Coworking has been around for over a couple of years in the world of business. But it is trending nowadays. When it comes to finding the best space, your customers are not running pillar to post, they are still looking for one! That being said, it’s not just a biblical algorithm that costs money and time to market your support space effectively. All you need to do is to implement an actionable marketing plan. Therefore we love to share this article on Marketing Campaign For Coworking Space in order to set up your own marketing campaign.

The most important thing you can do as a flexible office space manager is to pass on the benefits of your property to local businesses and entrepreneurs. In fact, a steady stream of trusted members translates into the cash flow needed to run and grow your business. A coworking space marketing plan is an essential element in ensuring strong, consistent messaging and accessible access to your ideal members.

When you have an open space or a special offer, it may be easier for you to activate marketing on a temporary basis. However, waiting until you want to get members means that you are constantly catching on. Instead, develop a strategic approach that draws people from the coffee shop and into your space.

#1. Entering the Coworking Industry

Each new phenomenon brings other opportunities. The gig economy is no different. The best option here is a coworking space. Around the world, smart entrepreneurs are busy getting physical space for independent employees to use as their remote offices. Therefore, there is a huge demand for the coworking space industry. Here are some of the reasons that independents find coworking spaces.

  • Their homes can be busy, boring places. And also filled with distraction.
  • Coworking places have the ability to offer the technology they can not afford. Such as recording studios.
  • It offers a solution to the loneliness that independent employees feel at work. It provides a more social environment with opportunities to collaborate and network.

#2. Define Your Target Audience

It is the most obvious form of marketing but takes a completely new update. Target marketing is not only about directing your marketing business to your customers, but also going beyond your comfort zone to talk to people, to listen. The best answers to all your questions are the direct answers to your clients. So go to cafes, offices, public places, communities where people gather to work. Share your ideas, do not sell your space. Contribute to sharing knowledge about how effectively they can work effectively in a completely new platform. Connect with them at events and answer questions about how you got together and what you had to offer. Create a winning environment for everyone.

However, any marketing plan worth it’s salt starts with a well-defined audience. You need to know who you are talking to make your message as effective as possible. Followers might be your target audience.

  • Remote Workers / Freelancers – This may be the first customer that many people think of as over users of coworking spaces. The rise of the gig economy and the popularity of entrepreneurship among working adults has created a high demand for shared or dedicated workplaces or small offices.
  • Small Companies / Teams– with the growth of small businesses, including real estate teams, joint ventures and partners and other configurations, this is a growing part of the co-working landscape. And also they are looking for space for collaboration as well as individual workplaces.
  • Corporate Clients– As the demand for indoor and flexible scheduled positions increases, many companies are turning to flexible office spaces for an easier way to create a structured work environment for remote employees.

Follow the below criteria to define your target audience.

Get to Know People Outside of the Coworking Space

This really means that you need to literally go outside. As a first step in finding yourself, stop trying to include people in your coworking space. Many of the most suitable members to work in the coworking spaces are not looking for an office. So it’s crazy to expect them to get off the road or sign up for a tour.

Get to know people on their own pitch. Where do those people already gather in your city? It may be a coffee shop, but it’s not. Try to focus outside of clear “business” meetings. So explore all types of activity-based communities. In them, you are bound to find people with similar goals and values, even among different professions. Then instead of trying to sell on coworking participate to work collaboratively with those communities. Bring people together. Add value. Earn trust. If your coworking space already has several members, invite them to join you. Help cross-pollinate your own communities.

Talk to People

All you need is just talk to people. It seems silly. It can not be described how the industry owners spent their time and wracked their brains in front of the screen to find the people to talk to. Despite all the marketing and social media strategies, you should not underestimate the value of a good conversation with people you hope to connect with in real life.

Help People Share Abundance

In a shared economy, we find that many sharing initiatives and organizations seek and struggle to share their own existence and abundance. We do our best to share. One of our most successful marketing and engagement strategies is to share our abundance as well as help others to share their abundance. 

#3. Differentiate

As we mentioned above there is no doubt that the coworking industry is becoming more and more popular. An important aspect is how to differentiate your space from the rest. Before proceeding with a coworking marketing strategy, you must first identify why you should use your space more than others. What are the benefits of using your coworking space? 

  • Being in a community
  • Networking opportunities
  • Gain perspectives
  • Separating work from personal life

#4. Create a website 

Once you have figured out your target audience another important part of your coworking space marketing plan is having an easy-to-use and well-designed website. Your website should have a professionally designed layout and include all the information members need, including hours, location, facilities and pricing. And also make sure to include links to resources such as blogs or social media pages. Create a professional website for your coworking space. You need to constantly update your customers why you are different and the value you can provide to them. 

You can use the following sites.

Advantages of having a website

  • Build your reputation
  • Users can access information at any time of the day or night
  • Establish two-way communication with live chat
  • Help improve customer service
  • Promoting services is easy
  • Add lead from your website
  • Post ads without geographical barriers

#5. Have a social media strategy

You need to take advantage of all social media platforms. Once you’ve started creating your coworking space marketing plan, start by inventorying your existing lead generating platforms. If you have not already done so, you may want to start collecting data on how your current members first found you. 

Instagram marketing for coworking spaces

There are 116 million Instagram users in the United States. According to statistics, they are among the most educated, modern and high-income social media users. In addition, Instagram users are incredibly connected to the platform, with more than 80% using it to research and learn about new products and services. 

Not every image can be linked directly to your website, but it can be linked to your website pages, blog posts and other content on your resume. Allow users to fall in love with your space through beautiful professional photography and videography. Going through specific events or videos in your stories gives you an insight into what you would like to spend a day in your coworking space. You can follow the below key points. 

  • Post regularly – It might be beneficial for you to post at least once a day. Instagram users are at a very high level and they want to see new content from you. Try to post at different times each day, from morning to night. Then watch the engagement to find the sweet spot to post.
  • Work with a professional photographer– In order to have photographs with high resolution and variety of ways you can work with a photographer. 
  • Get a variety of photos– Make sure to have a variety of photographs including interiors, social spots, exterior shots, details, etc. 
  • Take the help of your customers– When members sign in with your coworking space, ask them to sign a photo release to use their similarities in the promotional photos. Pictures showing how people work in your flexible office environment are especially dynamic and effective.

LinkedIn marketing for coworking spaces

With over 303 million monthly active users, 92% of Fortune 500 and 90 million senior influencers, LinkedIn is a direct target selection platform for companies, decision-makers and brokers who can help you fill your space. 

If you want to use LinkedIn to work as part of your support or flexible office space social media strategy, you need to emphasize the quality of your content. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. They are looking for the most up-to-date.

information, making sure you are aware of their budget, workforce and location and how your space works.

  • Make sure your profile is detailed and highly informative. Many LinkedIn users check profiles and past posts while doing their research.
  • Consider sharing slides and using white leaflets to recreate your blog posts, videos, and podcast episodes. The more your content, the more views you will get on this platform.
  • You can use your LinkedIn current profile to connect new people 

Twitter marketing for coworking spaces

Twitter is a natural platform to connect with your other social media accounts and your online content. It helps to keep your articles together and direct followers to your other platforms.

By integrating with Facebook, Instagram, email marketing platforms and much more, you can ensure that your Twitter is always updated with your latest and attractive content. In addition, schedule regular tweets throughout the day to ensure that followers always find the latest updates about you and your space.

  • Content updates
  • Hours of operations
  • Upcoming events
  •  Video content
  • Motivational messaging geared toward your target market

Advantages of Using Social Media Marketing for Coworking Businesses

  • Learn more about your customers
  • Understand customer issues and address them as a matter of priority
  • Connect with the best when translating in the fullest sense of the word
  • Generate Lead
  • High conversion rate
  • Communicate with customers through social media
  • Social media increases brand awareness
  • Improving the online reputation of social networking sites
  • Increasing internal traffic through social platforms

#6. Develop Digital Marketing for Coworking

Applying the right digital marketing space for auxiliary spaces will enable you to sell your business properly. In the current digital age, internet and social media-based marketing have always been a good choice. It is no secret that digital marketing is known for its low cost. It also allows you to get more accurate data measurements than traditional marketing activities. Everything is digital and this will be an effective advertising channel.

  • Make a complete profile
  • Grow a community
  • Local targeting for social promotion


Again, you may have a website and it will not do everything you want. Ensure you have high quality, organic content, attractive design features and easy integrations such as an online scheduler or virtual property tour to help highlight your support service space. We have mentioned more about creating a website earlier. 


Build your email list and send value-added content regularly to current and future members. Develop automation that can respond quickly to basic queries and remember them after that initial connection. Email marketing is one of the select tools that can be used in the marketing campaign of coworking spaces. It is incredibly valuable and gives every member or prospective member access to their personal communications.

Avoid Ending Up in Spam

If your e-mail address is included in the spam box, you will not receive the best written, most optimal e-mail marketing piece. Now, there is nothing you can do if the recipient tells their email provider to include all emails from you in spam, but the email provider will automatically do anything to prevent spam, so you are responsible for the research. Consider this strategic area in advance. 

Write Clearly and Accurately

You need to clearly and accurately write and is in fact one of the most important, overlooked aspects of email marketing. Not just email marketing, but any kind of corporate content with spelling and grammar errors is incredibly professional. This requires some skill and you will have to seek help elsewhere to get rid of it. In order to get started, you can use the Grammarly or Hemingway editor.

Send emails that your readers would be interested in

This is very important. You want to send emails to your audience that they are really interested in. Some of the most popular documentation topics in the field of support racing can be events in your space, networking opportunities, new partnerships with local businesses, and more. Members. Happy hours or workshops you organize, business offers, job offers, new facilities and more.

 Stay Consistent and Frequent

Do not literally bombard your email clients with marketing material, or you will be sent to an unsolicited refinery. But, if every one of your emails has consistency and purpose, don’t be afraid to email often.


Paid advertising is not only a lifetime empowerment platform but also helps people who are looking for you in your local market find you more easily. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to show up in searches rather than the big competitors coming through the internet.


Activating your website is half the battle. You need to make sure that you invest proper care and attention in optimizing your website for search engines. If your site runs poorly, loads slowly, or is not mobile optimized, you may find it difficult to show up in search engines. The best way to ensure great SEO is to properly optimize your website content and add new content regularly. A well-designed blog will help you reach your support space target market and keep people coming back regularly for new, value-added content.

#7. Start Local

You have completed your messaging and you have created a great user experience on your website. Now, it’s time to start your coworking space marketing plan. We have mentioned some very important websites that will start directing customers to your websites. 

Google My Business

90 % of searches in the united states are done on google. Therefore, you can freely enhance your visibility by simply listing and verifying your spaces with Google My Business. This automatically shows your local workspace to customers looking for your services, specifically in your area. 

Coworking Listing Websites

#8. Membership Perks

If you give members various privileges or incentives, you are more likely to find members for your support space. Most of the inquiries come from referrals. According to Katie Cohen, Community Manager at Benjamin’s Desk over 20% of their inquires are from referrals. 

Once or twice a month, allow members and non-members to work in your space for free. Limit these days to continue to bring in profits, but make sure they are there to bring in new members as well as continue your old stuff. Spend some kind of “happy hour”. This does not have to be free wine,  it can be a small meal or a snack. It could be local coffee or special occasion liquor. This is a common coworking marketing strategy and people will always go where the food is.

#9. Create a Health Insurance Program

Health insurance is a branch and a neurological disorder of being a freelancer or starting your own business. However, if you can throw up a plan that includes health insurance, your membership will go through the roof.

There is a  plan, COHIP (Coworking Health Insurance Plan) which is made by working with other coworking spaces for financial management. Having an insurance plan satisfies members and allows them and their families to stay as long as they can afford medical treatment.

#10. Advertise Toward Commuting Workers

Especially if your co-worker space is close to capital or airport, try to reach out to those travellers and tourists. Therefore, pay for posters at local airports, taxis and popular hotels. Passengers, especially those who fly for work, often struggle to find a reliable place to work. Hotel internet can be iffy and no one wants to stay in a coffee shop every day. You can get a large number of members by reaching out to these tour operators. Be sure to give them a flexible membership as they can only be in town a few days a month.

#11. Host Events at Your Coworking Space

One of the most effective coworking marketing strategies is to rent out your space to members. Host local events, galleries, celebrations, concerts, etc. For example The Startup Building in Provo, Utah. The startup building is a family-run coworking space that rents out weddings, college galleries, local pop-up shops, band competitions, entrepreneurship seminars, photo sessions, and a weekly food truck roundup. In doing so they have brought the whole community into their building and it is always full. 

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