? Does your team have the creativity it needs? If so, this is the right choice of business. The skill that you and your team can develop from this business is critical thinking. Critical thinking will be used when having to create the outdoor activity program me. 

Average income per year and startup costs are not available.

Now a days kids are enthusiasm about science and technology, you can organize weekend event with your geek friends that do activities about crazy science experiments. As well as you can explain each experient with simple chemistry , physics and biological theories.

54. Rent an unique Airbnb (Renting Unique Airbnb)

If you own an extra space in your house or your background, amp it up to a creative and unique space. To make use or to earn from a space that you do not use. Then you can create your platform bases to market your space to your target audience. You can use platforms like Facebook Pages, Instagram pages to glorify your space to attract renters. As of 2023, marketing on Tiktok would be the ideal choice to make. Considering the user base and attracting your customer on a platform that is trending. This would be a great business venture for you and your friends. Average income per year is at $13,800 and startup costs vary depending on what your rental space costs. 
If you ownings a cool extra space in hour house or backyard , you can create modern tropical environment around it your space. Then you can create your Facebook, Instagram pages to marketing with friends. As well as don’t forget to use tiktok for marketing in 2023

55.  Street BBQ & Food Truck at night (Street BBQ Food Stall)

If you and your friends live in the city, wouldn’t opening a sensational street BBQ food stall be a great side hustle? The greatest benefit would be that there would always be a customer base who would be willing to try new food off a stall. Day or night, hustling with your friends sounds fun. You will not even have to worry about your safety of traveling at late hours or even the bore of running a business because you will be able to have the opportunity of working with your friends.  Average income per year for street food stalls can vary with its never ending demand and start up costs will also depend on your stall. 
If you are in city area, you can start night time street BBQ space with your friends. So the best thing is you can do this as a part time hustle with your friend. The benefit is your friend always with you at the night road and no worries about the night road safety

56. Hand Drawing wall art Selling business (Hand Drawing Wall Art and Selling Business)

If you or your friends are artistic, this is the most suitable business for you. Hand drawn digitized artwork has a growing market today. Since every drawing is hand drawn, there is authenticity and uniqueness. These two factors attract a good client base. This kind of business can bring out the creativity and the technical skills your friends should have to run this kind of business. Average income per year varies on the amount of art you sell and startup costs depend on what kind of art you decide to sell. 

If you having creative artistic friend this the most suitable business for you, hand drawn canvas painting wall art has huge market today, because each and every hand drawing art unique from others. 

57. Print on Demand Business

On demand printing on products has become an industry that has been growing over the years. Printing on demand basically means customizing products. Printing pictures, logos or whatever art your customer requires on a product of their choice such as t-shirts, mugs, pillows, etc. This kind of business can either be a side hustle or run to be a highly profitable business. After discussing with your friends, as a team figure out what kind of business venture it can grow to be. Average income per month is $4,614 and startup costs can be either minimal or zero. No cost on inventory is the main factor that this could be the ideal business idea.  

Spend few days with your friend and creat website with digital arts. On that website visitors can place orders to print  selected design on selected item. May be it can be wall art , T shirt , Mug or some thing like pelow cover.
Don’t be lazy and put every design on same way in each product. Try to custermize your one design to each item. As a example your design should display in t shirt in one style and should display in wall art in another style. 

58. Stand up Comedian Business

If you and your friends are the kind of people who have jokes with a twist of pun on them, starting a standup comedian business is the right choice for you. Relate your jokes and experiences to your audience and keep attracting them because your business will be based on them. With your creativity, as a team you should figure out how to promote your business. Such as using free online platforms that can give your business good exposure. Once you have reached your targeted amount of views needed to perform at organized events, you can start pitching out and make appearances at many events. 

Or you could even digitize your entire business and make virtual appearances. Since that is where the current world is moving towards. At an average a comedian makes 

$33,356 of income per year and startup costs are either zero or minimal. 
If you and your friend live day to day with making smile on other people face with jokes, this is the most suitable business idea for you. So , You can start with creating small videos for social media and get awesome reach around your locale area first. After geting little bit famous you can contact event organizers to continue this business.

But my suggestion is to create your name first on social media and then start your own digital marketing startup while stand up comedian business. When both come together, it will make you a huge profit.

59. Fish Therapy business (Fish Pedicure Therapy Business)

There’s many ways of providing the service of relaxation. But this business idea may be the most unique one you have heard yet. A fish pedicure therapy business is a type of recreational therapy but can also be a medical therapy for people who suffer from psoriasis. If you and your friends think of starting this kind of business venture, be mindful of the location and view your customers will oversee during their session. You should promote your business through collaborations and also promote hygiene. Since hygiene is a factor most customers give their priority to. This kind of business can bring out the hardworking and creative thinking ability of your team. Average income per year is not available and startup costs are estimated at $2000- $5000

This is some type of unique and cool idea to start. If you can find a busy city area with some relaxing view . create some potable container shop or tropical shop with foot fish therapy tanks.

60.Music Festival and Party Organizing (Sole Music Festival and Party Organizer)

Do you and your friends enjoy organizing your own rave? Do you know you can turn it into your own business? Being your own and creating your own music festival can be tricky. Setting your objectives that need to be achieved and having a secure team to organize the event. These factors help your team be responsible and work hard to achieve set goals. The most famous music festival is known as Tomorrowland and they are their own organizers. They play music from EDM to techno, hardstyle, drum and bass. Average income per year $151,100 and startup costs $100,000.

Not organize other’s party, it’s want to say doing our own event or party
Give example also : yoga event , halloween party, music night , hipop party like that 

61.Creatng Short films for Youtube (Short movie production business)

You and your friends enjoy scripting and role-playing? Why not turn those skills into a profitable business. Starting this business grants you and your team the power to make short movies you wish to produce. You can work as a team and cater to the industry that is growing into a million dollar industry. The skills required for this business would be creative thinking and decision making. Average income per year is $250,000 and startup costs would be at $15,000.

62. CCTV Business

The installation demand for CCTV is increasing and that caters to security is at 17% for 2022. As the world evolves and urbanizes, many  more houses or organizational establishments use CCTV as protective measures. You and your friends can be the type of organization to build a foundation of trust that is monitored for your customers. You and your team can learn how to develop customer relationships and maintain a loyal customer base. Average income per year is $53,388 and startup costs are at $350,000

63. etskey , ATV, dirt Bike , Speed boat renting Business (Water Sport Rentals)

Do you work with a team that has a passion for water sports? Water sport activities such as standup paddling, motorboats, canyoning, kayaks, rafting or jet skis. Starting a water sport rental business seems like the ideal choice for you. But there are other businesses that are in the same industry. You and your team should develop a way to make your business stand out from other businesses. For instance, once a year, organize an event for your participants. Your water sport rentals can be used whilst giving them an unforgettable experience. This will help your business not only retain existing customers but also gain potential customers. Average income per year is $20,000 and startup costs are at $292,920.

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  2. During their graduate work at Philadelphia’s Wharton School, Neil Blumenthal, Dave Bilboa, Andrew Hunt, and Jeffrey Raider, who founded Warby Parker, were friends. The buddies connected through their irritation with pricey glasses and realized there was a market potential for them: high-quality, affordably priced spectacles that were available online. After coming up with the concept, they got together at their neighborhood bar and agreed to work hard to start the business without sacrificing their friendships.(example)

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