Want to generate more leads for the interior design business? Well, generating leads can be one of the biggest struggles for interior designers. To tell the truth, the first step in the sales process is generating leads. Whether it’s traffic to your website, making it a lead client, or becoming more popular in your area. There are a number of things to consider when trying to grow your business. With so many options out there, Founder activity would love to share this article with the most effective strategies generating leads for interior design business.

Generating Leads for Interior Design Business | Ultimate Guide 2023
7 Ways of generating leads for interior design business

1. Generate leads with Word of mouth

In an interior design business, internal design referrals can be the blood of the business. Referrals can happen organically, but there is much you can do to make sure that they occur on a regular and probable basis. So, in order to drive interior design referrals, firstly you can use your regular clients.

First of all, as you are already working with the client and they are appreciating your talents, just ask them. Let your clients know you are happy to work with them. And then ask them to let their family, friends, or colleagues know about you, by appreciating your interior design with them. For example, you can check out the draft email below:

Like any marketing effort to generate leads, the main thing is that it’s all about the client, not you. Let them know how great it is to work with them and tell them how much you love several other clients like them.

Further, you can widen the effort you put to generate more leads by creating a referral system to guide your past and present clients. Most of the clients, do not want a gift, but when it is a bottle of wine, a voucher for a great local restaurant, or an invitation to a party you are hosting, it is a great way to say ‘thank you’ to them. Moreover, You can give vouchers for your services and motivate the client to come back, they can also be gifted so they can be stimulated as an easy referral tool.

However, the key to drive referrals through word of mouth is to keep asking. But it must not in an unnecessary and desperate way. Once the project is complete, make sure they enjoy the space you create with your client from time to time. Repeat that you love working with them. Christmas cards, small gifts, and reminders of new products help.

2. Generating leads for Interior design business with Facebook

For interior designers, Facebook advertising is a medium that is largely unused to drive new clients. However, Facebook is a giant social media platform that has the most useful marketing tools for interior designers. If you spend time to generate leads through this social media platform, it will be successful if you use the correct strategy. Here are the simple steps you can follow.

Step 1 – Develop a Facebook marketing strategy

The first step in any marketing program is to develop a plan and budget. Ask yourself why you want to market your interior design services. Are you trying to increase your customer base or retain loyal customers? Are you promoting a request?

Facebook will help you customize an advertising campaign that is relevant to your current marketing goals. With customizable pricing and easy-to-find stats for your business page, you can get a small start and learn what types of promotions are best for you.

Step 2 -Upgrade your existing interior design company Facebook page

Before you can take advantage of your fast-growing Facebook marketing strategy, you need to set up a business page for your internal designing company. So, make your page as attractive as possible, before launching your paid advertising campaign.

Generating Leads for Interior Design Business | Ultimate Guide 2021

Upload high-quality pictures of your interior design works and find interesting content that will attract your target audience. Also, think about what makes your design permanent, and be prepared to highlight your special skill set. Once you start promoting your business, you will want to provide enough content for potential customers to click on and explore as they get to know you.

Step 3 -Understand your target audience

To get the most out of your Facebook marketing strategy, you need to understand your target audience. Is there an average age range for your customers? Are they a young couple buying their first home? Demographics are important for targeted advertising, Facebook marketing, and ensure your ads are viewed by the right people.

Any input you can give when setting up a payment promotion will help ensure that the process has a positive return.

Step 4 -Know when to promote

Time is an important part of your Facebook marketing strategy. So, Aim to promote your ads while your target audience is online to watch them. Seasonality also affects your interior design business. In fact, Facebook’s “Insights” will monitor user activity and shows when your followers are online.

Step 5 -Post promotion analysis

One of the advantages of Facebook marketing is that it allows you to start a small business and build your ads. If your first attempt does not generate the interest or pages you are looking for, try different types of photos or posts. Evaluate your statistics after each ad campaign and compare the results.

Step 6 -Engage your audience

In addition to paid advertising, you can use Facebook to market your interior design business by engaging your audience. People who already “like” your page are interested in learning more about you. So tell them what you need to do. You can blog about new trends, post before and after photos of recent work, offer free decorating tips, and more. Any way you can engage your audience and encourage feedback will help you expand your reach with potential customers.

As an interior designer, you want to create something new and beautiful in your home. Sharing this passion with your Facebook marketing strategy will help you find new contacts for prospective customers and fans. With growing customers, you will also have the ability to grow your profit margin for your interior design business.

3. High target potential clients with Instagram

Instagram is a current social media platform that fits in well with the interior design industry. It can be an incredibly powerful tool to increase awareness of your interior design business and showcase your style to prospective clients around the world. So, let’s see the simple steps to generate leads to your interior business with Instagram.

Set up the profile right

If you have an idea to use for your Instagram business, make sure your username matches your business name and another branding. It is better to add “interior designer” to the end of your name field, in your profile. Because it will help people to find you if they search that key term. Do not leave the URL field empty. Rather, use it to direct people to where you need to go, your email list, your latest project, or your blog is better than empty space.

Generating Leads for Interior Design Business | Ultimate Guide 2021

The Bio section is the tiny space to tell the people what you are really about. People love knowing about other people. Especially when it comes to the design field. But, clearly make sure to keep it professional. Always try to give something about your business, brand and do not try to inform other people about your other things, instead of marketing your business.

Include business in all your posts

If you’re lazy to make a design post after a post, go ahead and post a photo of something that inspires you and tell the people why.

Create impressive content

Create content that is relevant to your resort that attracts your ideal audience. Any form of content marketing is about getting to know your audience and creating the right kind of content that will attract them to your offer. Instagram is not vary.

Generating Leads for Interior Design Business | Ultimate Guide 2021

One of the top Instagram tips for interior designers is to create only informative or inspiring content. Remember that Instagram is a free opportunity to showcase your talents, achievements, and gifts.

If you want to sell creative services through social media platforms be sure to say this in your headlines. Plus, you want to show off your images as much as you can. This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and become an expert in your field.

Use correct Hashtags

Using the correct hashtags increases your visibility on the platform. So, Make sure the hashtags you use are relevant and functional. Depending on the type of account, the hashtag strategy changes. Misusing hashtags can make Instagram disappear in your hashtags, so explore your hashtag strategy carefully.

Generating Leads for Interior Design Business | Ultimate Guide 2021

Here are some popular Instagram #INTERIORDESIGN hashtags.

#interiordesign #design #interior #homedecor #architecture #home #decor #interiors #homedesign #art #interiordesigner #furniture #decoration #luxury #designer #interiorstyling #interiordecor #homesweethome #handmade #inspiration #furnituredesign #livingroom #interiordecorating #style #instagood #kitchendesign #realestate #vintage #architect #bhfyp 
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#homedesign #scandinavianstyle #scandinavianhome #wohnzimmer #kleinerfeinerfeed #myhyggehome #homeinspo #scandinaviandesignmonochrome #interiors #design

Welcome your new followers

Welcome your new followers by sending a DM to your new followers. Tell them about your business and ask them about their home. You can start to build a relationship with them, by thanking them for following you on Instagram. Then you can provide the link to our website, where they can find more and more about you.

Engage with the right accounts

Take some time each day to like or comment on other accounts. But, do not pray on Instagram. Especially, if they take time to comment. The more you give, the more you will find that you give.

Tag people and places and things

Tag people and location in your posts, is an easy way to attract new followers.

Generating Leads for Interior Design Business | Ultimate Guide 2021

Choose the right people to help you

Sometimes, you may need some help to grow your Instagram profile. You could spend your life searching for more and more Instagram tips. But, there are a large number of social media managers to choose from who truly understand your industry and find the key to your success. Engage and collaborate with people who can build your business, not just in growing your followers.

Performing all these tactics on Instagram seems like a lot of work. But, make it actionable however and you will able to generate more leads for your interior design business through it.

4. Build your brand with blogging

In this digital era, running a business without an online presence is humorous. When it comes to the interior design business, the necessity of blogging is extensive. In fact, businesses that build their brand with blogging, have 67% lead generating than businesses that don’t. Having a blog will become a client generating machine.

It gives you a chance to really showcase your skills and make sure you use illustrations in your own projects to stand out. But be sure not to ‘sell’ your blog posts, it will turn off your readers. Instead, use it to build your blog as an industry authority, whether it’s the broader interior design industry, or if you are at a lower level, you can focus on becoming a special place in specific rooms or design patterns.

Blogging is also a good way to make new connections including other designers, brands, bloggers who can provide a valuable resource for new clients in the future. Actually, Many businesses make the mistake of blindly writing articles. The reality is, with a little extra preparation, your competitors who do it can be thrown out of the competition. So, consider blogging in order to build your blog for your interior design business and build your brand through it. Here’s how;

5. Generate more leads with SEO

Actually, SEO can provide new guidelines for automated pilots for your business and can easily drive 10, 50, 100, 1000+ new leads every month. Search engine optimization for interior design business can be challenging. Designers often have limited time to work around the clock in internet marketing, clock planning, meeting clients, and overseeing contractors. Even so, having local SEO is essential to make sure that clients can find you first.

WordPress is one of the best platforms for SEO to build your site. Additionally, Squarespace and Wix are also great website building tools. As your first step in SEO, do keyword research. This is the basis of everything you do and it shows specific search terms aimed at bringing more traffic to your site. Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest, Moz, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, Soovle, Jaaxy are some of the keyword tools that will help you to keyword research.

After you have chosen your targeted keywords, now you can put them to work. Incorporating your keywords into the core places on a given page will increase your chances of being ranked for that keyword. If you include your keywords in the following places, you will be easy to rank for them.

  • Page title
  • Internal links
  • Meta description
  • Headings
  • Body copy

Once you consider including your keyword to rank, you can consider building some links. In fact, links are one of the most important things that need to rank in Google.

Additionally, local SEO is also another tactic that especially used by interior designers. It also helps to rank in Google for locational element searches such as “interior designers in London”, “interior designers near me”.

Remember, SEO is not a quick fix. It takes time to really see the benefit of it. So, keep patience and try to generate more leads with SEO.

6. Campaign with E-mail

Creating an email list can be the biggest investment you can make to generate more leads.
Many designers think it’s not worth it, but the reality is that it can be a source of repetitive, high-quality clients who already love your work even before you work with them. This is how to start your marketing campaign with email.

Set clear goals

The first step of any marketing campaign to generate leads is setting clear goals. Email is not like SEO and websites, it is a quick touch type of engagement that performs best. Your primary goal may be for users to read a blog post, sign up for a demonstration, complete a lead generator form, or any other action. Around 15-20 seconds, you should explain your request as much as possible and go to the next step.

Write a powerful headline

Once you have designed your campaign goals, it is time to focus on the single most important part of an email- the headline. This is where most people fail to put in enough effort and time. They don’t care about the headline and then go through an uncompelling copy. You can create an engaging headline with;

  • Use question words:
    eg; why, what, how, when
  • Use trigger words:
    eg; easy, free, powerful, exclusive, in the case above, well thought out explosives
  • If applicable, use numbers
  • Use wording and language specific to the reader

Just try to make your reader much more likely to continue reading more.

Write engaging preview text

After you have written your powerful headline, the next step is to write the preview text. Similar to the title, we use the preview text to encourage the user to open the email. Here, it is better to summarize the information. Additionally, you can use preview text to arouse curiosity or make a friendly introduction without recognizing exactly what is still inside.

Create a clear call to action

In every email, you should have a clear and concise “call to action” about what to do in the next step. Having an obvious and definite Call to Action can greatly improve your email click rates. Use different colors to that Call to action button, and make sure to clearly visible.

Use creative images or try GIFs

With impressive images and GIFs, you can create engaging emails that are not only for readers, but are visually impressive as well. Here, make sure to use high-quality images. Once you use your creativity, you may able to get an idea about how far a little creativity can go with email images and GIFs.

So, as you can see, using email to generate leads not need to be a huge investment of your time and money. You can use pop-Ups, Landing pages, Content Upgrades for this.

7. Create profiles in online directories

Other valuable sources for generating leads for interior design business are online directories. In fact, Online directories are the places where people can find information about local interior design companies. Here are some of directories:

  • Angie’s List
    This is a site for local businesses. Primarily, if someone needs a plumber, they can access other websites as they have not yet started using local lists.
  • HomeAdvisor
    This is the biggest competitor of Angie’s list. They specialize in home service reviews.
  • Yelp
    Yelp is the original site that focused on customer reviews.
  • Bing Places
    This website is a convenient service that lets you add your company’s name, address, house of operation, and phone number to Microsoft’s Bing search engine.
  • Manta
    This is an online directory service that is grown surprisingly. In fact, this offers marketing packages. As a result, you can claim your business listing and promote your brand anywhere.

In fact, on these sites, users can view information about your business, read reviews, and contact you. Additionally, fill out your profiles completely, write a description of your business that includes keywords, and add photos. Further, you can generate leads directly through these sites or through links to your website.

In conclusion, performing all of these tactics may seem like a lot of work. Hence, it is better to focus one time to see the best results. These strategies will be efficient and great methods to lead generation. So, try these and experience the vast changes happening with your leads.

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