There are so many jobs that you can have a payment least 5k per month. But it will be tough to find you the relevant job that suits your skills and abilities. Therefore, “” is offering you this ultimate guide of jobs that pay 5k a month in order to find a job that pays well.

However, nowadays having a full-time career is not the only way you can make a lot of money. So today, there are several options for taking a side break in your free time, evening or weekend. Therefore, in this article, we take a look at jobs that allow you to earn $ 5k a month or more.

01. Foreign Language Instructor

Cheerful young male teacher pointing at blackboard, explaining grammar, giving online English lesson from home office. Distance education and web tutoring during coronavirus lockdown

A foreign language instructor occupation is one of the jobs that you will be paid 5k or more than it for a month. As a foreign language instructor, you will offer programs that provide foreign language communication skills and cross-cultural awareness to intelligence professionals.

And also foreign language instructors use the latest counseling techniques to meet the highly customized student needs and conduct language proficiency tests for reading, speaking and comprehension to assess skills.

In addition to that, you may be asked to provide different language support services around the world. Therefore, some of the languages that you should know are,

  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

Not only that, but you can join the CIA also.

Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Foreign Language Instructor salary


  • Bachelor’s degree in education, or foreign languages, or linguistics.
  • Fluency in the language that you willing to perform.
  • Ability to use technology.

02. Customer Service Representative

You can solve it all if you give her a call

As a Customer Service Representative (CSR) you will focus on the human resource area and provide the highest level of customer service using excellent interpersonal and time management skill.

Not only that, but customer service instructors provide services at the corporate level for worldwide operations. Human Resource Service Center and the Call Center, and Salaries and Benefits are the areas that you need to cover.

However, as a first step in contacting employees with problems, your primary duties will be to resolve and answer customer inquiries, collect and process data, research and troubleshoot, maintain data integrity, and provide document support and images.

And also all work is carried out primarily in an office environment under the immediate supervision of a team leader or first-class supervisor.


  • Minimum experience of four years
  • Ability to manage
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Skills in using technology
  • Relavent educational qualifications
Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Customer Service Representative salary

03. Customer Account Specialist

As a customer account specialist, you need to serve as the customer’s leading point.

On the other hand, you need to fulfil the process in terms of handling urgent requests, customer orders, providing appropriate customer support, maintaining customer data and initiating calls to customers.

Therefore, You need to fulfil the timely processing of customer orders and ensuring customer access to product, account and order information. Not only that, but you have the responsibility for receiving, validating, pricing and background management of customer sales orders also.

And also you need to take the immediate steps to solve customers complex complaints.


  • For this kind of job, you need to be a citizen of that state
  • You need to be flexible
  • Need to have specialized experiences
  • Need to have relevant skills, knowledge, and abilities

04. Pinterest Virtual Assistant

There are around 335 million active users on Pinterest. And also over 24% of the US uses Pinterest. That’s why there is a huge demand for Pinterest virtual assistants. As a Pinterest virtual assistant, you need to perform the following tasks.

  • Create Pinterest pins for new or old blog posts
  • Help a client create a business Pinterest account
  • Setting up popular pinning schedules
  • Analyze a client’s existing performance and make suggestions for improvements
  • Create a monthly pinning schedule
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Increase growth and brand awareness
  • Provide advice via Skype


  • Word processing skills
  • Computer skills
  • Oral communication and writing abilities
  • effective decision making
  • Educational and experience qualifications
Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Pinterest Virtual Assistant salary

05. Ad manager

Website owners and bloggers spend their time and effort in developing their brand’s social media presence. So they never tempted to create effective and successful ads.

Therefore, they ask help from the ad managing company or the people. However, there are hundreds of people who earn thousands of dollars by managing ads for businesses. And also jobs related to creating and managing ads on social media platforms are at a fairly high level.

Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Ad manager salary

06. Transcription

Transcription is listening to audio and video recordings and convert them into text. And also you can work as an online transcriptionist. Not only that, but you don’t need any special qualifications for this. You only require excellent listening and fast typing skills.

Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Transcription salary

07. Website Testing

Short haired computer programmer working on a new software in the office.

You can have a job as an evaluator or tester. And also your job is primarily to ensure that the website of the relevant company is easy to navigate, user friendly, intelligent and interactive.

However, the company that inspects your website will advise you and explain to you what you should check out on the website.

Most of the companies are willing to take help of the website tester and they will pay you through PayPal. And also you can sign up to websites such as

Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Website Testing salary

08. Telephone Nursing

For the job of telephone nursing, you need to be a registered nurse or you need a degree in nursing. And also you can do this apart from your current nursing job and earn extra money.

Not only that, but health insurances and management companies employ telephone nurses to work.

09. Computer Support Specialist

Lecturer Helps Scholar with Project, Advising on Their Work. Teacher Giving Lesson to Diverse Multiethnic Group of Female and Male Students in College Room, Teaching New Academic Skills on a Computer.

As a computer support specialist, Your job is to provide computer involved services. On the other hand, it is providing businesses and individuals with computer equipment, hardware or software.

Typically, a computer-assisted specialist helps the IT team of any company or individual computer user with any problems and issues that may arise in their computer system.

And also you can provide your services over the phone, online or in-person as a support specialist.

Not only that, you don’t need a degree. However, the only thing you need to have is an immense knowledge of computers. And also the working experience with computer software and hardware.

Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Computer Support Specialist salary

10. Buying and Selling Websites and Domains

Buying and selling websites and domain is one of the jobs that you can do from your home. Therefore, you can buy a domain from one person and sell it to another one.

However, make sure to purchase a domain from reputed sites such as GodaddyNamecheap, etc. And also you can sell them in the best market places like SedoIgloo.comGoDaddyNameJet, etc.

Before buying a website you need to consider that how much revenue the website generates? And also there is no need of domain for this. However, you can buy an existing site and develop it. Then after that, you can sell it.

11. Surveys

There are many types of survey sites. By the way of examples advertising effectiveness, productivity surveys, Brand recognition surveys, Product appeal surveys, and service surveys.

However, the volume of existing surveys depends on the type of focus group that market research companies prefer to research. And also there are so many opportunities to get your hands on free products for product testing and review. Followings are the popular survey sites.

Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Surveys salary

12. Nuclear Medicine Supervisor

If you are a person with a passion for healthcare and helping others, you can work as a nuclear medicine supervisor. Your primary responsibility is to oversee the staffing, workflow, and day-to-day coordination of nuclear medicine.

And also you will work closely with monitoring radiology and medical physics to monitor the quality of protocols and patient care. Followings are the qualifications that you need.

  • Current ARRT with advanced certification
  • Current BLS certification required
  • Graduate of 24-month AMA approved school of Nuclear Medicine Technology
  • One year PET/CT experience preferred
Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Nuclear Medicine Supervisor salary

13. Business Process Architect

A business process architect develops specific antiquities. By the way of example, business feasibility maps and value stream. And also you have to build the gap between strategic interpretation and contextualization of operational needs, strategies and implementation.

Not only that, you need to help to streamline and rationalize the IT activation process. However, you should have a Masters Degree in Engineering/Science/Management with 5 years of experience.

Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Business Process Architect salary

14. Toxicologist

Toxicologists are medical scientists who predict that their job growth will be faster than usual for all professions. This growth is due to an ageing population, a greater understanding of biological processes and greater dependence on medicines and pharmaceuticals.

As a toxicologist, you need to test the bodily fluids and tissues in order to determine the presence of toxins or chemicals. And also to be a Toxicologist you need to

  • Graduate degree in forensic science, chemistry, toxicology or related field
  • Meticulous attention to detail when performing examinations and tests
  • Depending upon the state of employment, a professional certification through the American Board of Toxicology may be required
  • Work experience in cases related to environmental pollution and the measurable impact of chemical leaks and disasters
  • Ability to review and interpret industry-specific data
  • Experience in using the required tools and equipment safely and correctly Because of the nature of the position, personal integrity and accountability are essential
  • Maintaining professional-level patient privacy in accordance with HIPAA procedures
Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Toxicologist salary

15. IT Director

Writer author collar concept. Well dressed good-looking leisure brunet man in formalwear sitting in comfort chair write on paper note in light indoor interior

As an IT director, you have to take responsibility for the management, implementing IT, strategizing, for an organization. Therefore, you have to supervise technical projects in line with organizational objectives.

And also conduct the network delivery, disaster recovery systems and procedures and development. Not only that, working with information engineers you will find solutions for business management.

  • Bachelor’s degree in information, or Computer science, or Information systems, or related field.
  • 8+ years of experience in IT operations, technology team supervision and large IT project supervision.
  • An excellent understanding of computer systems, security, network and system administration, databases and database systems, and telecommunications systems.
Jobs That Pay 5k a Month IT Director salary

16. HVAC technician

HVAC means the heating, ventilation and air conditioning. That kind of technician do installations, repairing indoor air quality systems such as air conditioners. And also it includes the performance of warranty services and emergency repairs.

Not only that, including assisting with customer inquiries.

  • High School Diploma, GED or equivalent.
  • 1+ years of experience as an HVAC technician
  • Valid driving license
  • Understanding the principles of air conditioning, refrigeration and heating.
  • Knowledge of boiler systems
Jobs That Pay 5k a Month HVAC technician salary

17. Blogger

As you reading this blog you will gain more information. So as that you can create your own blog. If you create a blog properly you can earn a lot. And also you can write about parenting, pets, construction, cooking, deriving UBER, travelling.

However, a blog can earn money in different ways. One of that is by ads. After publishing your blog articles the advertisers will find your answer ask to advertise on your site. Another one is the content ads.

Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Blogger salary

18. Dropshipping

Dropshipping normally refers to selling products online. The usual process is creating a product. Then market it and store it in a warehouse, Finally ship it out yourself. However, make sure to have a deal with funds and returns. You need less capital to start, low overhead, Flexible location.

19. Design Specialist

Design specialists are the key members of a marketing and Communications team of once company. And also they help to translate marketing and brand strategies to innovative, brand design concepts and products.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Graphic design or marketing, or web design
  • 5-7 years of experience in a professional services firm or marketing agency
  • Experience in Ms Office Suite, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, etc.
  • Time management and problem-solving skills
Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Design Specilalist salary

20. Clinical Manager

You can start your carrier with a premier health care provider. And also you have to provide your team with direction, inspiration, and counseling to the staff members. Not only that, you have to perform the following tasks.

  • Maintains the integrity of medical records
  • Maintains safety
  • Coordinates all aspects of care
  • Making daily decisions to ensure the care of staff and patients
Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Clinical Manager salary

21. Solar consultant

Senior Caucasian Male And Female Chinese-Australian Working Together On Solar Farm Installation

If you are willing to have a job that pays you 5k for a month this is the most profitable business idea for you. You can be a solar consultant in a reputed solar energy company.

But you need to have well experienced in solar energy companies or related services. And also you need to have strong working ethics, coachability, and positive attitudes.

Jobs That Pay 5k a Month Solar consultant salary

Finally, you have a wide range of knowledge on the jobs that pay 5k for a month. Therefore, you will not be exhausted if you go through our ultimate guide of jobs that pay 5k a month. So share us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Linkedin.

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