“Have you got any questions you would like to ask me?”

Most candidate let out a sigh of relief when they reach to this point of the interview while many others get the heebie-jeebies. After conversing for the past hour about you are the best candidate for the position, your mind may not be able to think of any good questions to ask. That is why, we at founderactivity have put together a list of killer interview question to ask employers to set you up for success.

How to approach this part of the interview?

You are not alone when it comes to thoroughly researching and preparing for an interview. Many candidate are unsure of how to approach their killer interview questions to ask employer. You can use the below methods to confidently approach your employer and stand out.

Focus on two goals

This part of your interview gives you the chance to assess the company you are planning to work for.

Your first goal is to use the questions you have prepared to help you decide whether this is best opportunity for you.

However your interview is not over yet, you still have to prove yourself that you are the right person for the job. Your second goal is to continue to prove that. You can suggest saying something similar to “I do have a few questions but before I ask, may I say one thing?”. This will be your opportunity to speak more on how you would be the right fit for the job. It is best to have a few messages prepared in advance for you to stay ahead.

Personalize your questions

The way you phrase your questions is very important. Try to stay away from generic language and try to phrase your questions as if it were related to you. For instance, you can use “What would a typical day look like for me in this job role?” instead of “What does a typical day look like?”. When you ask this question from your hiring manager, they begin to see you in the role. This is a great psychological trick to use. As soon as they visualize you doing the job, it is hard to let go of that image.

Build off of your conversation

Another great way to approach your employer is by building a conversation off of your conversation. You can ask questions from your employer based on what you have discussed. For example, you may want to know more about a project they mentioned, or what responsibilities would it entail for you that was not mentioned in the job description. Importantly, this part of the interview should like a continuation of the conversation.

Interview questions to ask your employers

18 Killer Interview Questions to Ask and Impress your Employer

Below you will find sample killer interview questions you can use to ask and impress you employer at the end of your interview. Personalize questions to help you appear as a top tier candidate during your interview and helping you to stand out from others. Your questions can be categorized:

  • Job
  • Team
  • Potential Employer
  • Company
  • Culture

Interview Questions about the job

1. What are your expectations for me in this role?

Asking this question will help your interviewer understand that you are a dedicated and an ambitious work who is focused. Every company will focus on what your presence can be a benefit for them to succeed. Knowing what your employers expect of you, it will be easier for you to recognize what needs to be prioritized.

As an employee, you will be expected to generate an income since you are an investment to your employer. One way that you can reach this is by achieving target performance. This makes a great way to show that you want to thrive in your job position and make an impact.

2. What’s the performance review process like here? How often would I be formally reviewed?

Always be aware of what your performance review is like. It will be an advantage to know how often the performance reviews are given and who evaluates the performance. You will also what aspects of your work will be reviewed.

3. Do you think I will be a good fit for the company?

When you ask this particular killer interview question, it will impress your employer that you are focused on succeeding in the role. Asking for their subjective opinion will show them that are open to constructive criticism. This question becomes important especially when the person who interviews for the position is the person who ends up being who you directly report to. Having your potential employer’s opinion on you is useful to mold that relationship as you work there.

Lastly, it lets your interviewer know you are not afraid to be challenged. This question will instill that you are serious about the position and you have a forward thinking nature.

4. What are you hoping to see from the next person to fill this role that was missing in the last?

By asking this question, your interviewer will recognize your ability to address and take potential problems before surfacing. The answer you are provided with will give you insight to the reason which made last person to lose or leave or tip you off on what you need to success.

This particular killer interview question acts as bonus question to clue you in what your potential employer may need from you. It is important that your employer sees you as a team player to work well with your colleagues.

5. What soft skills are most important in this role?

The hard skills that is required for the position will be mentioned when looking at the job description. But the soft skills that you will need and what your employer seeks are important. This killer interview question to ask from your employer, will let you know what skills you already possess or which skills you may need to improve on. For example your soft skills that are needed for position may be multi-tasking and communication.

Interview Questions related to your team

6. What types of skills is the team missing that you’re looking to fill with a new hire?

Questions like these helps them to understand you are a committed and motivated candidate. The company will recognize you as a focused and that you will be ready to contribute for success from day one, making you an asset if they hire you. You will able to the disadvantages they face and turn into an important factor.

7. What are the biggest challenges that I might face in this position?

Knowing what challenges you will face in your new position you help you to stay prepared ahead of them. When asking this question from your interviewer, do not be afraid to put them on the spot. They may not expect this question but the answer will be valuable. A direct and positive affirmation with an explanation is a good sign whereas, a hesitant reaction should be considered as a red flag.

Just as the interviewer is assessing you, as the candidate, you are equally able to assess the company. This will regard you as a smart interviewee since you will be aware and ready for immediate challenges of the position.

8. Do you expect my main responsibilities in this position to change in the next six months to a year?

Do not hesitate to ask your interviewer what your main responsibilities will be like next month, six month or even up to a year. You will be able to stay prepared for any ongoing or upcoming projects. It will give you insight where you are able to fit in the team and what project you will be expecting to start on.

9. Who will I work with most closely? What other departments or units will I interact with?

This question will allow to have insight on the potential colleagues you will working with when you are offered the position. Therefore, you will be more aware of the skills you will need to effectively work with a team or departments.

Interview Questions to ask your potential employer

10. What do you personally like most about working for this organization?

Most candidate focus on talking about themselves and so are the interviewers. This particular question can give you insight to what the workplace is like from a different perspective. It can also create a sense of solidarity and openness.

11. After mastering the basics, what are the opportunities provided for continued learning and career growth?

Do not hesitate to ask about your professional development to support your long term career outlook. This question will prove that you are a goal orientated candidate. You are also able to use this skill to achieve goals of the company that will be a part of your job position. Preferably it is best to ask one question about how the company will provide you with the right tools for career advancements. Through this killer interview question your employer will recognize confidence and will try their best to retain you towards the company.

12. What makes a great employee at this company?

This kind of killer interview question would surprise your potential employer. The question asks to define success at the company which most employers may not have an answer to. This question will show your initiative skills and drive to success.

Interview Questions about the company

13. How fast is the company growing

This question will be directed at the employer for you to have an idea of the bigger picture of the company. It will allow you to see beyond your role and see the broader organizational goals. It will show your employer that you are looking for a long term move towards your career and not work as a volatile person.

When you are being interviewed, employers always seek for signs where you will be planning to remain in the company for a long time. This is because employers have to put in a lot time, resources and energy when hiring a candidate for a role.

14. Who are your top competitors and why do people choose to work for you over them?

This question may stand out to your employer since it will show a general interest in the company and what the industry is like with its competitors.

15. What are your company values and how do they impact the work here?

It is always best to have varied questions compared to the generic questions that employers always receive during an interview. By using this killer interview question, you will know more about the company culture and also how it affects the work energy of the company. This kind of question may impress your potential employer and it will provide you with valuable information.

Interview Questions about company culture

16. What is the company culture like? What is your favorite thing about it?

The finer details such as the expected dress code and how colleagues relate for you to fit in are critical. Asking this question will help know about the social aspect of a company structure is valuable information. It is important to know what your interviewer thinks of the company culture. You will have the opportunity receive the perspective of an insider. It will play a huge role when forming productive relationships with colleagues.

17. Do your team members/employees get together outside of work hours?

This kind of question will help you know, what the culture is like in a company. How close the team and whether they get together outside of work hours. You are also able to not use this question, if culture inside the team is not a factor that does not concern you. Work environments where colleagues are able to get along and occasionally meet outside of work hours are healthy and comfortable.

18. What does the company do to look after its employees’ mental health?

Mental health is a crucial topic these days and it has its reasons. Workplace burnout is an issue that is slowly growing in recognition. More and more companies are becoming aware of how the pressure of job roles can affect the employees. Most companies are proactive by giving the employees the right tools for help.

By asking your potential employer, how would they help the employee battle work stress and prevent mental health issues is important. This particular killer interview question will help you determine whether this is the right place to work where the company cares for its employees.

Importance of asking killer questions from your employer

Asking question from the interviewer during an interview will help you learn about the job. It will establish your interest in the positions and show your level of intelligence and creativity. This will make their decision making process easier if you are the perfect fit for the position.

Your questions will demonstrate that you are curious about the job position beyond what may have been presented in the job description. Your interviewer will be well aware that you have researched the company prior to the interview. The dedication and enthusiasm as a candidate for the position will be instilled in the interviewer’s mind.

Asking questions about the job position and company will allow you to showcase your capabilities and intelligence to think independently and view you as more than an active candidate in the interview. This is the power of killer interview questions which will impress your employer.

What not to ask your interviewer

Personal questions

Many candidates may feel like that they should ask their interviewer personal question during the interview. But it would be best not to do this. In reality, your interviewer is only assessing you to find you fit for the job position. They prefer not to get personal about topics that are not related to the job. Refrain from asking questions that would make them uncomfortable and nothing to do with the job.

Stick to questions that will help you decide whether this is a company you want to work for or not.


It is important to know about the salary, but it is also best not to mention it immediately during the first interview. You should wait for the right time to negotiate the terms for your salary with your interviewer or HR (Hiring manager) unless instigated by the interviewer.

Tips to successfully face your interview

Preparation is a crucial part when facing an interview. The best way to prepare for an interview would be to find who will be interviewing you and what their position is beforehand. It will be easier for you to answer the questions and give appropriate answers. During your interview, the professionalism and passion for the role will be examined. Here are a few things you can do to prepare confidently to face your next interview.

Killer Interview Questions to Ask and Impress your Employer
  • Personalize and bring at least 3 questions with you.
  • Select the questions where you will receive the answers you want to find out.
  • Bring a notepad and pen to take notes throughout the interview.
  • Be confident about how you ask your questions.
  • Note which questions have been answered. Build off the conversation on more related questions or questions you want answers to.
  • When personalizing your own questions, ask open-ended questions. Provide your interviewer an opportunity to talk or explain and stimulate conversation.
  • Research the company prior to your interview date. Identify specific areas of interest where you want more information.

In conclusion, the best method to find out what you need to know is by asking them questions. Your choice of question will prove how focused and ambitious you are. The information will allow you to know whether the workplace is right for you.

There may be different types of questions you can ask during an interview. The best ones are questions that you ask your potential employer that are fairly straightforward and not personal. The questions you have, should be discussed at the end of an interview.

I overflowed a cup of water during a job interview yesterday. “Nervous?” asked the interviewer.
I simply replied “No, I always give 110%”

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