Are you tired of repeatedly asking your parents for money? Want to make money by yourself? Many people seem to need money for various expenses during their teens. Plus, teenagers these days are brilliant. However, most part-time jobs will either recruit applicants over the age of 18 or not recruit young people, making it difficult to make quick money.

However, there are still ways young people can make money. With proper planning, you can make 1000 dollars at 15 years old. So, founderactivity would love to share this article in order to help you, make money.

How to Make 1000 Dollars at 15 Years Old

Here, we left off the usual teen job situations, like fast-food restaurants, big-box retailers, and grocery stores. Pick the one which will work best for you.

  1. Taking online surveys
  2. Start your own blog
  3. Tutoring
  4. Become a language tutor
  5. Buying and selling stuff
  6. Pet sitting
  7. Dog walking
  8. Garage sale prepper
  9. Session musician
  10. Camp counselor
  11. Get paid to write blogs

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Moving onto what we have prepared for you today, here are a bunch of side hustles that can help make a 1000 dollars at 15 years old.

#1. Taking online surveys

Have you ever tried to make money with an online survey, as a teen? If not, this is the time to try and take your chance. These days online surveys are the biggest and most reliable platform where you can make money fast. Paid surveys for teens are not only a good way to make extra money, but also about products that businesses create and sell. Online paid surveys for teens are a great way for kids to make easy money if you do it right.

Various websites and apps pay you to fill out a survey and submit your opinion. The amount they pay you varies from $1 to $5. With your patience, you can make $1000 with them. They will give you points that can be redeemed with a cash or gift voucher. In addition, some websites give you Amazon or Flipkart gift vouchers. Different companies want to know what people think of their product and get feedback or suggestions so they can thrive in areas where they are not. That’s why companies pay for you for just filling up surveys.

The first thing you should consider is the age limit. Becuase, there are different age requirements for different paid surveys for teens. Below the sites with paid surveys for 15 olds.

Site Name Rewards
Toluna Influencers PayPal and Gift Cards for Amazon, iTunes, Sephora and more
MySoapBox Gift Cards for Target, Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, iTunes, and more
Branded surveys Cash, PayPal, Gift Cards for Amazon, clothing stores, and more
Swagbucks PayPal, Pre Paid Visas and Gift Cards for Amazon, Walmart, and more
SurveyClub Amazon, Target, and Walmart gift cards and more
Toluna Influencers Gift Cards and PayPal

Make sure to complete your profiles fully and accurately. It gives them the best chance of getting the most suitable survey jobs for teenagers and not qualifying for certain online surveys that are unsuitable or for teenagers. If you don’t complete your profile entirely, you may be missing out on teen online survey opportunities.

#2. Tutoring

Becoming a tutor is one of the fastest and profitable ways to make money. If you have a strong grasp of a subject or more, you can charge as little as $3 an hour to teach children. To be an online tutor, you need to have good communication skills and be patient. One thing you need to know about online tutoring companies is that they have certain needs. However, when it comes to online teaching jobs for teens, they usually depend on the proficiency you show in the area.

There are so many sites that offer online tutor jobs for teens including, Tutor Care, Get Study Room, Tutapoint, Kaplan,, and Student-Tutor.

#3. Proofreading

How to Make 1000 Dollars at 15 Years Old

Are you a writer or someone who is passionate about writing and pays a lot of attention to grammatical errors? Proofreading is a major element in the writing process. Proofreaders have only one goal, to make sure that a given piece of text is 100% correct in grammar and vocabulary. This is the best job if you believe you have the skills to test and correct someone else’s writing.

In fact, there is a number of websites that are looking for specialized writing professionals to help their clients to write. Some of them pay well. However, The amount of money you earn from this profession depends on your skill level. Some job documents cost around $50 an hour to read and edit. Scribendi, Prompt, Scribbr, Proofreading, Cactus global, are some of the websites that offer proofreading jobs.

#4. Pet sitting

Pet sitting is often considered one of the best starting jobs for teenagers. Because it is relatively easy and safe. The main tasks of a pet sitter are to feed the pet and change the water when the pet owner is away. When the pet is a dog, you may have to do tasks including walking outside for exercise. A number of factors such as the number of pets and extra care, affect its payment.

But, before you start you must love pets. Because, pet sitting is not a hustle for someone, that hates animals. Pets are so similar to children. They want love, attention, and have more needs same as people. As well, it is important to ready for anything. As a teenager, you have to be on time for your pet sitting and do all the duties that are required of you. Websites like,, and make opportunities to find pet sitters for pet owners.

#5. Babysitting

Babysitting is a popular part-time job for teenagers. Making money as a baby is often overlooked, but it can be a perfect job to make money. Generally, it is a well-paid work that is flexible enough to fit in around your school schedule. And not only that, babysitting will provide a great experience to put on your CV, showing that you are a reliable and responsible worker who can trust well. Becoming a babysitter at your 15 will potentially help you to make good contact with working people.

Babysitting usually pays well and there are always ways to improve your game to earn more money. Paying for babysitting can be a bit of a gray area, as it really depends on your postal code, your experience and the responsibilities associated with it. In order to earn more money with babysitting, you can offer to stay overnight or for the weekend, be flexible with your availability, work in breaks, tutor the children while babysitting, and do many more things.

#6. House sitting

How to Make 1000 Dollars at 15 Years Old

House sitting includes watering the plants, cleaning, general maintenance, caring for pets, and much more. Here, you have to take a lot of responsibility. But the salary is $20-$30 a day or $50 a day if you stay overnight. Anyway, house sitting is not allowed to leave the house and go somewhere else.

#7. Make and sell crafts on Etsy

If you are crafty, you can use Etsy to make and sell them in order to earn money. It is an online market place and sometimes it is called eBay for handmade goods. As a teenager, you may good at crafts and you can earn money by doing your hobby. As a beginner, first of all, you need to think about what you are best at or what you enjoy making. And consider can you earn money by selling them. Once you got an idea of what you sell, set up your shop on Etsy.

#8. Become an event photographer

Can you imagine a party without a photographer? No way. Nowadays. the party doesn’t start till the event photographer comes. Whether it is a family event, Friday night at the club, birthday parties, or anything else, there is likely to be someone in charge of capturing the event with a camera. Becoming an event photographer might be harder than you think.

So, the idea of being an event photographer will be improved with the following video of Bliss bean.

#9. Start your blog

If you have knowledge on a topic or have a hobby that you think you can write about, I recommend you to start a blog. You can turn your passion with your blog into an online business. You don’t need any money to set up a blog.

If you are worrying that no one will take teens seriously and you have to act like an adult, just forget it. In fact, young people have the opportunities that no one else has. So, don’t miss the amazing opportunity as a teenage and take it as your secret weapon.

There is no way you can create a successful blog, without planning. So, first, choose a strategy. First of all, you must have a complete vision of your future blog in your mind. In fact, you can get an idea by analyzing your future audience preference. As well, think about your writing style and take a definite angle.

With all, you can start your own blog and make money with it. But remember, perseverance is everything. The stories of successful teenage bloggers are amazing, but at the beginning of their journey, none of them had a significant income. Sometimes, it will take you a year or more to grow your blog. For instance, Eva Baker, the founder of the Teen Got Cents is a pretty impressive blog which is started in her 16.

#10. Sell unnecessary stuff

Here, you just have to think about your house around and find stuff lying around it that we don’t use. Here is some stuff that you can sell online.

  1. Video games and Consoles:
    From childhood to adulthood, video games play an impressive role. They remind adults of their childhood. Because of the emotional bond, people and gamblers are willing to pay big dollars to get them.
  2. Toys and action figures:
    Like movies and sports, people love toys because they have an emotional connection with them. That’s why they’re a good item to roll over. A toy or an active figure increases when production stops. Bidding fights can intensify on eBay. For example, this unopened 1983 Star Wars image costs more than $ 800.
  3. Books and box sets:
    Like sports fans, book readers also own various editions of their favorite books.
  4. Gift cards:
    At some moment, we all have gift cards that we want or do not use. Fortunately, you can sell many gift cards and convert plastic money into real money.
  5. Old or vintage electronics:
    Almost all of us have old electronics such as cameras, cell phones, televisions, and iPods. You will be surprised to know that people are willing to pay a lot of money for them.
  6. Recyclable materials:
    Recycling is not only eco-friendly but it is also great for your wallet! The recyclable list of bottles, cans, bags, newspapers is growing.
  7. Gold jewelry:
    The value of gold fluctuates, but you can expect to earn around $600 an ounce or more, which means you are sitting on an extra treasure!

Starting to sell your stuff and earn money through it seems a good idea.

#11. Get paid to write blogs

How to Make 1,000 Dollars 15 Years Old Get paid to write blogs   how to make money online e-money

Over the past years, the number of income bloggers makes from blogging grow steadily. Freelance writing is a real and viable career that goes with blogs. There are no hard and fast rules in freelancing. So, if you are good at summarizing articles, descriptive work, content work, essay writing, or any other type of writing you can consider being a freelance writer.

Freelance writing is not necessarily for launching a new magazine, whether online or print. It is possible to submit original ideas in writing and contribute to such a statement. Starting with freelance writing, teens can focus on a business blog, a business newsletter, or Facebook or Twitter. Being teenager, you often have to look for new ways to step in the door. As long as you have valuable thoughts on a subject, you will always find an audience that you like.

In conclusion, we have come to the end of this article providing you with the best ways to make $1000 by 15 years old. Money making options really open up for high school student or freshmen at 15. Because of legal hurdles, 15-years-olds still can’t do a full-time job. But, you can find free time and make extra money with one of these ideas or some of these. So, don’t take your young age as a shame. Turn it into a secret weapon of your success.

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