Are you wondering how to make money as a teen while staying at home? With the cost of living in today’s society on the rise, many people are trying to get out of the house and into the real world. In order to do this, many are seeking work. Anyway if you are a teenager who is looking for ways to earn money as a teen, “” is offering you with this detailed article how to make money from home as a teenager.

There are thousands of ways to make money as a teen. You can start work from home jobs for teens. And also there are works for teenagers to work after school or in free time. Not only that, but teens can also work at weekends and there are lots of online jobs for teens. There are tons of ideas to make money as a teenager. Followings are some of the easy ways to make money for teens.

01. Resell items on Amazon

If you are a teenager with having a good eye for spotting deals, this is the best way for you to make money and it is one of the jobs online for teens. And also you can instantly upturn for a profit.

However, you might be scouting Facebook, Walmart and Craigslist for items. Therefore, there is a huge demand for reselling items on Amazon.

02. Earn money with Swagbucks

Swagbucks also is known as SB. It is for playing games using their search engines, referring friends, surveys, shopping for cashback and watching videos. And also Swagbucks is capable of being exchanged for gift cards.

Not only that, but it might also be sent out as cash to a Paypal account. However, Swagbucks is applicable to anyone. Therefore, teens aged 13 and above can use it for making money.

Anyway if you are a teenager who is willing to earn money through the Swagbucks, at first you have to sign up for it. And also it is one of the methods that teach you how to make money as a teenager.

03. Taking surveys for money

As a teenager, this is one of the ways for teens to make money. So as that there are many scams that draw you linking with these prospects. And also make sure to opt-out the high paying ones.

By the way of example, Survey Junkey is one of the sites that have been tested. As the Swagbucks, we mentioned above, before you get started you have to sign up.

04. Rent out your car when it is not in use

If you are a teenager who owns a car and you are not always using it. Therefore, there is the best opportunity for you to how to earn money as a teen by renting your car.

You can earn money without doing anything. And also you can use websites and apps to start your rent out. For example, Turo and Sixt are the best websites to look up before starting.

05. Selling stock photos

If you have good skills in photography you can make money from being a photographer. however, stock photos and visuals usually have the demand in the market.

Therefore, as a photographer, you can take some interesting photos and you can use the already taken photos. And also you can sell your stock photos on, platforms like iStock123RFDreamstime, etc

06. Listing out your wardrobe

If you have old or unused clothes in your wardrobe you can sell them for those who willing to have some old brands. Because some of the people are fond of some brands and some variety of fashions. So you can use ThredUp, the fashion heaven for those who love to buy cheap or sell.

07. User-testing websites

If you are searching for how to make money online as a teen, this is one of the income modes for teenagers. Therefore you can earn money from surfing websites. This can range from testing usability. And also you do not need to have to be an expert in web developing or specialists in related tasks.

Therefore, they are some brands that looking for people like teenagers to have a different kind of opinions. Some of the most popular sites are, Testbirds, etc.

08. Earn money as a proofreader

Proofreading also one of the best income modes that you can make money as a teenager. You might be a person who is specialized in opt-out grammatical errors. Therefore, this will be the most applicable way for you to earn money.

You might get paid as a proofreader by proofreading on the blog posts, letters, articles and also the emails also. as a beginner, you can search on the Textmaster, Upwork, Amazon Mturk for proofreading jobs.

09. Getting paid to shop with Ibotta

Ibotta is a kind of app that you can use to earn some money. And also it is a 100% free cashback app. Not only that, but it also pays you back for each purchase made from the retailers.

By the way of example, if you plan to go shopping, take a look at the app, check out the rewards for specific products and go out and get your cashback. And also new users are allowed to earn $10 the moment you sign up.

Your rewards can be turned out in the form of gift cards, Venmo, and PayPal.

10. Becoming a mystery shopper

Mystery shopping is one of the ways that you can use to earn a side income apart from just flowing your life. That means you have to go through the guise of a regular shopper.

And also mystery shopping consists of customer service, cleanliness of the elements that you are keeping eye on. Market Force and Confero are the companies that use this service.

11. Online freelancing through Fiverr and Upwork

You might be a web developer or a graphic designer. Therefore, you can start an online freelancing works. And also you can work from home. You can get your money from PayPal.

So if you have the skill you can each one thing you can do in these platforms. You can reach more and more to the clients if you build up a state for you.

12. Selling your designs

You can earn a side income by selling your designs. You might be a talent in designing. And also you have an interest in designing t-shirts, totes, drink mugs, hoodies. Therefore, this might be a lucrative business idea for you.

Not only that you can create logos, fonts, templates also. However, you can sell your designs at CafePress or Creative Market.

13. Review songs

You will be fonder of music. Then this is another type of earning money. Therefore, you can give your feedback on the lyrics you are listening to. The platforms like MusicXRay allows you to listen to songs and earn money by delivering the feedback.

14. Teaching computer language to the adults

You might be always helping your mother or father to access a file on the laptop. And also you help the old grandparent to shop online. Then you can turn it into an income mode.

Most of the people over the age of 60 are struggling to cope with modern technology. Therefore, you can seek the local senior citizen centres whether it offers to teach the elders about technology.

15. Creating YouTube videos

This is the most trending way of earning money nowadays. You can create eye-catching videos on YouTube. You need to have skills in proper organization and planning.

However, the views can be turned in to cash through Google AdSense. Not only that, but you also can earn from the subscribers.

16. Offering pet sitting services

If you are fonder of adorable furballs you can get paid for spending time with them. There is even one pet from the three households in the US. And they are spending $1,270 for keeping pets.

Therefore, this is a lucrative business idea for you as a teenager. However, you can gather clients from your neighbourhood by asking them or using flyers. Not only that, but you can also build your audience online.

17. Become a personal assistant

Most of the adults get busy at all the time in their schedules. Because of that busy lifestyle, they make a mess around everything at once. That is why they need additional support from someone.

Then you can help them and earn money. So as that you can perform things such as helping them by shopping, reminding meetings, helping out with errands.

18. Creating Tumblr themes

Tumblr is one of the most popular social media sites. If you are interested in it, you can design Tumblr blog themes and earn money.

19. Becoming an amateur referee

Each sports game needs a referee to oversee it all. If you are a teenager who has knowledge of the sports you can earn money from being a referee. you can seek sports communities within your neighbourhood whether they are in need of such services.

20. Investing in the stock market

Investing as a teenager is an entirely applicable and most profitable method to start. And also it gives you the experience to start earning an actual paycheck and making large investments. This is one of the best online jobs for teens.

21. Become a baby sitter

you need to have some licenses to become a baby sitter. And also you have to practice well. So as that you can search on or Sittercity platforms to get to know about more clients.

Both of these are all you need through extensive background checks, but once that is done and dusted off, you can make a pretty big income from looking after babies.

22. Selling old gadgets

You might have a stock of old gadgets, DVDs and electronic items. There are some people who love to have old classical movie DVDs, console games and tech gadgets. Therefore, you can sell them and earn some money.

Decluttr is one of the platforms that allow you to sell your old tech gadgets.

23. Selling in-game items

As a teenager, you know that there is a huge demand for video games in the modern world. Playing video games might be a hobby of yours. Therefore, you can sell some digital items.

This consists of anything related to the games such as clothes, accessories, home items, etc.

24. Teaching fellow gamers

If you are a teenager who is with good knowledge of gaming, you can turn it as your income mode. There might be thousands of kids who are willing to learn about the games.

Therefore, you can start a small business by teaching them about gaming. Gamer Sensei is the most popular platform that connects professionals with who interested in games.

25. Start flipping sneakers

There are so many people flipping houses. You might have heard such kind of thing. And you also can be one of them. Not only that, but it is also the most unique way to make money fastly. However, if you know the tricks behind it, it is better to pay off.

26. Working as a camp counsellor

You might have a lot of experiences of camps in your lifetime. Then you can be a camp counsellor and make money. And also it is the most applicable job opportunity for you if you have the leading skills.

27. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the methods you can make money as a teenager. You will be a teenager who has the skills of writing and compiled with a master of words.

Therefore, you can write blog articles, media articles, etc. And also freelance writing is a good way to improve your skills. It will be profitable for you in the future.

28. Organizing bake sales

You can start this by selling cupcakes, mini cake pops, cookies, and such things in high school game tournaments or in carnivals. And also you can ask for the help of your friends.

Then you can organize it in your own town or home area. Furthermore, you can earn money by starting your own bake sale.

29. Online customer services

Most of the companies nowadays are seeking for teenagers to work from home through customer service. U-Haul is one of them. It hires a lot of staff members from teenagers. However, you have to do taking calls, monitoring your customers’ experiences, answering questions, etc.

30. Managing social media accounts for businesses

It sounds more interesting for you. Because teenagers are natural at everything in social media. There might be thousands of social media business accounts.

Search in your area for some small local businesses like pet shops, coworking spaces, cafeterias, whether they need someone to manage social media accounts. And also this is one of the online jobs for teenagers that pay money.

31. Online tutoring

As a teenager, you can start an online tutoring job from your home. You can select the subject you can perform best as a teacher. And also you can do your classes in a certain number of hours.

Most of the parents are looking for online tutors for their children. Therefore, you have a valuable opportunity for teaching and earn some money.

As a teenager, you will be aware of the opportunities that are available for you to make money. You just need to know where to look and how to make the most of it.

When you find a job that you want to work from home, you should know that you will be responsible for that job. You should work when you want to work and not have to wait until someone else has a job to pay the bills.

Anyway, you won’t be tedious while selecting a job to do as a teenager with this ultimate guide of how to make money from home as a teenager. Therefore, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and linked in.

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