Door to door sales is the upcoming trend in the business field. And also it is the easiest and prospective way for marketing. Therefore, you have to make an attractive script to continue your conversation with the customer. So as that you need a proper guide. “founderActivity” offered you an ultimate guide of the door-to-door sales. As well as with this D2D sales script definitely help you to succeed in your sales.

The nature of the door to door sales is always hearing NO than YES. That means most of the homeowners pretend to refuse you, your products or service. Therefore, you need to make your pitch attractive and attempt the homeowner to make a purchase.

Things to know before starting a door to door conversation with the homeowner

Know the customer

As the first step, you need to have an idea on your customer. On the other hand, you have to know the age, education levels, profession, and the pain points of your customer that you are going to sell your products and services. Following are some questions that you need to know before starting.

  • Age limits of customers
  • Their educational backgrounds
  • What are their professions?
  • Their goals and objectives
  • pain points
  • How do they prefer to communicate?
  • What are their challenges right now?

Know your product

You need to have a piece of good knowledge of your product. Because your customer will be full of questions about the product. Therefore, you must be able to answer any questions asked by your customer about your offering.

Your appearance

Another point is your appearance. You need to make sure that your appearance is not like kid or apprentice. And also you do not need to dress up like attending a meeting. you have free to wear your company t-shirt and jeans. Therefore, make sure to appear nice and friendly.

Focus on what you are doing

Your target is to persuade the customer to make a purchase. Therefore, you should work on,

  • Appearance
  • Body language
  • Voice points
  • Responses
  • Objection handling

Door to door sales script

Here is a simple door to door sales script that you can use.

Entrance to the conversation

The opener of the conversation means that you are going to connect with the customer. And move him to make a conversation with you. However, makes sure to be polite and friendly and uses the way that makes them listen to your conversation and build up to it.

For the opening or the approach to the conversation, you can use many procedures. You can try the survey method as follows,

Excuse me can I ask you some questions for a short survey of our company conducting?

And also you can use the common introduction to the conversation by ”Hi, How are you?” Here also you are using a question. As it is said you should be waiting for the answer of the homeowner. If they are not answering you should immediately move into the next step.

Not only that, you can use your introduction. That means you can start your conversation by introducing your self. Use the following criteria while you introducing yourself.

  • Who are you
  • Where are you from
  • Your purpose
  • How much time you’ll take

So start-up like this, ”Hi, I’m Tony from XZA company. We are hosting a promotion program in your area. Can I quickly ask some questions from you?”

The story or the presentation

After introducing yourself, you can use the technique of story fabrication to hang out with your customer. Therefore, tell them about something they already know. You have to ask the questions to get the answer yes.

Therefore, use the word right? after your question. And also build trust and credibility through your conversation.

Example: ”I went to your neighbour John’s house yesterday. He told me about the floor tile cleaner. He has faced many problems with the floor tile cleaners that he uses every day. And also he said that his friend Tony also having the same problems. Therefore, I came here to introduce out tile cleaning liquid.”

You can try to tell stories as a non-invasive method and share real-life examples that address his pain issues. And also a story builds credibility, offers a solution, and connects expectations with your product or service.

Discover the pain points

After the presentation of the product or the story, you have to understand the customers’ pain points through the conversation. When you forwarding him the question as to the above statement we mentioned, he will give you a lot of facts to identify their pain points.

Use the following phrases,

  • Why do you suppose that didn’t work?
  • Why was that the key issue?
  • Tell me more?
  • How much did it cost you?
  • Why was it so critical?
  • How did it make you feel final?
  • Have you given up and try to fix the problem?
  • Is there anything else I should know that be helpful to you?

Ask the questions as follows,

”Did you notice any trouble recently?”

“Have you done anything to fix your trouble?”


Now you have to discuss the pricing and close the deal. On the other hand, your target is completed and you solved your customer’s pain points. Therefore, the final thing you have to do is to close the conversation.

At the end of the conversation, you will be able to build up a customer that trust in your words.

” For 5 years this is the most successful and efficient tile cleaner in the market. I recommend you to use our tile cleaner instead of that you are using currently. It will clean all the germs and dust in the tile. Not only that we are offering a special offer to the customers who are making purchases within this week. When shall you make the purchase?”

With the correct strategies and this ultimate guide of Door to a door sales script, you can reach many deals and make more sales. Therefore, you can stay with us for further more articles. So share us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn.

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