Are you a person who is willing to start a nail salon or currently running a nail salon? If so, you may be looking for Nail salon promotion ideas. So, “founderactivity” is offering you nail salon promotion ideas, to go a long way in your business.

With the development of new fashion trends, people, especially women have become more deliberate of their external appearance. So, they love to keep their nails attractive and beautiful in order to make their outlook beautiful.

As a result, there is a growing demand for nail salon businesses. As same as, running a nail salon business, brings too much competition. So, you have to bring your business out of the competition. For that, you need to promote your business.

16 Nail Salon Promotion Ideas + Checklist will Make You Success

#1. Manage Online Salon Reviews

In fact, 92% of all consumers look at reviews before deciding on which business to try.

It means, that a business with no reviews, is worst than a business that has a few ordinary reviews. Out of ten consumers, seven say that they trust reviews and online recommendations before they try to business.

So, managing online salon reviews is one of the best Nail salon promotion ideas. Therefore, encourage your clients to give your salon reviews online. You can use Salon review management software like Broadly, ChiDesk.

#2. List your salon on Online Directories

With the development of technology, Did you know, more than 70% of individuals check online for a service or product before going into the actual store? So, listing your salon on online directories is a great way to promote your nail salon business.

You can start with Google My Business. Womply storefront, Who Do You, Yelp are some of the other free online directories that you can register your business.

#3. Salon promotions

This is a good way to get new customers as well as keep them coming back. You can give your salon promotions to your new clients, and other clients to keep them coming back.

On the first visit of your clients, you can give them a special price. Not only that, have one service discounted each month. It will help you to draw new customers and, keep coming back to the customers who want that service.

#4. Capitalize on holidays and special events

Holidays and special days will catch the eye of potential customers, always. For example, you can give special discounts on Christmas, throw something in the new year, special something on Valentine’s day and so on. Not only holidays, but you can also give something special on occasions that your customers feel special on their big day.

#5. Giving Gift cards

Gift cards have moved past being a simple craze gift. These result in increasing profits by attracting new clients. There are lots of benefits of giving gift cards to your clients, regarding promoting your nail salon business.

In this noisy era, standing out with your brand is a tough thing. So, anything that gets your name or your logo out to the public will represent your business. A gift card can do branding and it’s a good way of promoting your business.

Repeat business:
Once you have set up your business gift cards, it makes it easy to run promotions to attract new customers. The person who is with your gift card will introduce your business to his r her friends or whom they associate.

Easy to set up and promote:
Setting up gift cards and promoting the business through it is, very easy. So, offering gift cards is a good promoting method for your nail salon business.

#6. Hosting parties

As mentioned earlier, especially the women try to keep their nail beautiful and attractive. So, your ideal customers will be women. In order to keep the relationship continuously, holding parties in your salon is a good way.

If you don’t have special events to host parties, you can do something for your potential customers. After all, make sure to share the details on various social media platforms.

#7. Keep your Salon Extremely Picturesque

A salon with an excellent look is a very great thing to make more customers. You can start this simple, even you can improve the lighting and interior design of the whole salon. Further, you can add specific themes when you interior design your salon. It will give you a uniqueness.

#8. Promote with Newsletters

Though the newsletters are old school type promotion method, it results well effectively. You can take the opportunity to promote your nail salon business and success in your business. Here, You just have to include easy and important content into the newspaper, that the ideal customers can read easily. You can include about Healthy foods that good for your nails, latest ail arts, DIY ideas to keep nails attractive, and much more. When you are using newsletters to promote your business, they will become monthly reminders of your business.

#9. Creating Email Newsletters

You can gather your clients’ emails when they have an appointment. Then you can send Email blasts a few times a month to let them know what’s going in your business. You can include special offers and individual appointments.

#10. Build a presentable Website

To make an appealing image for your business, the Website is the key. Make sure to keep your website elegant and creative. You can introduce your sense of fashion and seriousness towards the customers, through this website.

#11. Make partnerships with local business

This is one of the best promotion ideas to promote your business to local customers. You can try new clients, by connecting with local businesses, that have similar offerings. For example, you can buy dinner and getting a movie free, connect with a salon service, massage shop, med spa, and so on.

#12. Offer discounts

Offering discounts is a good way to draw new customers. You can connect with local businesses and offer referral discounts also.

#13. Offer Business Cards

Business cards are totally helpful to inform you,r customers. Print your details and logo on the business cards. Make sure to make an unforgettable touchstone that is bound to remember always.

#14. Organize or sponsor a fashion event

Fashion events and nail salons are matching each other. A fashion event sponsored by you, make your nail salon more famous among clients. During the fashion event, the board that addresses your nail salon business will allow the fashionists to notice you. Then, the majority of them try to get your services. So, this is a successful promoting method.

#15. Holding loyalty programs

Once you meet the faithful customers, you want to keep them coming back to you and they will support back to you. So, get a loyalty program and give discounts and mind-boggling surprise packages.

Moreover, social media is a great platform for promoting one’s business. So, you can use social media as a platform to promote your nail salon business.

#16. Nail salon promotion ideas using social media

16 Nail Salon Promotion Ideas + Checklist will Make You Success

In today’s society, almost everyone uses social media for various tasks. so, as a nail salon business owner, you can take this opportunity to promote your business. So, let’s see the unblemished ways of using social media to promote your business.

1.Work with local Instagram influencers

Are you a person who is active on Instagram? Then, you you probably follow at least a handful of influencers. Maybe you don’t look clearly at them. But, exactly they will be a help to promote your business.

Instagram is the place that many younger women decided what to buy for being attractive in their outlook. So, there will hundreds of your ideal potential customers that follow influencers. Those clients will authentically pay attention to what influencers say.

To start how to start working with influencers on Instagram,

  • Decide your budget and consider your goals
  • Research local influencers who have the target audience
  • Decide your campaign
  • Track the results of your campaign

So, this is actually simple than you think. You just need to know the way to Do influencer marketing for your salon. In fact, influencer marketing is a big wave in building your business online.

2.Decorate your salon to attract customers

We all know that nowadays the younger generations looking for something more. They are not only seeking great customer service, they need decent pricing, a good job, and also want their salon to look fabulously, to get a great experience.

So, if you decorate your salon gorgeously, you can use social media to inform your audience about your salon outlook. There are so many easy and simple upgrades that you can use to decorate your salon. With this, you can draw more clients.

If you are not paying attention to make your salon beautiful, you should do that. Some simple and easy ways to upgrade your salon interior are,

  • Put fresh greens and flowers around
  • Lightening well with oversized lamps and hanging pendants
  • Make a space with fun wallpaper, for taking photos
  • Add bright, poppy, and abstract arts

So, you can do more and more things to make your salon a cool and fabulous place. Then you can take photos of your salon and publish them to your audience. Once they come to your salon, they will show off about that experience to their friends and followers.

3.Advertise your fresh offers to new audiences on Facebook

Though Facebook is a social media used by the majority of the people, Business posts are bee seen less on Facebook. But, it’s a good platform to advertise your business. You can boost your posts on Facebook, by spending $10 or $20. Then you can have your posts seen by extra 5000 people in your city.

You just need to target the right people and optimized to get bookings.

4.Grow your team

So, are you looking for working with a team, You know how hard is to find a good person. Everyone is looking for finding good people to make your team, but it is so hard. In a conclusion, you can use social media to attract and scout the right people.

Now you may have a bunch of new ideas to promote your nail salon business. Social media and other platforms help you to grow your business as well as draw new customers. All you need to take advantage of them.

nail salon promotion ideas using social media

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