Starting a small business is a massive agreement that requires determination, motivation, and courage. When it comes to teenagers, they have great ideas and they are highly motivated. But, they don’t know how to start their own business. In fact, the jewelry business is a business idea that comes with their high creativity skill. So, founderactivity loves to share how to start a jewelry business as a teenager.

So, are you a teenager who is looking for starting a jewelry business? Teenage artists who want to sell their work, have some unique advantages. Not only that, a teenager has lots of ways to find profitable market niches. So, let’s take into the point, steps to how to start a jewelry business as a teenager.

How to Start a Jewelry Business As a Teenager jewelry shop jewelry sale

Steps to start a Jewelry business

1. Define your line

The very first step you have to follow when you start your business is defining the business line. Simply it means, you need to get clear about what exactly your jewelry business is. The easiest way to go to this step is the business plan.

Though you are a teenager, you need to set up your business correctly with a business plan. Just stat with a simple business plan. Most probable, you might need a parent, guardian, or relative assist to this step.
Just think as,

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • How will you do it?
  • Are you selling trend pieces or fine jewelry?
  • How will you price your products?
  • Who is your target audience?

So, simply just answer these questions yourself and make your business plan easily with the help of someone.

2. Identifying your customers

How to Start a Jewelry Business As a Teenager Identifying your customers   jewelry shop jewelry sale

Before you start your business, you have to identify your customers. It is better to determine your customers and research how to engage with them. As a teenager, you can start to speak with friends and family in order to determine what types of jewelry your audience is looking for. Not only that, you can do a poll on social media to understand your potential customers’ needs.

After you identified their needs, you can make jewelry your customers want to buy.

3. Design your jewelry

After you identified the favorites of your potential customers, you can design your jewelry. But, make sure to price your jewelry as you can make a profit from them.

When you price your jewelry, start by determining how much it costs you to produce. Add the price of each piece of jewelry.

As a teenage jewelry seller, most of your customers will be also teenagers. So, it is better to find the jewelry that is very profitable to you as well as sell fast among teenagers.

4. Keep learning

As a teenager, you might have lots of things to learn, about jewelry making. First, start with what you know and then learn every day about them. When learning day by day, you can develop your skills and artistry. By trying new techniques, you may able to make unique style jewelry.

You can learn from jewelry tutorials on search engines as well as you can refer to books and magazines on jewelry making.

In fact, it is better to get in touch with the new trends, because all love to move with trends. So, learn to make jewelry with new trends.

5. Make your own identity

Though you are a teenager, you are going to start a small business. So, try to make your identity from the startup. Making a unique style to you and building an effective brand will help you to increase your sales. In fact, the brand is your mission, vision, and voice.

Are you making jewelry with a minimalist geometric look, or using recycled materials, or another fashion-forward style, or anything you prefer. A consistent and unique brand can help bring in new business. And not only that, it can repeat your customer base.

If you don’t have a strong vision at first to make your brand at the beginning, you can figure it with the time.

6. Start marketing as soon as possible

When the time flows, focus your attention on marketing your business. If you can have a website presence as soon as possible, it will be a good fact to the flow of your business. It doesn’t matter how old are you. If you can have a web presence, just do it as soon as possible.

Creating a logo for your business, printing your own business cards, and updating your business are some ways to expand your business and people can find you with them easily.

Market Niches

As mentioned earlier a teenage jeweler has lots of ways to find profitable market niches. So, the followings are the most profitable market niches a teenager can sell jewels.

Selling jewelry to other teenagers

How to Start a Jewelry Business As a Teenager Selling jewelry to other teenagers  jewelry shop jewelry sale

Just think if you wear different types of jewelry to school, all of your friends will ask you about them. Then you introduce you as a jewelry artist to them, you will get a lot of custom orders too.

When considering the high school crowd, bracelets are the most popular among them. Though they take fewer beads and other materials than necklaces. Bracelets can be made fast and you can earn more money from it.

Not only that, but hemp chokers with beads are also popular among them. A pendant strung on a leather or rubber cord can be a fast and profitable seller. It is very cool, easy to make as well as it does not require too expensive supplies.

Further, there is a huge market for young men’s jewelry also. Dude necklaces, dude bracelets made with wood, shell, or glass beads on rubber or leather are popular among guys.

So, it is crystal clear that there is a market for jewelry among teenagers. It is the easiest market niche for your creative jewels.

Sell jewelry at your school fundraiser

Are you prefer to sell your jewelry with helping your school. So then this is a good idea. As the first step, ask someone in your school office if you can do a fundraiser. If you make your business card and give one to them and, bring samples of your work they will introduce you as a responsible jewelry seller. Then get permission to choose a school event that will gather a crowd and set up a table at the event by displaying your jewelry.

Remember to have a sign at your table, that you are a partner of your school fundraising project. Donate 10% of your profit to school and you can add that 10% into your jewelry price when you are pricing them.

Sell your jewelry at trunk shows

A trunk show is a one-person show that is held in a store or other business to promote particular jewelry artists. So, do you know someones who own a local business? Then you have an excellent opportunity to hold a trunk show.

You just have to set up a table with your jewelry in order to display them properly. If you can sit or stand near your display people may likely buy your jewelry, because most of the time they love to meet the jewelry artist, who created the jewels well.

If you get a chance to a trunk show, get the opportunity and you make more sales with it.

If you want to know more about how to start your business as a teenager you can refer to this article.
As a teenage jewel artist, you have a great opportunity to start earning with interesting and something you love doing. So, if you have the ability to make jewelry take this opportunity and earn money.

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