As the world’s largest professional networking site, LinkedIn connects industry professionals with each other and helps to market their businesses. It is a powerful channel for establishing thought leadership, an indispensable part of a marketer’s digital strategy and an indescribable source for long-term, high-quality content. Therefore, you can use Linkedin as one of your social media platforms to marketing strategies. So we are providing this guide on Linkedin Marketing Tips For Co-working Spaces for you.

With over 303 million monthly active users, 92% of Fortune 500 and 90 million senior-level influencers and 63 million decision-makers use LinkedIn. So it is a direct target selection platform for companies, decision-makers and brokers who can help you fill your space.

If you want to use LinkedIn to work as part of your co-working or flexible office space social media strategy, you need to emphasize the quality of your content. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch to invest in good capital. They are looking for the most up-to-date information, so make sure you are aware of their budget, workforce and location and how your space works.

Marketing Tips for LinkedIn

 Linkedin Marketing Tips For Co-working Spaces

Marketing tips are used for the optimization of your business or service. Below are 6 marketing tips to enhance your LinkedIn for co-working spaces.

  1. Create a company profile
  2. Business LinkedIn page
  3. Define your audience and goals
  4. Optimize your page for search
  5. Grow your page followers
  6. Post actionable content

The above will be further discussed descriptively below.

#1. Create a company profile

There are over 610 million members using LinkedIn for their businesses. So the important fact is the first impressions. Your business profile is a great opportunity to impress your clients. One of the most effective ways to improve your contact rate is to keep your profile up to date. It interacts not only with your brand but also with your audience. Profiles are important because people do business with other people. Your profile is the first place a user will land if they search for you.

Therefore, continue to optimize your profile with the goal of 100% completeness. You can add new skills, achievements and examples to your latest work. Introduce your personality within your profile. And also make sure that authenticity is as important as experience. With the mobile app, it is easier to update your profile on the go.

Steps to improve your LinkedIn profile

  1. Upload a photo
    Upload a photo that fits your role as a professional because your photo is your virtual exchange, but it can reach you. Make sure that the photo you upload is not significant other. Make sure you use high quality images of your space.
  2. List your current position
    Include your title, company name and the period of time. You can add just a simple title that is related to your field. Such as, “co-working spaces open to all business teams”.
  3. Maintain a list of relevant skills
    Keeping a list of relevant skills in your profile will help others understand your strengths and match you with the right opportunities. You should try to add at least 5 skills depending on what stage you are in your career.
  4. Add your location
    More than 30% of clients will use advanced searches based on location, so you have more information and will be connected with your next opportunity. LinkedIn offers a variety of features, including a map, opening hours, and contact details to make it easy for your prospects to get in touch.
  5. Summarize your experience and goals
    Adding a summary is an opportunity to tell a story about who you are, your experience, the type of things you are interested in and the goals you hope to achieve. Therefore, it is more likely to show a summary of 40 words or more, and consider calling your specifications to find keywords.

#2. Business LinkedIn page

This is your coworking space profile on LinkedIn. It is important for your company to have a LinkedIn page. It just as having the website for your business. Then you can create a free LinkedIn business page as long as you have a company name and email.

Steps to create a company page

  1. Click the Work icon in the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click Create a Company Page
  3. Select the Page type
  4. Enter your Page identity, Company or Institution details, and Profile details information
  5. Check the verification box to confirm
  6. Click Create page

With the above steps, it is very important that you create an attractive company page with all the relevant details. It should contain all the details about your company, including your name, email address, real address and other contact information. You must also specify your product and service and your website URL. Pay more attention to filling in the company description. And also you should use this space to tell your brand story and what makes you unique. This is your chance to connect with leads and impress them, so don’t waste it.

#3. Define your audience and goals

It doesn’t matter if you are raising awareness or generating leads, your key is targeting. Once you figure out what you want to accomplish, it is easy to define your audience. If your company sells a productivity tool for social media, your goal is to raise brand awareness among LinkedIn members with job titles such as “best co-working spaces to gather your team”.

#4. Optimize your page for search

Remember that a well optimized company page will lead you to gain visibility among the people who are searching for your offers. Like SEO, you can optimize your company page by adding relevant keywords. Then, when someone searches for such keywords, your page will show up in search results. So, do your research and choose the right words that you want to rank.

  • Insert keywords
    Include the keywords and also with the phrases that will use by the potential customers in order to search for your services. Include the keywords and phrases in the About tab overview. There you need to clearly describe who you are and what your company does.
  • Link to your Page
    Links are essential to boost your search rankings. However, an easy win here is to link to your page from your website. Also, make sure that the employees’ LinkedIn profile is up to date.
  • Share relevant content
    The more often you share content with your followers, the higher your page search results will be.
  • Create hashtags
    You can pick up to 3 hashtags that relate to you business. This will help members find your page if they have any interest in the hashtags you have related to your business.

#5. Grow your page followers

Your LinkedIn profile serves as your community’s hub. This will keep your company connected to the professional network. The platform has expanded to more than just a platform for people who seek jobs.

Create a page that looks worth following by clearly stating what you and your business does. You can publish content that will capture the attention of your audience. Engage in conversations that are relevant to your brand.

Using the Page Analytics tool, you have the ability to access the information of your LinkedIn demographics. Using this tool will give you the benefit of optimizing your content that suits your brand.

#6. Post actionable content

If you want to successfully promote your co-working business on LinkedIn, it is important to regularly share relevant content to your audience. Relevant content gives value to your audience and they invest with a reason to follow you and engage with you.


There are more number ways to increase LinkedIn company page followers. Updated page, amazing content and relevance of the postings to your business are very important. To continue to learn how to use LinkedIn and how to optimize it to capture the essence of your business use LinkedIn Pages for further assistance.

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