36.8% of the population on the earth uses Facebook daily. therefore why not use it in a beneficial way? also, you can use it to market your works and business too. Everybody thinks Facebook ads are the only way but Building a good professional and personal account can do so more than you expected. Stick with us at founderactivity to learn about Facebook marketing for freelancers to get more clients.

Facebook is a great space where freelancers can get new clients to them. This would be a lot more than a Basic article because I’m hoping to mention my experience in Long as well as How I suppose to attract clients to me from Facebook and my own Tips.

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Facebook Marketing for Freelancers to Get Clients

Deal with Facebook Groups to get Clients to you

Facebook groups are where I found some of my favorite and best long-term freelance clients. If you can do this properly this can land you some amazing clients. If you are going to create Facebook Groups for potential clients make sure that it is done properly.

One of the first things I learned when I started freelancing was that finding clients can be hard, Facebook groups are a great place to get this done. If you don’t know what Facebook groups are and how to get clients from them, then This is an Ultimate Guide that explains How it can be used. So Don’t be lazy to read the full article.

3 ways to search for groups on Facebook

Hence, I will talk about 3 ways to search for groups on Facebook.

  • Use Keywords

The first one is to use keywords. Find out what keywords the people that you want to work with are using. maybe you can try keywords like Digital marketing. Are they looking for ad help? or SEO help, are they looking for other copywriters? You can try by selecting some keywords that pop on top.

  • Search on tool’s related Keywords.

The second thing you can think of is tools that your target client is using. If you are targeting online course creators. probably, they are using online course creation tools like teachable, thinkific, and LearnDash. chances are they are in those groups. So those groups are probably perfect if you’re trying to target online course creators. you can filter by those tools and join the ones that are the best fit for the target client that you are searching for.

  • Size of Company and Group Activity

The Third Thing to keep in mind is the size of the company. You have to make sure that People in the group that you’re joining can actually afford your price points if you’re a premium business. A group of people looking for like free stuff and cheap stuff is probably not the right place for you.

Another thing which is essential to do is to check through the content of the Facebook group already Posted. for example, What types of posts are shared? How are they interacting with one another? You can have a look and see if they have any daily or weekly threads. also, look at whether Are they using any specific kinds of hashtags? and find out what’s related to you.

Things to remember when a member of a Facebook Group

  1. Read the Group Rules
how to get clients from Facebook

As soon as you joined to a Facebook Group you may think it’s a free space where you can act whatever way you want. Technically, It’s not. You have to give value to Admins and People who spending money and their time on building these Groups and making them a safe place to build a supportive community with one another.

Do not Promote yourself. everything you need to do in this Facebook group strategy for landing clients is super geared towards not selling openly in any shape or form in any way that it can be misconstrued.

Self-promoting would be the easiest way to get kicked out of a group. if everyone is promoting all the time like the group is going to end up being pretty like Spammy and useless and eventually, nobody will want to check it.

I’ve joined hundreds of groups at this point even though I’ve never been in a group where promoting openly was allowed for a continuous amount of time as it just does not lead to a good outcome.

So remember to refer back to the group rules first and read through them to make sure that you’re abiding by everything.

2. Find Strategic Groups

one of the most important things is picking Groups. pick up 3-5 groups. Don’t pick too many, in here it’s quality over quantity. it’s better to have a stronger presence in two groups than a mediocre one in ten groups. So How do we pick strategic groups ??? The first question to ask is where are your ideal clients? You have to find out Groups where your target person is.

So there are lots of different ways to filter groups. The Best one is like by nation industry. For example, if your target is a coach, you can join coaching groups. if your target is an Author, join author groups. If your target is an Etsy shop owner, go and join Etsy shop owner groups. Well, If your target is an online course creator you can join Kajabi, Kartra, LearnDash, Podia, Teachable, and Thinkific. They all have Facebook groups, Go join those.

There are probably millions of Facebook groups out there as well as There are niched groups for any kind of target client niche. Just take your time and find something that is actually aligned with the people you want to work with and not just a group full of other people who do exactly it is what you do.

3. Give value consistently

Now what you’ll want to do is take 15 to 30  minutes a day and actually check each of these 3-5 strategic groups and give value and Do this consistently. My biggest tip here is to try to come from a genuine place of wanting to help them, don’t focus on selling. When you focus on selling people are less likely to want to listen to you.

They don’t take you as a credible source because you are seen as biased towards yourself and making money. So give value, when you notice people struggling with something, you can craft three top tips and share those in a comment. Just don’t ask for anything, don’t pitch, don’t sell, don’t CTA to anything, don’t CTA to your free call.

if you’re thinking but if I give it away for free why should they hire me? Here’s the thing there are broadly speaking two types of business owners looking to solve problems. People short on money who want free things and people who are short on time who want someone to just do it for them. Like they don’t have to think about it or worry about it or do any research.

The DIY-ers are normally not your target audience but your answer to a question of a DIY-er might be seen by one who belongs to the “do it for me” category. That’s the whole point. When you share value in that way where you’re not afraid of holding back you are seen as such an authority figure in that group as well you can slowly start to like build up more and more hype.

By following these steps, automatically you’ve given great value, you’ve shown your authority, and you show that you know how to work with a client-specific and customized to that person and their business model. Anybody who sees that is going to recognize that from you. This is the best advice that I can give you when trying this strategy.

4. Interact consistently

do it  consistently for a few months before you give up don’t just do this like once or twice like comment  once or twice in some random group and then call 

Tips when setting up your Personal Facebook account

This is a really important tip because it’s most of what you’re doing in the groups. if somebody is intrigued by your comments, your post, or anything they’re going to click over to your personal Facebook page. I also recommend joining with a personal account. Eventually, a lot of groups won’t let Facebook pages join their groups because it’s obvious that it’s a business account and they think that that person is probably coming in to promote so if possible join with your personal account.

Especially, remember to tidy up your personal account for sure. make sure your profile at first glance is relatively professional. make sure you have a short and crystal clear bio on your Facebook profile in that little space you have. A good template is always would be like “I HELP ________DO _______ SO THEY CAN ________ ” that gives clarity to
a potential person who’s interested in your services. This template will give them a good idea about each point below.

  1. if they are the right fit
  2. what exactly you can do for them
  3. why they should care about it

it’s a good template you can follow and put on your Facebook profile. so that anybody that goes to check out your profile immediately gets that clear message. what you’ll definitely want to do is also link up as many things as you can like to link up to your business Facebook page, and your website.

I can also recommend you give them an opportunity to book a free 15 minutes call like “book a free 15 minutes strategy call with me here or book a free 15-minute clarity call with me here.” This may sound sort of annoying but entices them to get onto your calendar because once they’re on your calendar it’s much easier to have them get to know you and trust you and for you to diagnose what exactly they need and see if your services are even the right fit for this person.

So once you have that set up and if first glance your profile looks ok! then, you can send it to a friend or send it to somebody from your business community. Ask them to give a quick look at your personal Facebook account and make sure anything strange or inappropriate is isn’t there which makes you look like a person who’s don’t fit perfectly into your client’s work.

There’s also a setting on your Facebook profile page where you can view what the public can see.

Facebook Marketing for Freelancers to Get Clients

After checking, Is there anything strange? if yes just hide it you don’t even have to delete it. I’m sure this will make big difference in whether they take their next step with you or not.

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