I have been working as a freelancer for 5 years, It made a significant life change. As a freelancer, having a consistent income and steady client base are valuable assets. For the meantime, my frequent and loyal clients are from more than 70 countries, as well as 50 to 60 average long-term clients. Additionally, I have completed more than 5250 projects.

Teenagers often find it difficult to hold down a job. When teenagers think about starting their own career, they always have one major concern i.e.“Am I ready for it?”

In spite of Starting a freelancing job being easy, having the skills to start that job is much harder. This is a fully guided article to get started in freelancing jobs for teenagers as well as my own mysterious tips that led me to a successful freelance career. Your professional life will be better off as a result of this.

Freelancing Job List

Trending Freelancing Jobs for Teenagers

Here are the most popular freelancing jobs nowadays.

1. Copywriting

Freelancing Jobs For TeenagersThe average hourly income of a copywriter is  $17.75 to $43.60

A professional who writes copy for clients under a contract or on a project basis is a freelance copywriter. Copywriters produce content that complements each client’s industry. In order, to write product descriptions or blog posts outlining the advantages of a new product. For instance, a company could hire a freelance copywriter. The average hourly income of a copywriter is $17.75 to $43.60.

2. Dropshipping

freelance For one project dropshipping
Freelancing Jobs For Teenagers

Dropshipping is becoming a new Global trend. Therefore, Projects like “Build a Dropshipping Site for clients, Do Research for your clients to pick the Right Product, Create Killer Product Content for them, Manage their Inventory and Customer Care and Market their New Dropshipping Business” would be a great opportunity for you. Simply, you can make nearly $100-$700 for one project depending service you’re offering.

3. E-Commerce Marketing

freelance for one project e commerce markting
Freelancing Jobs For Teenagers

“Etsy Digital Products Designing, POD platform integration, Print on demand products designing, Etsy keyword niche research, Physical products listings, Etsy shop management and consultation, Facebook integration, POD products Pricing and creating SEO-optimized titles and tags” are the thing you can do in under your this job title. Directly, you can make nearly $40-$350 for one project depending service you’re offering.

4. Lead Generation

freelance for onr project lead generation
Freelancing Jobs For Teenagers

In this, you can offer your service to someone who looking for targeted and accurate B2B Lead Generation and Web Research for business growth and increased sales and also Linkedin Lead Generation, Linkedin Research, Linkedin Scraping, Web Research, Email Finding (Valid and Active), Contact List Building, Web Scraping. Clearly, you can make nearly $60-$600 for one project depending service you’re offering.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

freelance hourly incone of search engine optimization (seo)
Freelancing Jobs For Teenagers

Building high authority do-follow SEO backlinks links, and doing Shopify SEO for 1st-page ranking on google are the services you can provide on SEO. This title is coming under the Digital Marketing category. Clearly, you can make nearly $90-$120 for one project depending service you’re offering.

6. Image Editing

freelance for one project image editing

Doing professional photoshop editing, Background removal in photoshop, retouching images, removing objects from photos, fixing blurry photos, enhancing, and sharpening, are some things you freelancers do in image editing. Commonly, you can make nearly $25-$100 for one project depending service you’re offering.

7. Arts and Craft

freelance for onr project arts and craft

Start making money from your creativity. you will have to illustrate fantasy colouring pages or a book for clients or draw architectural sketches of the building’s exterior views, make embroidered patches, and custom embroidery patches digitizing, convert the logo into an embroidery digitizing file as well as make DIY origami beautiful craft videos under Arts and Crafts category. Commonly, you can make nearly $5-$30 for one project depending service you’re offering.

8. Resume Writing

freelance for one project resume writing

It is the responsibility of resume writers to write resumes that highlight the abilities, knowledge, and achievements of their clients. Additionally, they might be asked for general career advice or pointers on how to present oneself effectively in a job application or interview.

One page long and attached to your job application is a cover letter (alongside your CV or resume). Its goal is to give you a brief introduction and rundown of your professional history. Simply, you can make nearly $50-$200 for one project depending service you’re offering.

9. Discord Services

freelance for one project discird services

Discord is a free communication tool that enables voice, video, and text chat with friends, game communities, and developers. One of the most well-liked methods of interacting with people online, it has hundreds of millions of users.

setting up a professional NFT discord server can make a gainful income from this. when it comes to Creating Bots for discord, this will be something you are interested in too. Simply, you can make nearly $20-$150 for one project depending service you’re offering.

10. NFT Services

freelance for one project net services

An exclusive digital asset called a non-fungible token (NFT) denotes ownership of tangible things like works of art, videos, music, and more. Although NFTs are based on the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies, they are not money.

This Job has various categories such as Creating GIFs to go under someone’s NFT, making NFT play-to-earn games on point, Developing an NFT marketplace, create NFT art collections for your clients. Directly, you can make nearly $20-$5000 for one project depending service you’re offering.

11. Data

freelance for one project data

for Data, there’s Data management, Data storage, Data analysis and others. Data entry, Data processing, and Data Engineering come under management. Handling databases comes with Data storage.

Also, you can analyze data if it’s something you’re good at similarly data visualization and data science come under the same category. Generally, you can make nearly $10-$300 for one project depending service you’re offering.

12. Character Animation

freelancefor one project character animation

Make characters for games and videos etc. Illustrate puppets for adobe character animator, make a custom 2d cartoon animation video, animate a pixel art character, animate your anime image, or any 2d images to look alive, and make Roblox animations for your games.

Here, are the few works you can offer as a character animator depending on your skill, you can customize your service. Easily, you can make nearly $50-$300 for one project depending service you’re offering.

13. WordPress-Related Jobs

freelance for one project wordpress related jobs

There are numerous jobs that you can do with WordPress. it’s a great chance for teenagers who are capable of working with WordPress.You can work as a WordPress Expert or WordPress Installer. Commonly, you can make nearly $30-$200 for one project depending service you’re offering.

14. Logo Design

freelance for one project logo design

If you have an eye for Brands you could also try becoming a logo designer. Clients are willing to pay good money for high-quality logos. Normally, you can make nearly $20-$1250 for one project depending service you’re offering.

15. Video editing

freelance hourly income of video editor

I think this one would be a little bit more fun than other jobs. even if you don’t have a ton of experience in editing videos but if you spend a day or two on YouTube looking up tutorials you can definitely learn enough to get started. this is just a really good skill to have because so many people are trying to produce video content or add some content to their video.

As a result, they’re tons of people who are looking for video editors for their YouTube videos, Instagram or TikTok videos. Sometimes for their online courses. it’s a good skill for general to have but it’s even better if you can also get paid for it. The average hourly income of a Video Editor is $27 to $60.

16. Virtual Assistant

freelance hourly income of virual assistant

A virtual assistant is a remote worker who provides part-time administrative support for you and your company. They can perform duties typically performed by an executive assistant, such as making phone calls, scheduling appointments, planning travel, or managing emails. Most of the time, they operate as independent contractors, though some are employed as remote full-time employees.

Companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries use virtual assistants. Virtual assistants don’t have a set list of responsibilities, and their tasks change depending on their employer. Here are a few of the tasks that virtual assistants are commonly assigned. The average hourly income of a Virtual Assistant is $6.73 to $38.46.

  • Administrative work
  • Bookkeeping
  • Personal Assistants
  • Customer service
  • Research

17. Social Media Management

hourly income of social media manager

This job would be pretty good for anyone but special for teenagers. Did you know you can make money by managing people’s social media accounts? usually, this is going to be for an influencer or someone who’s trying to be an influencer or some sort of brand or e-commerce store. At the same time, you could even do this for local businesses like different restaurants, dentist or a chiropractor that wants to post on social media but necessarily doesn’t have time to do it themselves.

So what do you have to do here? making the post, maybe scheduling the post if there are multiple people involved in it and you would really be the one deciding where they post when they’re posting what they’re posting and how often they are posting. The average hourly income of a Social Media Manager is $54 to $84.

Freelance Writing Jobs

1. Copy Writer

freelance hourly income of copy writer

Like I mentioned earlier about Copywriting you can make money from this freelancing writing job too.

2. Web Writer

freelance hourly income of web writer

A web writer creates and publishes written content for blogs or websites. They frequently use an Internet-specific technique to help their writing stand out to readers. This can sometimes be done by incorporating flash graphics or by using “search engine optimization” (SEO) methods of structuring passages to appear higher and more prominently on online search engines.

People in this position need to be proficient writers with a solid command of language and grammar. They also need to be aware of how their words will be read and presented online. Some familiarity with web coding and building languages may also be necessary depending on the position.

There are a few different ways to get this position. The most desirable candidates tend to be those who have experience blogging or working for a company with a strong online presence. The project can frequently be done from home or as a freelancer since this kind of career are very flexible and appealing to many people. The average hourly income of a Web writer is $34 to $48.

3. Ghost Writer

freelance hourly income of ghost writer

A professional writer is called a “ghost writer”. If they are hired to write a book or article for which another author will receive credit. This well-known author provides the inspiration for the story and hires a ghostwriter to turn it into a manuscript. Such as a biography or fictional work.

It is unusual for a ghostwriter to write a book or article without consulting the person to who it will be credited. The credited author has the final say on all the drafts and edits even though the ghostwriter is in charge of writing the narrative. The average hourly income of a Ghost Writer is $12 to $31.

4. E-Book Writer

freelance hourly income of e- book writer

A professional eBook author creates an electronic book that a reader can access via an e-reader app. An eBook is a book that has been converted to a digital format so that it can be read on any digital device such as a computer screen or mobile phone. Although an eBook could be a novel that has been digitally converted, many are used for marketing.

The length is the primary distinction between an e-book novel and an e-book for marketing. A marketing eBook typically has around 3,000 words, whereas novels are more likely to have a total word count of over 30,000. The average hourly income of an E-book Writer is $15 to $35.

5. Article Writer

freelance hourly income of ariter writer

The article writer is someone who writes articles for websites according to a topic and gets paid by obedience to the word count. If you’re specialized in any field or have a piece of knowledge about a certain topic, you can start writing on that topic. even though research skills can help you to write about any topic. The average hourly income of an Article Writer is $30to $50.

6. Fiction Writer

freelance hourly income of fiction writer

A fiction writer is someone who writes books about imaginary characters and events rather than books about actual people or events, particularly novels and short stories. The average hourly income of a Fiction Writer is $34.36+

7. Text Translator

freelance hourly income of text translator

In your role as a translator, you will convert written content from one or more “source languages” into the “target language,” making sure that the translated version accurately captures the original’s meaning.

Usually, your mother tongue serves as the target language. If you’re capable of more than one language you can simply start this. even if you’re not. you can start with something like “Google translator”. The average hourly income of a Text Translator is $21 to $35.

8. Transcription Translator

freelance hourly income of transcrition translator

The practice of listening to speech and turning it into a written document is known as transcription. maybe this job fits you the most. also, you can use software such as “Transcriber” to do this. The average hourly income of a Transcription Translator is $25 to $30.

9. Resume and Cover Letter Writer

freelance hourly income resume and cover letter writer

I have talked about Resume Writing in Trending List. Hope you have already read it. Usually, both these jobs come together. When talking about Cover Letter Writing, Your cover letter should be between 250 and 400 words in length on average.

The average hourly income of a Resume and Cover Letter Writer is $25 to $65.

10. Product Description Writer

freelance hourly income of product description writer

The marketing copy that describes a product’s features and benefits is called a product description. A product description’s main goal is to persuade customers to buy by giving them crucial details about the features and major advantages of the product.

Your ability to attract customers is required here. The average hourly income of a Product Description Writer is 20.79+

11. Technical writer

freelance hourly income of technical writer

A technical writer is a skilled information communicator whose job is to communicate information to two or more parties in a way that makes it easy for them to understand and transfer it. The average hourly income of a Technical writer is $43 to $62.

12. Freelance Blogger

freelance hourly income of freelance blogger

Someone who makes a living by writing blog posts for clients is referred to as a freelance blogger. They are in charge of conducting research, creating an outline, and writing content that clients review and accept.

While some independent bloggers work part-time, others do so as a full-time business. The average hourly income of a Freelance Blogger is $10 to $53.79.

Jobs for Designers and Artists

freelance hourly income of graphic designer jobs

This job is an exciting thing to do, and you can enjoy it by yourself. The industry norms for expert graphic design are largely Photoshop and Illustrator. However, you can also use some online substitutes, such as Canva.

This enables you to create graphics for websites, social media platforms, and various banner sizes that look good. You can use the templates on Canva as well. Although it isn’t required, you can start with that. The average hourly income of a Graphic Designer is $31 to $47.

1. Ad Designer

A graphic designer who creates advertising campaigns to persuade a specific audience to purchase a particular good or service is known as an advertising designer.

To better understand their audience and develop effective advertising campaigns that will boost a company’s sales, they conduct market and trend research.

Advertising designers typically work for a company, group, or agency that specializes in advertising.

They employ their skills to produce standout projects that complement a business’s brand identity and draw in the campaign’s target demographic.

2. Packaging Designer

From start to finish, a package designer oversees the design process. Using design components like shape, colour, graphics, and typography, they conceptualize, design, and implement a prototype for eye-catching packaging materials. The result is packaging that is both practical and appealing to consumers.

3. Print Designer

A wide variety of marketing materials, including brochures, labels, business cards, and other visual designs for printing, are produced by print designers. They develop the final designs for printing after conceptualizing ideas and creating mockups. Additionally, they guarantee that the measurements and technical requirements are appropriate for printing.

4. Social Media Designer

A social media designer’s duties include publishing content on social media, creating visual content and drawing in customers online. You need to be creative and have a strong understanding of marketing skills to succeed as a social media designer.

5. Logo Designer

As I have mentioned earlier, in the trending freelancing job list. you can design logos for clients using software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and DesignEvo.

6. Icon Designer

Similarly, you could become a freelance icon designer where you design unique for brands and businesses to be used on websites and in print.

7. Infographic Designer

If larger graphics are more your thing why not become an infographic designer creating work of art that clients will pay high fees for it?

8. Apparel Designer

You can design t-shirts or create various clothing items for your clients.

9. Book Cover / Layout Designer

With the ever-growing self-publishing industry, there are always tons of book design clients to go around. Design is necessary for the book cover and for the inside pages. Inside page’s the design called layout design. If you’re in love with some of these ideas you can get started.

10. Photo Editor / Photo Retouched

You could try photo retouching which pays you money on fiverr.com or you could be a freelance photo editor helping people enhance their images or change them entirely.

11. Cartoonist

If you’re an artist you can get hired to create comics and cartoons for clients.

12. Illustrator

Also, you can draw illustrations to be used in print or online.

Freelance Job for Developers

freelance hourly income of developing jobs

An individual who develops software and applications is known as a developer. They create, test, and run software application source code. A developer may also go by the names software developer,  programmer, coder, or software engineer. The average hourly income of a Freelance Developer is $49 to $70.

1. Front-end Developer

If you love to code you can be a front-end developer making clients’ websites look incredible. They design the graphical interface of the website using programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. For them, tools such as Chrome DevTools, TypeScript, Github, Sass, jQuery, and Sublime Text are their best friends and tools that help them in Front-End development.

2. Back-end Developer

or else you can be a back-end developer that makes sure a website is fast, secure, and functioning properly. Programming Languages like PHP, Python, Laravel and C# are used by Back-end Developers.

front end and back end developing

3. User Experience Designer

UX designers focus on how users interact with a website or an app. Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD are among the applications from Adobe’s Creative Cloud that are frequently regarded as industry standards. They also frequently use other platforms, such as Figma and InVision, for UX design.

4. Plugin Developer

you could work in WordPress as a freelancer. including developing plugins. They are commonly using Atom, Brackets, Homebrew and XAMPP software to get their work done.

5. WordPress Installer

You can do installing WordPress as a freelance job.

6. WordPress Expert

also if you’re an expert in WordPress you can start working as a freelance WordPress expert. which is really easy to get started. the only thing you have to do is maintain WordPress.

Freelancing in Other Professions

1. Social Media Manager

freelance hourly income of social media manager

Social media management is a great job that most teenagers are possible to as well as something you can do with law experiences. Take look at what I mentioned about Social media managers in Trending Freelancing Job List for more information.

2. Social Media Marketer

freelance hourly income of social media marketer

Knowing how to market your product or service is a valuable skill that companies are willing to pay for.in this running ads and sending email campaigns. these two are huge sources of revenue for companies. you have to know how to run social media ads on Facebook, Instagram and maybe Snapchat. it would also be beneficial to learn how to run email campaigns.

There are a bunch of free platforms you can start with as well as paid platforms. one of the free ones that you can start out with is Mailchimp. it’s a pretty simple drag-and-drop type program but once you learn how to send effective emails that is something that people are willing to pay a lot of money for it.

The average hourly income of a Social Media Marketer is $84.$40 to $65

3. Instagram Shoutout

 freelance  based on the project instagram shoutout

If you’ve built your social media followers on Instagram people will actually pay you money to give them a shout-out or even to repost some of their Instagram pictures. The amount of money you’re going to make depends on the size of your Instagram account.

So don’t forget to leverage your social media accounts on Fiverr it’ll give you a little bit of extra income and it’s not going to take too much time at all. The average income for an Instagram Shoutout is $10 to $1000 based on the project.

4. Holding a message

 freelance average income of holding a message

Another Fun Fiverr Gig is holding someone’s image logo or message. Basically, you can also give a Full HD quality video of you holding a Message on a sign as an extra package which you can get paid more for it. The average income for Holding a message is $5 to $20 based on the project.

5. Blog Comments

 freelance average income of blog comments

Another easy job is blog comments. Have you ever been to a blog where there’s just one comment or even zero comments? Then, it’s hardly gonna start a conversation. so what clients do is, find a gig where people make manual blog comments.

Manual blog comments on Fiverr help turn your client’s blog from a boring blog to an amazing one and best of all you need zero experience to do this. But your review should be 100% handwritten, and fully niche relevant. it’s definitely one of the easiest freelance jobs you’ll ever find. The average income for Blog Comments is $20 to $70.

6. Proofreading

 freelance average income of proofreading

Have you ever written a few hundred words or even ten thousand you’ll know that it’s hard to pick out grammar and even spelling mistakes by going over the same words over and over again? That’s why people have to hire a proofreader. If proofreading isn’t one of your strong points well here’s a little tip for you.!

Go ahead and download the Grammarly tool. it’s a free plugin for Chrome and it will help you not only with your spelling. it will also improve your grammar. The average income for Proofreading is $20 to $34.

7. Video Editor

freelance hourly income of video editor

I think this one would be a little bit more fun than other jobs. even if you don’t have a ton of experience in editing videos but if you spend a day or two on YouTube looking up tutorials you can definitely learn enough to get started. this is just a really good skill to have because so many people are trying to produce video content or add some content to their video.

As a result, they’re tons of people who are looking for video editors for their YouTube videos, Instagram or TikTok videos. Sometimes for their online courses. it’s a good skill for general to have but it’s even better if you can also get paid for it. The average hourly income of a Video Editor is $27 to $60.

8. Video Content Creator

freelance Average income of video content creator

There’s tons of video and audio production for freelancers. you can create content for your clients. such as creating quality YouTube videos for clients. The average hourly income of a Video Content Creator is $25.54.

9. Animator

freelance Average income of animator

Animation is the process of creating multiple images, or “frames,” that when placed in a specific order give the impression of movement. Models, puppets, or digital or hand-drawn images can all be used to create the images. Animators typically create animation in 2D, 3D, stop-frame, or computer-generated. The average hourly income of an Animator is

10. Voice Over Artist

freelance Average income of voice over artist

voice-over artist is a little bit more complicated but it doesn’t really require any skill. you just require a little bit of extra equipment such as a decent quality microphone and then you want to download some free software like Audacity.

So that you can do high-quality editing cause quality for voiceovers does have to be pretty good. having the right microphone and actual studio setup is very important. But it doesn’t really require any skills as everybody has a unique voice and you’ll be surprised at what you’ve come up with. The average hourly income of a Voice Over Artist is $37+.

11. Audio Editor

freelance Average income of audio editor

when it comes to audio. you can get pretty well for voice-over work. Editing audio files like podcasts already commercials. The average hourly income of an Audio Editor is $32.36.

12. Audio Book Narrator

freelance Average income of audio book narrator

another thing you can do related to audio is record audiobooks for clients. The average hourly income of an Audio Book Narrator is $16.18 an hour.

13. Customer Support Rep

freelance Average income of customor support rep

Customers who have inquiries, orders, or complaints about goods or services obtained from the business are assisted by a customer service representative. At every stage of the process, they prioritise the client’s needs and offer solutions tailored to those unique circumstances. The average hourly income of a Customer Support Rep is $12.67 to $17.75.

14. Data entry

freelance Average income of data entry

Freelance data entry positions focus on using spreadsheets or software to enter data for various clients on a contract basis. Your responsibilities always include typing and data entry, though they might differ slightly depending on your clients.

Most individual data entry workers are based in remote regions. Using Excel or another data organization or visualization tool, you can produce reports based on raw data. Some employers might demand that you possess the ability to transcribe audio or operate a particular database system, like Oracle. The average hourly income from Data entry is $14 to $21.

15. Virtual Assistant

freelance Average income of virtual assistant

As I explained about Virtual Assistant in deep Before. I hope It wouldn’t be necessary to talk about it again.

16. Web Designer

freelance Hourly income of web designer

If you learn how to use WordPress, Squarespace, Wix.com, or any of those platforms, you can complete this job with a little bit more skill, or at the very least with a little bit more time and effort. For them, you can use websites and get paid. Even if you don’t currently know how to create a website, you can start using one of those basic website builders after spending a week or two on YouTube and Google.

For clients who are willing to pay you more than $15 per hour, that sort of drag-and-drop scenario creates fairly decent websites. then as you become more accustomed to those. There is no doubt that you can move to more difficult website builders, where clients will pay you more for it. The average hourly income of a Web Designer is $28 to $34.

17. Online Tutoring

freelance average income of online tutoring

The average hourly income from Online Tutoring is $10.00 or as high as $38.90 depending on the subject of study.

  • Teaching English
  • Teaching Korean
  • Teaching crypto trading
  • Freelance Consulting
  • Teaching How to Grow On Social Media
Teaching English

This job has been around for a while but especially now people are willing to pay a little bit more to get a good online English tutor. There’s a popular program called Vipkid through that basically what you have to do is tutor international kids like basic conversations with them in English, teaching them simple terms, words, and phrases.

As you move into later levels you’ll be having full conversations with them, practicing sentence structure, and things like that. That’s something pretty nice to do because it is on your schedule and you can open up the time slot that you would be willing to teach. If that’s something that you’re interested in go and search for it…


What is Freelancing?

Working on projects for clients on a contract basis is known as freelancing. Freelancers frequently work on several for various clients at once.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) views independent contractors as self-employed people. Depending on the terms of the contract, the client may pay a freelancer per project, per task or per hour.

Short-term assignments are typical for freelance projects through satisfied clients frequently request additional work.

The majority of freelance positions are found in the creative, skill-based industry which is regarded as a service that includes copywriting, programming, engineering and marketing.

Difference between a freelancer and an employee

It’s critical for employers to understand the difference between an employee and a freelancer. The parties have various rights and obligations depending on the nature of the employment relationship.

Even if you hire someone on a freelance basis, the law may consider them an employee if the arrangement begins to resemble one. so when does a contractor turn into an employee? Depending on the situation and nature of the job, a freelancer can become an employee at any time.

When the nature of the working relationship suggests it, which may depend on the length of the arrangement or the terms of a contract, a freelancer can typically be classified as an employee. Employees work for the company, whereas freelancers are self-employed. Simply, That’s the major difference between them.

How to get started as a freelancer

One of the great things about freelancing is that you will be able to work from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection. You are also set your own hours and work around your other commitments.

It can be done around your school schedule, you can work when you have some free time and take on as much or as little work as you want. This makes freelancing a great option for teenagers who want to earn some extra money.

In order to start your freelancing career you have to:

  1. Select your niche segment
  2. Select one or more desired freelancing platform
  3. Create your profile
  4. Make a description of the service you offer
  5. Find your client base
  6. Create your prices competitively
  7. Create your portfolio
  8. Write an attractive proposal to pitch to your client
  9. Build a loyal customer base
  10. Optimize your skills

How to select a suitable niche for freelancing

When it comes to freelancing, one of the most important things you can do is choose a niche that is suitable for you. There are a few things you should take into account when making your decision, such as your skillset, your interests, and the demand for your services.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have the skill set required to succeed in your chosen niche. If you’re not confident in your abilities, it’s likely that you’ll struggle to find work. It’s also important to consider your interests when choosing a niche.

After all, you have to work on that specific niche so it’s important to select the right one. As well as think about the competition, if the competition is high for your job out there. It’s hard to attract clients to you. Therefore sometimes low competition niches make easy money.

Finally, you need to consider the demand for your services. If there’s little demand for what you’re offering, it’ll be difficult to find clients. However, if you can tap into a niche in high demand, you’ll be in a much better position to succeed as a freelancer. Choosing a freelancing job which is trending at the moment can help you with it.

What are the platforms for getting into freelancing

Both freelancers and businesspersons need to be aware of platforms that allow them to connect with each other. when working as a freelancer, there’s no chance to meet your clients in real life. when it gets to working with strangers it’s important to choose a trustworthy place to offer your work as well as get paid. that’s why selecting the best platform comes first.

When looking at the growth of active freelancers worldwide the below statistics can be taken into consideration.

  1. 2020 – 1.2 Billion
  2. 2021 – 1.1 Billion
  3. 2022 – 1.56 Billion

According to my full research about freelancing platforms, These are the best 7 websites to launch your freelancing career.

Active users in each platform

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a global online marketplace for freelance services. The platform of Fiverr connects buyers looking to hire freelancers. Fiverr has 3.42 million active buyers. It is primarily focused on clients rather than freelancers when you must attract your clients to yourself by creating what is known as a “GIG“.

Here, you also have the ability to add different videos and photos. That’s what you want to do by showcasing the type of service you offer. You can also include various videos and pictures of past work and give a brief overview of the service you are providing. Fiverr is mostly based on short-term projects.

if you’re someone who’s looking to work on long-term projects maybe this isn’t the right place for you.

You can also refer to the table below that lists the benefits and disadvantages of Fiverr.

Multi-Currency SupportLow income because of the high 
commission rate on Fiverr
You don’t have to put your services up for bidCan be challenging for beginners
Private Communication PlatformUnable to contact returning customers
Seller Rating & Feedback
Sometimes have to deal with difficult 

2. Upwork

Freelancers and contractors can find new jobs and clients online at Upwork. Upwork hosts a wide range of client projects to fit almost any freelancer skill set, whether you’re a web developer, photographer or SEO expert etc.

Upwork has 145.4 thousand core clients for now. Frequently, Upwork depends on long-term and short-term projects.

Compared to other sites, they have 
more lucrative projects
Their fees are quite high
Frequently, you are hired right awayGetting your first client is challenging
Receiving payment is simpleThe majority of customers continue to have a limited budget
Your chances of getting hired going up due to 
their new structure
The user experience on their website
 is pretty poor

3. Freelancer

The freelance management system (FMS) for hiring IT specialists and other professionals is called Freelancer.com and it is run by Freelancer Technology, which has its headquarters in Australia. The freelancer was founded in 2009.

Here, after you’ve selected your job you have to place a bid for your work. Before placing your bid, make sure to write a compelling reason why the employer should pick you over everyone else.

The website is simple to useFor freelancers, fees are too high
Easy to get startedThere is no screen sharing option for working with clients
Easy to communicate with current and
prospective clients using on-page chat
Instant messaging software is not available
Competency tests give clients a chance to
see where a freelancer really stands out
Fake Projects and scams
Multiple money withdrawal options Only manages hourly projects

4. Dribble

One of the most well-known freelance websites for designers of all specialties is Dribble. Therefore, you must create a profile on Dribble if you’re looking for freelance design jobs in all areas of design, from graphic design to product design and everything in between.

A stellar Dribble profile is a fantastic way to promote yourself and demonstrate your abilities to potential clients. There are many clients searching for talented designers on Dribble, which receives a lot of traffic. All you have to do is create a fantastic bio and highlight your best work.

Job seekers can quickly narrow their searches
 by location, specialities, and keywords
No free job posting
Possibility of posting remote or 
remote-friendly jobs
Not the ideal location to maintain a 
Can perform a freelance job search and set 
budget restrictions
There are tiny advertisements
Focused attention on opportunities in graphic
and other design
Limited uploads are available

5. PeoplePerHour

With the help of artificial intelligence, PeoplePerHour aims to bring freelancers and clients together in a more streamlined, precise way. Once clients submit the project scope, an artificial intelligence system analyzes the details and matches the project with qualified freelancers.

Those freelancers are invited to submit their proposals and clients choose from a curated selection.

6. SimplyHired

They have guides on resume writing, cover letter writing, and other information to help you out. This site doesn’t charge employers for job postings, which opens a floodgate of opportunities. SimplyHired also has a free online resume builder if you need to revamp yours.

7. Behance

If you fill in your Behance profile with great project samples, your work is put in front of like-minded creatives. If your work earns the coveted spot of featured project, you’ll get even more positive exposure.

Behance also functions as a social media network to connect with other designers. Expanding your list of contacts may bring you new design opportunities.

When talking about freelancing websites there are a lot of options except the above ones. Toptal, Jooble, Flexjobs, Guru, LinkedIn, 99designs, ServiceScape, DesignHill and TaskRabbit are some of them.

Key things to remember for a successful freelance career

If you want to be successful in any freelancing career these facts are really useful to you.

  • Reliability
  • Meet Deadlines
  • Take initiative on Projects
  • Communication Skill
  • Be Proactive
  • Marketing-savvy
  • Offering high-quality work

Tips for delivering quality work to your clients

As a freelancer, one of the most important things you can do is deliver quality work to your clients. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that you’re always putting your best foot forward:

1. Make sure you understand the brief

  • Step 1 – Be Prepared – get clear on the problems you’re solving for your potential clients.
  • Step 2 Find Common Ground and Put Your Clients At Ease -To make your client comfortable around you, Although your clients may adore your personality, they are unlikely to put up with rudeness, profanity,  or other inappropriate behavior. so be nice to your clients.
  • Step 3 – Ask the Right Questions -It won’t just give you the right information, it will position you as the expert.
  • Step 4 – talk less and listen more – Try to keep in your mind what your client said. if you forgot something repeats back what you hear.

2. Do your research.

Once you know what the client is looking for, make sure you do your research and gather all the information you need to deliver quality work.

3. Take your time.

Rushing a project will only lead to subpar results. Make sure you allocate enough time to do the job properly.

4. Be communicative

If you run into any problems or have any questions, be sure to reach out to the client and keep them in the loop.

5. Ask for feedback.

After completing a project, ask the client for feedback and use it to improve your work for future clients.

There is no doubt that freelancing can be a great way for teenagers to earn some extra money. However, it is important to remember that freelancing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn new skills to be successful.

It’s beneficial for teenagers who start their freelancing job at such an early age. They can learn time management and organizational skills, develop their own work ethic, and earn some extra money. With so many advantages, it’s no wonder that more and more teenagers are interested in freelancing.

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