Business services is a vast career industry that gives you many employment opportunities. It includes various sectors like marketing, information technology, consulting, facilities management, advertising, architecture, law, shipping, etc. If you are wondering whether business services is a good career path in 2023 for you? Continue to read, as we at founderactivity have compiled everything you need to know about business services.

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What are Business Services?

To define business services in a general term, it best describes as work that supports a business. But it does not produce a physical product. Business services are intangible in value because it provides labor. Most organization of business services is information technology (IT) since it helps support many other businesses. Organizations outsource their labor that do not have the expertise of using business services.

This allows organizations to focus on specific objectives. So that they can employ internal employees to finish tasks with their expertise. And also to employ external business service specialists.

What does a Business Services Employee do?

Employees in business services help the facilitation and coordination of other employees activities by offering services that support the organization’s operation. This also helps improve efficiency. They often work in office workspaces and they also have the opportunity to work remotely. Business services counts as a good career path because they are required in almost all industries. And it has the ability to perform a wide range of tasks. It can include manufacturing, healthcare, retail, marketing, accounting or customer service.

Additionally, workers in business services also engage in tasks such as managing employees, doing administrative work and overseeing the operations of a department within an organization.

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Why start a career in Business Services?

The business services industry is growing rapidly. This area is not limited to one or two field. It has the ability to interconnect hence, giving you so many opportunities to select from many offers. But what does make business services a good career choice? Our 4 reasons for you to consider a career in business services is mentioned below.

  1. Demand for business services professional will only increase. Businesses of all sizes seemingly outsource non-core functions so therefore, there is a demand for qualifies business service providers.
  2. This is a recession proof industry. Even when economic stability is difficult, businesses will still need to maintain operations to stay compliant with business regulations. Which means they will need to outsource business services professionals.
  3. A career in the business services industry will offer you job stability and security. There will always be a need for qualified business service professionals.
  4. A career in business services can be rewarding since you are a helping factor for businesses to run smoothly and efficiently. Working in this industry which has high demand will provide you with opportunities to grow.

Careers in Business Services

With the never ending career options that are available in the business services industry, it is important to know which type of career is right for you. Each business services careers offer different benefits. They are all challenging and rewarding. Therefore you must be aware of what career option is best for you.

Entry Level Careers

Entry Level CareersAverage Income per year
1Junior advertising account executive$53,180
2Human resources assistant$43940
3Associate at law firm$88,659
4Help desk technician$47,606
5Junior environmental consultant$66,443
6Recruiting coordinator$46670
7Apprentice engineer$71,206
8Payroll clerk$51,805

Intermediate Careers

Intermediate CareersAverage Income per year
9Paralegal and Legal Assistant$60,660
10Court Reporter$60,648
11Surveillance Officer$48,109
12Facilities manager$69237
13Business Analyst$80,000
14IT specialist$72543
15Systems administrators$80,000
16Corporate general counsel$138,674
17Shipping coordinator$44,084
18Private security manager$102,502
19Corporate recruiter$60582
20Trash truck driver$43,660
21Mechanical engineer$76,034

Best paid careers in Business Services

Specialized CareersAverage Income per year
22Human Resources Director$170,137
23Advertising account senior executive$105,800
24Event planner$64,227
25Sales consultant$74530
26Digital Marketing Specialist$95,955

How to become a Business Services Employee?

If you are wondering whether is a business services a good career path and how do you become a business services worker? There are various pathways to becoming an employee in business services.

The best and quickest way to enter the field of business services is to get an education. You are able to find online or on-campus degree options to help you get prepared for a career.

The most common degrees options that will create a pathway in business services are business administration, management, marketing or computer science. After you are done with school, you are expected to gather experience in the field in order to become a business services employee.

Most business services organizations offer internships that help employees to enter the industry. You are also able to look for part time or contract work that will let you gain experience in different departments of an organization.

After this step, you would have gathered the experience you need to qualify for a full time job at an organization or departments that fits your interests.

Pros and Cons of being a Business Services Employee

The business services industry is becoming tight with many job seeking employees competing for the same position. If you are someone looking to enter the workforce in business services, take a second to think whether “is business services a good career path in 2023”? From the image below, you will able to recognize a few pros and cons of working in the business services industry.

Is Business Services a Good Career Path in 2023?

Pros and Cons of being a Business Services Employee

Pros of being a Business Services Employee

Flexible Work Schedules

Employees that work in a business services industry work most commonly in office settings and it allows you to have flexible hours so that you are able to manage your time as needed.

High Pay

The industry of business services offers its employees to earn higher than average pays which increases their chances of being able to gather experience and education.

Varied and Interesting Work

Work in the business services is so varied and provides a wide range of services to its clients and individuals. You can always expect something different the next day.

The Chance to Network

Since business service employees perform a range of tasks, they have the opportunity to network with many people in the industry. This includes business clients and employees within the organization.

Potential for Growth

The best part of a career in business services is that employees are able to advance their career by gathering experience in different fields. Using the experience, training and education, you will be able to move to another company allowing you to grow.

Cons of being a Business Services Employee

As a business services employee you get to use your skills and training to help clients to grow their business. As rewarding it is to be business services employee but like every job, it also has some negatives. We are here to learn whether the business services is a good career path for you or not. Therefore, you must be educated about the cons of being employed in the business services industry.

Long Hours 

Most employees in business services often work longer hours and also on weekends. This happens more often when they assisting an organization during a transition or at the event of a business merger or acquisition.

Education requirements

Some positions in the business services industry expect you to have a high level of skills or knowledge. For example, at the position for being a senior accountant, you would be expected to be a certified accountant by an accounting related institution or even a masters’ degree. If you do not know what the required skills and knowledge you need for the position you aspire to work in, research the position. Or you can always speak to someone in the field to gather the information you need.

Risk of Burnout 

Risk of burnout in the business services industry can be a little high. Putting into consideration the long hours, high stress and limited time for self care. To avoid the risks of burnout, you can set realistic expectations for you and take the time for self care.

Lack of Social Interaction

Social interaction may lack when you are an employee in the business services industry. This happens because you often work in office settings where you only come into contact with clients. Ending with you not being able to lead a private social life.

On the job pressure

There can be a lot of pressure when working in business services. Especially if you work in a fast paced environment. If you are not able to handle stress well, it may not be the right option for you.

Tips on how to land a job in Business Services

  1. Structure and Price your offering
    Structure your portfolio and price your work in a way that you and your client (an organization) will value.
  2. Level up your skills
    Get yourself off the ground by knowing your strengths and polishing them.
    • Communication Skills
    • Analytical Skills
    • Ethics and Awareness
    • management
    • Leadership
    • Technical Skills
  3. Reach out to Recruiters
    They help you recognize what positions and vacancies are available that match your skills.
  4. Submit a Resume
    Submit your resumes to give you exposure to range of employers
  5. Follow-Up
    Keep in touch with contacts such as friends, past coworkers and other professionals in your relevant field so that they are able to keep you informed about new openings.
  6. Do Advance Search
    Use advance search by using the relevant keyword to narrow down vacancies and filter locations that works for you.
  7. Be selective
    Carefully pick what openings you will be applying to, especially for positions that you qualify for and have an interest in.

Facts about Business Services

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the business services sector will continue to grow at steady pace year after year.
  • Most common business services careers include positions for accountants, economists, human resource specialists, business administrators and marketers.
  • A career in business services generally needs a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Some organizations only require a high school diploma for entry level positions whereas, higher positions may require a higher educational qualification like a masters’ degree.
  • Important skills that are required for a career in business services include effective communication abilities, organizational skills and ability to work efficiently under pressure.
  • Common challenges in business services careers include long hours of work, knit-tight deadlines with high levels of stress.
  • Benefits of a career in business services include a good paying salary, job security and opportunities for growth and advancement.

As we have come to the conclusion of this article, a career in business services serves as a great option for those who have the right skills and experience. Before making a decision, it is important to research to understand the challenges you face and the benefits of working in the field. With your hard work and dedication, you are able to land the position you have always dreamt of.

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