Hiring managers occasionally enjoy throwing candidates a curveball by asking funny interview questions. Strange questions aren’t really a waste of time, despite the impression that they are. They can actually reveal a lot more about you than you might imagine.

You can show off your amazing personality, emphasize important skills, and give the hiring manager important glimmers into your professional mindset by nailing these humorous questions. We at founderactivity have prepared what you need to know if you want to make sure you can handle the most humorous interview questions like a boss and would also like to see some sample responses.

Funny Interview Questions

How to answer Funny Interview Questions

We can’t exactly guess what questions your hiring manager will ask you. That’s the reason why you need to learn the strategy of answering funny interview questions rather than just practicing.

Funny interview questions are not position-specific, unlike the majority of job interview questions. Instead, they are used to learn more about your personality or to observe how you handle the unexpected. That implies that you can never predict which ones will be brought up.

First, realize that all inquiries, no matter how bizarre, must be taken seriously. It’s acceptable to laugh a little bit with the hiring manager. However, you must quickly change direction, going from humor to a substantive response.

Learn more about the requirements of the company by conducting some research. Visit the company website after reading the job description. After all, 47% of hiring managers won’t make an offer to a candidate if it’s obvious that they have no knowledge of the industry, even if they have the necessary skills.

Second, adopt the tailoring approach. You can modify your response using the Tailoring Method to make it more persuasive for that hiring manager. It all comes down to tailoring your response to the specific requirements of the company.

Ultimately, 57% of interviewers base their choice of candidate on how well their personality fits the company’s culture. That is why answering humorous interview questions correctly is crucial. Additionally, it would be best if you could include more pertinent details.

Additionally, we wanted to let you know that we have a fantastic free cheat sheet that provides you with exact word-for-word responses to some of the most challenging interview questions you will encounter in your upcoming interview. After all, interview questions from hiring managers will frequently be more general.

Funny Interview Questions and Answers

Here are 10 funny interview questions and answers to help you prepare your own answers:

1. What kind of tree, if any, would you be, and why?

To gauge a candidate’s level of creativity, you might ask them this strange Walgreens question. The ideal response from your candidate, however, will reveal both her personality and her strengths relevant to the position.

Sample Answer – “I would be an oak tree because I am strong and dependable.” Of course, it doesn’t matter which tree she selects as long as she takes the chance to explain why she’s a good fit for the job in her response.”

2. “Are you a hunter or a gatherer?”

This might seem like a silly question if you’re not hiring an anthropologist. Yet this question is asked by businesses like Dell to learn vital information about a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

You want your candidate to center her response on the requirements of the particular role.

In the end, hunters and gatherers are two very distinct social groups. With the aid of this question, you can quickly determine what kinds of strengths and weaknesses your candidate is likely to demonstrate in the position.

If you’re hiring for a position as a content creator, for instance, you want your candidate to respond –

Sample Answer – “I gather things. I enjoy gathering important SEO information over time and modifying my content to meet long-term objectives.”

3. Are you lucky, in your opinion? In what way?

Whether someone thinks of themselves as fortunate can reveal a lot about them. The most crucial aspect of the equation is to avoid sounding pessimistic.

Sample Answer- “I consider myself lucky, but not in the conventional sense. I put a lot of effort into working hard and keeping an eye out for opportunities. I’ve primed for growth and exploration thanks to my openness and willingness to take reasonable risks, which has led to circumstances that some might consider fortunate.”

Funny Interview Questions

4. What animal, if any, would you choose to compare yourself to and why?

This question aids in determining a candidate’s inventiveness, creativity, and quick-thinking abilities, much like the “tree” question did. This is an excellent chance for your candidates to highlight their positive traits and their strengths.

Sample Answer- “I would be a horse. Horses are very strong animals that can work well both individually and in groups. Additionally, they frequently pick things up quickly.”

5. What was your most recent gift to someone?

If your candidate comes across as being overly formal and stiff, you might think about using a question like this one, which Gallup asked during an interview for a data analyst, to help her relax. It should provide insight into the personality of your candidate. As a result, you should be able to establish a stronger connection with your candidate.

You have information to help you connect with your candidate and, ideally, create an environment where she feels more at ease if, for example, your candidate says,

Sample Answer- “My brother loves baseball, so a couple of weeks ago I bought him tickets to a Red Sox game.”

6. Which of the two superpowers—flying or invisibility—would you choose if you had the choice?

This initially sounds like a question you might have heard when you were twelve and attending a sleepaway camp. However, according to Forbes, 72% of leaders who were polled said having the ability to fly over people while remaining invisible was an indicator of potential leadership ability.

Do you prefer to work more behind the scenes or in the spotlight, if you give it some thought? It goes without saying that there are other questions you should ask to assess a candidate’s personality and culture fit, but this one is a good starting point for figuring out where they will have the biggest impact on your team.

7. How much pizza is consumed annually in the United States, in square feet?

During a programmer analyst interview, Goldman Sachs posed this challenging question. The goal of the question is to gauge the candidate’s capacity for logical reasoning. Even though you don’t need a candidate to give the “correct” response, you do want someone who can make an educated guess while maintaining composure and thoughtfulness.

Sample Answer- “A pizza, however, is about one square foot. The average American would consume 12 square feet of pizza per year if they consumed one-third of a pie three times per month. The result is 2.4 billion square feet when multiplied by the 200 million Americans.”

8. What song would you choose, and why, if you could pick one that would play whenever you walked into a room?

Here’s another query that, if answered properly, you can actually relate to the situation. Choose something that has a positive connotation, both in terms of the song’s sound and its overall message.

Sample Answer- “I suppose I’d choose “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python’s Life of Brian if I had to choose just one. Although positive, it doesn’t ignore the fact that challenges can arise in life. Instead, it recognizes that difficulties do occur, but that your outlook matters. That’s a strong message, in my opinion, and I think it’s appropriate because I think of it whenever I encounter a challenge.”

9. Which superpower, if any, would you choose if you could?

The hiring manager can learn a little bit about your personality and priorities from this question. The ideal superpower to select is one that complements the position or has greater potential in the business world.

Sample Answer – “I want the ability to comprehend or translate any language, whether it be spoken, written, or even just physical, like body language. Even though the advantages of a global economy are most obvious, language still controls much more of our interpersonal interactions. One example of a language is computer code. I could be a bridge between people if I could understand any language. Since language is ultimately at the heart of so much, I could also assist in finding solutions to a wide range of issues.”

Please don’t choose invisibility as your superpower when responding to this question. Even if you don’t mean it that way, expressing a desire for invisibility could give the impression that you are dishonest, cunning, or unreliable.

Funny Interview Questions

10. What color is money, first of all?

This question may be asked during an interview to gauge your level of global awareness. If you’re interviewing for a job that requires you to understand other cultures, like a flight attendant or travel nurse, this question is especially well-liked. You can use your reply to show that you’re a sympathetic candidate who is able to look beyond their immediate surroundings.

Sample Answer – “Whomever you ask will tell you what color money is. Because I live in the United States, it’s simple for me to say that money is green, but that isn’t the case everywhere. For instance, Canadian currency comes in a variety of hues, from blue to purple.”

11. If you were from Mars, how would you solve problems?

You can determine if your candidate can think outside the box with the help of Amazon‘s question. You’ll want your candidate to show they can solve problems even in strange situations. Your ability to enter a new workplace environment and fairly assess it prior to offering solutions can be determined by her response.

Sample Answer- “They would probably have different issues from those on Earth if I were on Mars. I’d do research to establish cause and effect, then I’d suggest possible fixes.”

Your candidate has demonstrated an ability to make thoughtful, analytical decisions with this response.

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12. How do you feel about gnomes in the garden?

This or another seemingly random question may be asked by interviewers to break the ice. You can give a variety of responses, but the most crucial thing is how you behave. Try to respond to the query with assurance and show that you are open to workplace humor.

Sample Answer – “I’m glad someone has finally asked my opinion on garden gnomes, as I never thought I’d be asked this during an interview! These ornaments are the ideal fusion of cute, endearing, and cunning.”

13. How come manholes are rounded?

This cunningly perceptive query is asked by UBS, a Swiss multinational investment bank, during operations interviews. It appears at first to be another light-hearted question meant to “loosen the candidate up,” but in truth, it’s a good indication of their intelligence.

The best applicant will carefully consider the query and offer a considerate response, such as this one: “The circular manhole opening prevents a round manhole cover from falling through. Contrarily, a square cover could slide through the opening by fitting it diagonally. Furthermore, a circular cover can be put on and taken off without much precision or rotating.”
This response shows that your candidate can recognize when particular solutions are necessary and, ideally, apply those same problem-solving skills to her own role.

The best applicant will carefully consider the query and offer a considerate response, such as this one:

Sample Answer – “The circular manhole opening prevents a round manhole cover from falling through. Contrarily, a square cover could slide through the opening by fitting it diagonally. Furthermore, a circular cover can be put on and taken off without much precision or rotating.”
This response shows that your candidate can recognize when particular solutions are necessary and, ideally, apply those same problem-solving skills to her own role.”

14. “An elephant has been given to you. It cannot be sold or given away. What are your plans for the elephant?”

You can learn more about the reasoning abilities of your candidate by using this ConnectWise question. Obviously, there is no “correct” response to this amusing question, but you can use it to learn more about how your candidate thinks, prioritizes, and solves problems. It may also help the candidate relax and reveal a more genuine side of herself.

Sample Answer – “I would likely take care of an elephant if someone gave it to me if I couldn’t sell it or give it away, sell my car, and ride it to work. I can exercise the elephant in this way while also saving money.”

15. After the interview is over, you go outside and discover a lottery ticket that turns out to be worth $10 million. How would you respond?

This is an excellent question to use to determine your candidate’s true motivation for the position. You don’t want to hire someone who is only interested in the paycheck; you want a candidate who finds real fulfillment in the position. Employing a fully engaged performer is essential because businesses with engaged employees outperform those without by over 200%. You must hire a fully engaged performer if you want to outperform businesses whose employees are not.

Sample Answer – “I’d use the $10 million to support my family, travel, and charitable giving. I would still like to work for your business, though. I’ve always enjoyed working in marketing, and I believe that this business places a strong emphasis on creativity and storytelling to help brands communicate their messages. Therefore, even though I’d love to win $10 million, it wouldn’t alter my career objectives.”

In the end, you want a candidate who expresses her genuine interest in the position, regardless of her financial situation.

16. What two things would you want to have with you if you were shipwrecked on a deserted island but all of your basic human needs, like food and water, were met?

Companies like Yahoo, which ask candidates this question, encourage them to show their creativity and innovation. It also aids in establishing the priorities of your candidate. A candidate who mentions needing “a kindle with unlimited books, and my laptop,” for example, demonstrates different values than one who says he wants “music and a boat.”

There is no correct response, but you want a candidate who can prioritize and reason through complex situations. For instance, your candidate might state,

Sample Answer – “I want to bring a lighter, a laptop with wifi, and a wind generator to charge the batteries. I can use my laptop to complete my work and stay in touch with friends, and I can light a fire with the lighter at night to stay warm.”

17. What is the cost to clean every window in Seattle?

Even though it may seem strange to ask, this is a good question to ask if you want to assess how well your candidate can solve problems. You should pay close attention to how your candidate responds to questions for which she doesn’t have an immediate answer, especially if you’re hiring for a client-facing position.

You should observe how your candidate responds to inquiries for which she doesn’t have an immediate response.

Your candidate ought to say something along these lines: “Let’s assume that Seattle has 10,000 city blocks with 1,000 windows each. Ten million windows, then. I could make $50 million if I charged $5 for each window.”

The response itself is irrelevant. It’s crucial that your candidate can use logical problem-solving techniques and maintain composure when responding to difficult or unexpected questions.

18. “Build a blind person’s spice rack.”

The way your candidate responded to this arbitrary question reveals a lot about her decision-making process.

As an illustration, suppose your candidate says she wants to interview blind people first and conduct market research before choosing. You can infer from this that she values research and analytics.

As an alternative, perhaps your candidate promises to add braille labels to every shelf. This reveals that she is someone who relies on instinct to make snap decisions.

It just depends on the kind of person you need to fill the position and whether either response is correct.

19. How many pennies could possibly fit in this space?

For interviews with product analysts, Ipreo poses this query. An exercise like this one that tests one’s ability to use reason to resolve seemingly insurmountable problems is a good opportunity for candidates.

Your chosen candidate should say something along these lines: “I’d have to count how many pennies fit in each direction, including height, width, and depth. I would then just multiply those three figures.”

This solution demonstrates the ability to formulate solutions for more challenging problems using basic math. It’s also impressive if your candidate replies to your questions, though. Maybe she’d say, “Will there still be furniture in this room, or should we remove it? What is the room’s volume, too? Once I know that I can perform the calculations using the penny’s volume.”

Such inquiries demonstrate your candidate’s ability to think creatively and enjoy posing follow-up queries before offering a solution to a dilemma.

20. What goes through your mind when you are driving by yourself?

This question may be asked during an interview to gauge how thoughtful you are and whether you make plans for your personal or professional life. When asked what you think about most frequently, try to be honest. If you can recall one from a recent car ride, you could give it as an example.

Sample Answer – “In general, if it’s in the evening, I reflect on the good I’ve done that day, and if it’s in the morning, I consider how I can be my best that day. To avoid distractions while I’m driving, I also make an effort to be grateful and present.”

21. If you were the only person to survive a plane crash, what would you do?

This is a possible interview question to test your emotional maturity and compassion. Try to stay upbeat and mention what you hope to gain from the experience. Your response will show how independent and responsible you are.

Sample Answer – “I’d be glad to have flown solo that day, and I’d probably put in more flight training hours before I flew a plane again.”

22. What kind of parade would you lead through your workplace if you could?

You can answer this question by outlining your typical workspace and your preferred organizational style. This is also a good time to talk about your interests and planning style. Consider mentioning your desire to use the parade to strengthen relationships with your team members and clients if you’re applying for a remote position.

Sample Answer – “I’ve had jobs where I’ve had to work from home, so an office parade sounds amazing! All of my coworkers and clients would be welcome to visit my apartment while their pets accompanied them. What could be more enjoyable than meeting the people I talk to all day in person and getting to see their adorable furry friends?”

23. In Florida, how would you market hot cocoa?

The question is frequently asked during interviews for sales jobs, but it could also be asked during interviews for any position requiring negotiation skills. Recognize the difficulty and talk about the strategies you’d employ to overcome it. Even though you can give a serious response, think about adding humor to show that you understand the interviewer’s motives.

Sample Answer – “There is still a market for hot cocoa even though it is hot in Florida. Even though targeting customers during the winter would be the simplest way to increase sales, there are many other options. I might, for example, design hot cocoa packages that Floridians can purchase and jokingly send to friends in colder states.”

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funny interview questions

Additional Funny Interview Questions

24. How would you pass the time if you were stranded on an island by yourself and had everything you needed in terms of food, water, and shelter?

25. How many soccer balls are required to completely fill this space?

26. Imagine receiving an elephant from someone. It is prohibited from being sold or given away. How would you use it?

27. Are you a hunter or a gatherer at heart? Why?

28. Describe a time when you think you gave someone the ideal gift.

29. Which animal do you believe you most resemble? What makes you think that way?

30. Tell a blind person what pink looks like.

31. What would you say in your own eulogy, if you had the chance to write one?

32. What kind of company would you start if a benefactor gave you $75,000 to do so?

33. Which fictional character most closely resembles you? Why?

34. As if you were speaking to a five-year-old, describe this position.

35. Imagine receiving a sum of money sufficient to meet all of your needs for the rest of your life, but you could only keep it if you continued to work at any job. What kind of job would you have in that situation?

36. What shade is cash?

37. What do you think about when you’re alone in your car on the way to or from work?

38. What would the title of your autobiography be, if you had to decide today?

39. In Dallas, how many traffic lights are there?

40. Which vehicle type would you choose if you needed a ride and the cost of using a limo or a taxi was the same? Why?

41. Which would you clean first—your desk, room, or car—and why?

42. How weird do you think you are, on a scale of one to ten, and why?

43. What would your catchphrase be if you were a brand?

44. What cuisine would you choose if you could only eat it for the rest of your life, and why?

45. How would you market hot chocolate in Florida during the summer?

46. Which three songs, in your opinion, best capture your work ethic?

47. What would you do if you went to the break room and found a live penguin in the freezer?

48. Assume you are the company’s CEO. What would you do first when you woke up?

49. What grade would you assign yourself if you had to evaluate your life as if it were a college course?

50. Which would you prefer—being the best performer on your team, but everyone would hate you, or being an average performer, but everyone would like you?

51. How would you decide which emails to respond to if you had time to only answer 100 of the 5,000 emails you had not yet read?

52. In the space, how many pennies could fit?

53. If you were from Mars, how would you contact me?

54. At this very moment, a chicken wearing a top hat enters the room. Why is he here, and what does he say?

55. Which sports team is your favorite, and why?

56. What do you put in your suitcase before a trip?

57. Do you prefer dogs or cats?

58. What is currently in your refrigerator?

59. In a film version of your life, which actor would play you?

60. What would your biography be called?

61. What is one untrue thing that your former bosses would say about you if I spoke to them?

62. Describe the strangest thing that has ever happened to you.

63. If you were trapped in a blender the size of an eraser, how would you escape?

64. What would you like to eat on your deathbed?

65. Why, and which superhero, do you aspire to be?

66. In the United States, how many smartphones are there?

67. What is your funniest joke?

68. How would you rate my interviewing skills?

69. How would you transport Mount Everest?

70. Which musician would you choose to perform with, and why?

71. In this building, how many computers are there?

72. Cite five unusual applications for books.

73. Who are the three well-known figures you would invite to a dinner party?

In conclusion, while funny interview questions might seem like a lighthearted way to break the ice, it’s essential to remember the purpose of the interview and keep it professional. A well-crafted question can give insight into a candidate’s personality, problem-solving skills, and ability to think on their feet. So, next time you’re conducting an interview, don’t be afraid to throw in a curveball question, but remember to balance humor with professionalism.

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