In the modern era, all most all things depend on money. And the people live to earn money and they use the money to live. But most of them are fed up with the luxurious life that they are engaging in. Therefore, they pretend to live off the land with no money by connecting with nature. So as that, “” loves to share these ultimate guide to detail you about how to live off the grid with no money.

Through this article, you will be able to learn followings if you are willing to have an off-grid life.

  • What does living off the grid mean
  • World popular awesome off-grid homes 
  • Why should you go off the grid
  • Things to know before living off the land
  • How to live off the grid with no money
  • Free off-grid living communities
  • Basic needs of off-grid living
  • Skills you need to live off the land with no money

What does living off the grid mean

Before living off the grid you have to identify what does it really means. On the other hand how to live off the land with no money or how to go off the grid with no money. The term off-grid life was created by the environmentalist Nick Rosen. Off-grid living is nothing much new thing.

According to him, off-grid living means that the people who want to escape from the establishment or entirely self-sufficient people moving to the remote areas.

In fact, a hundred years ago there were the people who lived off the grid. Every family sustained itself, that is called the grid. They didn’t depend on the government.

Likewise, in the modern era living off the grid refers to living freely without depending on the rest of society. Therefore, there is no power connection, no water supply from the water company, no heat and electricity, no grocery stores, no public or local authorities.

But most people are not living truly an off-grid life nowadays. Because they prepare their own electricity and running water supply. Not only that they went to the nearby town and stock foods or the necessary items for off-grid life, to watch movies or sports event.

In order to truly have an off-grid life, each of the following things might take place.

You will need your,

  • Own land with access to timber, agricultural activities
  • Own house
  • Food supply
  • Own power and heat supply
  • Own waste system

Why should you go off the grid

If you ask this question, why do you go off the ground they will provide you with various kinds of answers.

  • Save money
  • You will have an independent life
  • It is a simple life
  • You will be more environmentally conscious
  • You will close to nature
  • It is better for health
  • Personal satisfaction

Things to know before living off the land

Before living off the land there are some things you have to know. Because you have to do everything by your self. That means, there is nobody else to support you in supplying foods, security, and comfort. And you need to know how to get off the grid with no money.

And also you have been practised to cooperate with others. But here in the off-grid life, you have to cope with the loneliness. Therefore, make sure to consider the followings.

  • Physical fitness
  • Financial
  • Loneliness
  • Sugar crash

Physical fitness

Your physical fitness may make your shift to the living off-grid easier or worse. If you are an active person in the daily routine, you will make your life easier. Anyway, you can go for long hikes with a big backpack.

It will provide you with more orientated to living off the grid. And also while you are engaging off-grid life you have to chop firewood to make a fire to cook or gain heat. Therefore, you will have strengthened muscles.


Before you make your transition to the off-grid life, make sure to settle you all financial activities such as your debts. Because no one will exist for you after you go for off grid life.

Therefore, pay your attention to the debts and the payments you should cover. Not only that remember to save some money for the rest of your life. Because in future you will back to your civilization.

If you have not saved anything for your future it will become worse than anything you have done before.


This is the most important for the people who are planning to go for off-grid. Because you are accustomed to cope in a lot of people. Therefore, be alone is somewhat tedious for you. The only voice you will hear is your voice. So practice some meditation to be confident.

Sugar crash

Most of the foods nowadays are contained with sugars. Therefore, adjust your body to eat without sugar. Because you will not get sugar foods in off-grid life.

How to live off the grid with no money

Followings are the steps of how to live off the grid with no money.

  • Obtaining a land
  • Building a shelter
  • Grow foods
  • Making a water supply method
  • Creating a waste disposal method

Obtaining a land

You are looking for off-grid life without money. Therefore, You have to obtain land for no money. There are so many free lands for you to have an off the grid life. They are in outside of the country.

And also they are not in the online advertisings. You might be thinking of that where can I live off the grid for free. Therefore, you have to seek for such kind of lands.

Free Land in the US

Free Land in Canada

Building a shelter

Next, you have to build a house or a small shelter for you without money. There are so many natural building styles such as light straw clay, cob building, earthbag, and straw bale.

However, you can build a house within a short time and free depending on your skills in obtaining building materials. Therefore, you can make a tiny home from recycled materials.

Grow foods

Then you have to grow foods to survive in the off-grid land. Growing and preserving food doesn’t need to be a drag. However, food forests, modern excavated organic gardening and outdoor skilled food might be free and nutritious.

Gardening on the cheap

Although gardening is defined as a highly expensive hobby, it could be done with no money. Therefore, you have to consider the following facts.

  • Free compost and soil amendments
  • Seed exchange programs
  • Food forests
  • Free plants from the produce departments

Free food foraging

Consumption of free food and obtaining the full advantage from the foods that you can grow around your home is the best key to success in your off-grid life. And also to survive without money. Some of the most popular are dandelions, Nettles, Plantain, Berries, Burdock, etc.

Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping

Hunting and fishing are covenant by constitutionally or legally in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Kansas, Virginia etc. Some areas are prohibited for hunting, fishing, and trapping. Therefore, make sure to ask from the local fish and wildlife office for more details.

Making a water supply method

Digging a well is an expensive task. And also filtering the water is also an expensive method. Therefore, use smart DIY filtering, off-grid solar water purification methods, rainwater collection methods, etc.

Creating a waste disposal method

You can make a waste disposal method. Because the septic systems are expensive. Therefore, you can use DIY waste composting systems and methane generating systems. And also it provides you with fertilizers and free heat for cooking.

Free off-grid living communities

You will be fond of seeking who are living nearby you. Nowadays, there are so many communities living off-grid life partially or entirely. So you meet some friends during your off-grid life. You can learn from them how to live off the grid with no money.

  • Eco-Villages
  • WWOOFing
  • International Communities

Eco- Villages

There were many communities lived in eco-friendly villages. Some of the well known eco friendly communities are,

Finca Bellavista Treehouse Community, Costa Rica

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Missouri

Tinkers Bubble, England, United Kingdom

ReGen Village, Netherlands

Freedom Cove, Canada


If you want to know how the off-grid lifestyle works or how people engage in different lifestyles WWOOFing is the best for you.

WWOOF is the worldwide task where the volunteers and the organic farmers and the growers work in order to build a sustainable community. You will be able to experience as a farmer. And also it will help you in your off-grid life.

International Communities

There is a new trend that a group of people engaging an off-grid life. The lifestyle of them differs from community to community. However, they also use things as the individual off-grid life. But the difference is that they do all the things as a gang.

Basic needs of off-grid living

You must have to fulfil some essential needs. If you are not being able to fulfil them your life will be a disaster. However, these needs differ from each person to person.

  • Fire
  • food
  • water
  • shelter
  • hygiene
  • Livestock
  • Materials
  • Tools and equipment


You need fire to cook foods and generate heat. Here, you need special skills for harvesting and chopping firewoods. Not only that fire has a positive psychological effect on the human brain.

Therefore, consider having enough firewoods for the night because if you happened to collect firewoods in the night it will so hard and dangerous.


The variety of food depends on your favours and the area that you are going to live on. You can hunt, fish, trap, forage your foods according to your interests. Not only that you can grow your own food in the place you want to live off the land.

But it does not seem as sounds. Because it is actually difficult for you if you never have done it before. You can make your own compost for your cultivations.

Until you harvest your growings you can consume dry goods like rice, beans, oats, etc. And also you can use preserved canned food items such as veggies, jellies, jams, dried fruits, smoked meats.


You already know that you will die without water. Therefore, when you selecting a place to live make sure to have a nearby good water supply. However, you have to fulfil your need from the streams and rivers, natural springs, not from the stagnant lakes.

Because there is a huge growth of bacteria in the stagnant water lakes. And also you can boil the water before use.


You need a place to live in. That means you want a place where you can have enough protection and comfort. And also it should be an energy-efficient place to get out of the weather.

Therefore you will need to build a shelter for you. Anyway, you can make a temporary shelter for you near to the stream. Then after you can work on your permanent shelter. Not only that make sure to consider the climatic changes in your area.

Log cabins are the least expensive and attractive. Converted buses, cob, earthbags, strawbale, Earthship technology also other shelter methods.


Without your daily hygiene, you can face serious health problems and your adventure can end abruptly if your condition worsens. Think about your daily hygiene needs, such as brushing your teeth, brushing yourself, and your other personal needs.


Livestock is good food sources. However, there is no need for harvesting until you consume. And also it fulfils your protein needs. Followings are the livestock ideas,

  • Chickens
  • Rabbits
  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Cows
  • Pigs
  • Pheasant
  • Fish
  • Turkeys


You need screws and lumber, nuts and bolts, metal, hoses, wire, cable, tape, fencing, rope and other materials to build your house or the repairs.

Tools and equipment

You will need the tools and types of equipment like knives, a post hole digger, voltmeter, torch, grinder, saw horses, wheelbarrow, tiller, welder, hacksaw, hammer, etc.

Skills you need to live off the land with no money

  • Hunting
  • Trapping
  • Smoking meat
  • Growing crops
  • Foraging
  • Fishing

Finally, with this brilliant guide on how to live off the grid with no money, you will not be tedious or exhausted. Therefore, stay with us to gain furthermore detailed articles. So follow us on Facebook, share on Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin.

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  1. Although it is possible and, for the most part, legal to live off the land, this does not mean that you should simply travel to any spot, build a shelter, and start living this way. Because the government owns the majority of the land in the US, in some areas it shouldn’t be difficult for you to live off the land unphased. However, this is not always the case. If you wish to live off the land, it is best if you own the property; that way, you can do it legally.

  2. Land can be gained by adverse possession, sale by owner through land contracts, local businesses that specialize in off-grid land, free land programs in the US and Canada, and sale by owner through land contracts. Other alternatives to work-exchange or purchase land to live off the grid exist in communities and “eco-villages.”

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