Starting a cake business is already a tough decision. The next big step is to advertise and market your business. Actually, finding customers can sometimes be difficult, and finding the right customers can be even harder. So, advertising your cake business on WhatsApp is a great idea. Founder activity loves to share this article with simple, easy ways you can use to get people to know how to find your business through WhatsApp.

In fact, social media networks and messaging apps have changed the way we communicate and do business. It means, businesses use these technologies to their audience. As the largest messaging app, Whatsapp has more than 2 billion monthly users globally. As same as, Whatsapp business is clocked up more than 5 million business users. In the meantime, you can take the full benefit of the platform. You just need to be creative to use WhatsApp as a business tool.

Before getting into the point, let’s see why you use WhatsApp as your advertising tool.

14 Secret Steps – How to Advertise Cake Business On WhatsApp
Benefits of using WhatsApp to Advertise your Cake Business

Reasons to use WhatsApp as an Advertising Tool for your Cake business

Advertising and marketing on WhatsApp are not getting much attention right now. But, you have good reasons to explore the possibilities.

  • It is free
  • It allows you to send pictures, e-books, leaflets, and directories.
  • Can use as a survey tool.
  • You can use it for group discussions and meetings.
  • It allows you to send alerts about new events and sales.
  • Messages are not lost: Offline Message Alert ensures that users know when a message is expected.

The best reason to use WhatsApp for business is that many of your customers are already using it. In fact, messaging apps like WhatsApp have incredible connection rates: 98% of mobile messages are opened and read, 90% open within three seconds of receiving. As you are a cake business owner, most probably your potential customers would be the young generation. So, as you can see, WhatsApp is a great way to interact with customers in a fast and simple way directly.

Ways to advertise cake business on WhatsApp

#1. Use WhatsApp Business account

WhatsApp allows business companies to send messages to their customers securely on the WhatsApp messaging platform. This lets customers quickly know who they are talking to or receiving messages from. Not only that, this provides reliable distribution information, giving companies the added benefit of knowing what messages are delivering and ultimately reading them.

Using WhatsApp as part of your messaging strategy can be a game-changer. It’s a tool you need to be competitive. It will help you in,

  • Creating superior brand connections
  • Connecting with customers where they already are
  • Engaging globally
  • Championing two-sided conversations
  • Messaging privately and securely

WhatsApp is a great business tool with extensive reach, a highly engaged user base, and rich communication capabilities. This is how to start.

#2. Take advantage of the cross-platform

When an app is cross-platform, it reaches out to non-existent social networks (and people) in your social media wheelhouse. It is great news, all by itself! Traffic analysis that gives you an idea of which networks are popular among your target audience.

WhatsApp traffic analytics is widely available from many third-party sources, and many of them have been developed using open-source software since its inception. This presents data that will help you change your social media strategy and set your priorities when looking for the perfect target audience.

#3. Create Broadcast Lists

Creating broadcast lists and spread the word is a great way to advertise your cake business through WhatsApp. Make a list of specific topics, and then explode one-way communications that are designed to increase activity, just like you do on Twitter. For instance, include links or invitations in your messages.

#4. Take the Advantage of Group Chat

Group messages are shared between all team members, including feedback from any member of the team. In fact, group targeting is one of the best ways to target your customers and easily reach your goal. It can consider as “interactive”. Especially, this is useful when conducting focus groups. Or do market studies before launching products.

WhatsApp provides a group facility to enable marketers to create groups of similar interest and initiate discussions. This way you can add to the group conversations you create and gain a better understanding from other business owners. It doesn’t matter, Whether they are cake business owners or not. Another advantage of group features is that your message is more likely to go viral when the customer shares content with their friends.

#5. Take the advantage of Cost-Free Messaging

WhatsApp allows you to exchange messages without any SMS costs. It is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia. WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing so that they can all send messages to each other.

For added value, users can create groups and send each other unlimited images, videos, and audio messages. This simple advantage brings great benefits to users as well as marketers. If you are trying to reach an international audience, WhatsApp can easily cross international borders.

#6. Get the Customer Support to a New Level

WhatsApp is designed for mobile devices but is compatible with desktop devices. So you can use it with other desktop apps for powerful customer support – your customers can reach you directly and give you instant answers.

#7. Build User Loyalty

Accordingly, WhatsApp’s group lists show more brand loyalty than other social media groups. Similarly, brand people seem to have built a good relationship with their followers. This is strengthened with tools such as push notifications, group chats, and broadcast lists.

#8. Make Creative Offers and Promotions

14 Secret Steps – How to Advertise Cake Business On WhatsApp

Ways you can Promote your Cake Business on WhatsApp

Looking for a creative way to give offers and promotions? WhatsApp can be just what you are looking for. You can offer weekly, monthly or daily allowances to keep track of visitors to your store or website. Because WhatsApp and Status are free, the only cost for such promotions is the promotional products or services you provide. This significantly reduces the average performance of any marketing business.

You can offer muffins, kisses, cupcakes, donuts, candies, and many more things as your promotional items. You can spread the word through WhatsApp.

#9. Engage Directly with Phone calls

You have the opportunity to use WhatsApp to make sales calls through their own VOIP version. So when you receive a customer request, someone asks for more information, or wants to talk to a seller, WhatsApp lets you respond immediately.

#10. Incorporate Curated Content

Like other social channels, you can send concise as well as original content. Remember, even if the format is different than Facebook, the general view of the content should be relevant. It includes ratios between concise and created content.

#11. Feedback

In fact, the open rate for WhatsApp messages is 70%. So, instead of calling customers feedback, your team can create questions that answer your business. This is one of the maximum marketing research and you can do it free, with WhatsApp.

With the feedback you receive from your customers, you can respond to their requests and improve the products and services you provide. By developing creative and entertaining questionnaires, you can interact with your customers in a way that is not intrusive. And their input can be of great value, which can be rewarded with special offers and coupons to encourage future engagement, brand loyalty, and long-term customer retention.

How to Advertise Cake Business On WhatsApp Feedback message

#12. Real-time Customer Service

Providing real-time customer service is an unaffordable luxury for small businesses. But, with WhatsApp, you and your small staff can quickly answer any questions your customers may have. Because the app supports rich media, you can use text, video, or audio to provide a personal customer service experience.

#13. Personal Touch

As your WhatsApp community endure to grow, you can personalize interaction with your customers using simultaneous communication. Especially, this will be so important for small cake businesses because you have a direct connection, so customers can message you if they need a product, have a problem, or need a support.

How to Advertise Cake Business On WhatsApp Personal Touch

#14. Cooperate with businesses and partner with influencers

By cooperating with partners and influencers in the surrounding businesses, you can increase the number of groups you belong to. As a cake business owner, you can consider partnering with bridal salons, event planners, hotels, and much more organizations. They do not have to be in the same industry. But, with the situation, you can become part of all these conversations. Even if members of other groups are not interested in your product or service, they will mention you in conversations on WhatsApp or other social media platforms.

Final thoughts

WhatsApp is a communication tool. But with time, the situation – is improving. Now, it has become a multifunctional platform that allows you to send files, pictures, and short videos about your products and services. But, the key to use WhatsApp effectively is to avoid misusing the relationships you build with your audience.

Every message you send must have value by measuring your interaction. Ensure that not every conversation represents a sale. As well as, remember that other users have the power to delete your message with one click. With the “Status” feature, WhatsApp is now more valuable than ever for business. You can use existing features to advertise your brand and provide a valuable connection with your audience to learn more about your customers’ needs.

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  3. PICK THE RIGHT PACKAGING FOR SENDING A CAKE It’s best to choose a strong corrugated box to post your cake. You’ll need one which can fit both your cake and lots of padding around the sides, top, and bottom. Tape your bubble wrapped cake into place in the box to keep it from moving around

  4. Always start with a story

    Who doesn’t like hearing a story? We all do.

    You will notice that you will get more engagement on social media if there is a personal story in your postings.

    So let’s say you posted a child’s birthday cake where the top tier is a princess theme and the bottom tier is a batman theme. Instead of saying this is a picture of a 2 tier princess and batman cake. You can say this is a cake I made for a mum of twins (a boy and girl). She had a tight budget and didn’t want to spend money on 2 cakes for her twins, so I helped her out by creating a one of a kind 2 tier cake so each twin will have their own type of special character.

    The part was a success. Everyone was happy, the twins got the cake they wanted and she didn’t have to spend money on 2 cakes, so we saved her money.

    Tell me isn’t what I said more interesting than just saying princess and batman cake. You told a story, you mentioned how you helped the mum. You have created a picture in the mind of your potential customers. So it showed how you cared.

    So when next you post something on your social media pages, think of a story to create around that post.

  5. Starting a cake business from home is already a tough decision. The next step is to get out, advertise and market your cake business. Finding customers can sometimes be difficult and finding the right customers can be even harder. Here are some simple, easy ways you can use to let people know how to find your business.

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  7. Post Top-Notch Cake Photos with Perfect Captions
    Instagram users will always focus on photos that capture the eye-catching scenery because the platform is primarily about pictures and short videos. So, taking beautiful images of your cakes and adding engaging descriptions before sharing them is one of the rules you must go by if you want to succeed with Instagram advertising.

    Please be aware that consistency in publishing these photos to Instagram is needed. You should also make sure that each text you put to a photo of a cake tries to highlight the product’s selling merits, specify its price, and tell people where they can purchase it.

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