Marketing is the process of obtaining goals. It can also mean achieving the process of an individual’s or company’s goals and target points creatively. is offering you the background and features of marketing in order to achieve your goals.

Marketing is not the procedure of only advertising or selling products and services. It is the process of promoting a product or service. You can market your goods, services and ideas and maximize your sales to your customers.

Persuasion to purchase your products and services through the process of marketing can be achieved. In addition, all companies, organizations, small businesses require marketing strategies for their existence and development in the business field.

Overall, marketing focuses on the customer and your expected milestones.

Keys to handling marketing

Marketing is the guiding structure or the element of each business or companies. There is huge competition in the market field. As well as, there is competition for marketing programs also.

Therefore, marketing is the key point of handling your business. Because well-experienced businessman can use marketing to keep the steady flow of customers in order to boost sales. Consumer satisfaction and sales depend on the talent of the marketer.

And also he can understand the favors of each customer and make them choose your product through other products.

1. Focus on the Consumer

Marketing is mainly focused on the customer. The function of marketing in businesses is the orientation of the consumers. Existence of the business or the industry based on the customers.

Therefore, the customer is the king. In the modern market due to competition, you should always pay your attention to the customers.

2. Satisfy Customer Needs and Wants

All the marketing strategies are focus on the satisfaction of the customer’s need and want. That means fulfilling their needs. Most of the customers expect benefits for the purchase they make.

So as those customers are attracted to your marketing plan. Therefore, make sure to fulfil customers needs and desires through marketing.

A marketer should find out the needs of customers and the way of fulfilling them. When the customer is satisfied it will help to retain market demand.

3. Ensures the Customer’s Value

When marketing, you will offer something more than your usual services. And also the customer will make the purchase if your product is valued to them. Therefore make sure to make your product valuable. As well as ensures the customer’s value. Because your marketing offer will be inconvenient for them.

4. Based on Science and Art

Marketing is an art. And it is science. Therefore, marketing is a combination of both art and science. Marketing activities require artistic skills to make creative marketing plans.

And also the systematic knowledge to handle it. Marketing concept includes many of social sciences. Therefore, it is obvious that marketing operations based on arts and science.

5. Ongoing Procedure

Marketing is an ongoing procedure. That means it is a dynamic activity. Because marketing involves in different fields. Followings are some of the tasks takes place in marketing firm,

6. Continuous Procedure

The continuous procedure is one of the features of marketing. Marketing involves different activities at the same time. And also, it will take place ceaselessly in a business or a company.

As well as it is a complex, integrated, and static procedure. Marketing includes continuous planning, promoting, funding series.

7. Creates your own Identity

This is another one of the features of marketing. You will use your business or organizations name or logo for your marketing products. Therefore, it will help to create your own identity in the business field.

Not only that, but your marketing style will also remember you in your customers’ mind for a long time.

8. Consists in its own Environment

Every business has its own environment. These environmental factors affect business activities. As well as marketing activities also. Therefore, the marketing field has its own marketing environment.

A well-experienced marketer can adapt to those effects and adjust to the instance.

9. Operates before the Product

This is another feature of marketing. There is huge competition in the market. Therefore, sales won’t be easily made. So as that marketers use marketing strategies before they launch the product.

The customers are always searching for the acceptability and usefulness of the product. So it will be more profitable to start marketing before production. In the process of production, every marketer research the market.

Therefore, a marketer can find out the needs and wants of the customers.

And also the launching process of the product. So when you market your product before launching customers will be curious about your products.

10. Establish Services

Establishes Services girls laptop working

Marketing is the establishment of the utilities or the services. This is another important feature of marketing.

By the way of example, converting of raw materials into products is a creation of utility. This refers to marketing as receiving benefits and values from the exchange.

There are four types of services or utilities.

  1. Type of product or service.
  2. Needed time
  3. Availability
  4. Ownership status

11. Economic Task

Economic task phone laptop working investing trading

Marketing is a business activity. The majority focus on maximizing profits. Every business needs marketing as the development plan.

Therefore, make sure to plan your marketing. Commercial and non-commercial organizations pretend to apply marketing principles to strike long term relationships.

12. Focus on goals

Features of Marketing Focus On Goals business goal target

Marketing focuses on goals. Mainly, marketing takes place in order to achieve the targeted milestones. That’s why it refers as objective-oriented.

The main objective of a business is achieving goals or gaining profits. Therefore, marketing programmers are mainly focusing on your targets.

13. Management Event

Marketing is a managerial activity. Because it takes part in management functions such as

  • Handling
  • Motivation
  • Coordination
  • Planning
  • Organizing.

14. Combined Avenue

Marketing activities are combined with all the other aspects of other fields in a company. Therefore, it is an integrated approach. Followings are the avenues that integrated with marketing.

  • Research
  • Finance
  • Production
  • Purchasing
  • Shop keeping
  • Public relations

15. Proper planning structure

When operating a marketing plan you should make a proper plan. Therefore, having proper planning structure is one of the other features of marketing. And also it is a process of planning the development of a business. It includes,

  • Pricing
  • Promotion
  • Distribution of ideas and goods

16. Structure of exchanging

Marketing is the exchanging process. On the other hand, the exchange is the key to marketing. Both marketing and commercial exchange ties with each other. These exchanges are taking place in technology, information, ideas etc.

17. Compose of variables

The marketing process is consists of various types of activities related to the product or service, location, price and promotional strategies. This also refers to the marketing mix.

That means the tactics that use to promote your brand. As well as it is a tool in the business field. There are two types of variables as product mix and service mix.

18. Universal in the business field

Marketing is a universal factor in the business field. Because all most all the business, even small scale industries also use marketing strategies whether the business is social, cultural, non-profits organization, commercial or educational organization.

However, each business can use simple marketing hacks to large marketing operations.

Marketing perspectives

Marketing Perspectives pen chart business marketing analysis  Features of Marketing

As mentioned above, marketing is science. In a marketing firm, you have to mention clearly about the perspectives. That means your business’s subject matters. This will help you to reach to the soul of marketing.

Talking points:
Consists of same and regular talking points are one of the other features of marketing. This is a kind of tapping of minds of consumers. As well as it refers to the themes or contents of a marketing firm.
Therefore, you have to make sure about the talking points or the viewpoints of your business or company.

Suitability for all

The marketing process is suitable for all kinds of businesses. Because all the marketers like to develop their own business or company. Therefore, they pretend to use marketing strategies.

Even though there is only one fact for small business. So as that, marketing is also a matching procedure for both customers and company.

Complete process

Marketing is a complete process. And also it has its own system. As the marketing focus on customer satisfaction and earning profits, it is proceeding to be systematic in operation.

From designing the product to distribution it carries on a complete process. After identifying the features of marketing, here is the process of marketing.

Marketing process

Features of Marketing Marketing Process  Research on the market place.
Analyze customer needs and wants.
Construct a marketing plan.
Establish profitable relationships.
Put on your marketing process on work.
Running on successful marketing process, repeat it modify and evaluate regularly.

The marketing process is a process of establishing value for customers and the layout of all the business criteria. Here are the steps of effective marketing process.

  1. Research on the market place.
  2. Analyze customer needs and wants.
  3. Construct a marketing plan.
  4. Establish profitable relationships.
  5. Put on your marketing process on work.
  6. Running on successful marketing process, repeat it modify and evaluate regularly.

Research on marketing place

Research on the marketing place will help you to position your business in the right market. And also you will be able to analyze your mission, goals, and objectives in order to operate your business.

Not only that make sure your goals and objectives should be specific, measurable, aspirational, realistic, time-bound. After that, turn your eye to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats of the market place.

Analyze customer needs and wants

Analyze Customer Needs And Wants business analysis laptop phone meeting  Features of Marketing

Marketing is directly focusing on customers. Therefore, before marketing activities, it is important to analyze customer needs and wants.

And also make sure to concern about the demographic and psychographic background of your customers.

Construct a marketing plan

Usually, a marketing plan includes four sections.

1. Product

Here, you have to analyze what are the services or items you are going to offer related to the needs and wants of your customers.

2. Price

Price is the cost or the value of the service or item you provided to the customers.

3. Promotion

promotions are the marketing offers that are used to attract the target audience.

4. Place

This emphasizes the place that you are going to operate your business or company.

Establish Profitable Relationships

Marketing programmers host in order to maximize your benefits or earnings. therefore as the fourth step, you should be aware of creating profitable relationships.

Holding proper customer relationships lead to deliver super customer service and satisfaction.

Put on your marketing process on work

After that, you have to operate your business with the planned marketing process. Make sure to consider about following.

  • Acquiring necessary resources
    Consider about obtaining required financial documents, licenses, etc.
  • Developing schedules
    Be cautious to be specific in the business tasks
  • Bring out the process.

Running on successful marketing process, repeat it modify and evaluate regularly

Finally, you have to launch your business or company successfully. Make sure to evaluate your marketing process. And modify it in relevant time since you have to use marketing tactics regularly.

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