Running an online grocery business and thinking about promoting your online grocery store? Well, you have come to the right place. Nowadays, the popularity of online grocery shopping is growing rapidly. The primary goal of any business is to grow online sales. Whether you intend to create an online grocery store or already have one, you need to use effective cost-effective strategies to increase sales and customer satisfaction. In this article, Founderactivity gathered some valuable ways to promote an online grocery store.

You need to know how to sell your products, or there will no one to buy them. So, every business model is trying to get online visibility. In fact, marketing is the key to promoting any business. So, let’s see how to promote your online grocery store.

  1. Keep Your eCommerce Website Mobile Friendly
  2. Ad campaigns
  3. Use social media
  4. Search engine optimization
  5. Influencer marketing
  6. E-mail marketing
  7. Video promotion
  8. Offer surprise rewards
  9. Use live chat
  10. Use pop-up offers
  11. Provide multiple payment options

#1. Keep Your eCommerce Website Mobile Friendly

To be stand out from the competition in online shopping you must have a mobile-friendly eCommerce website. It is undoubtedly essential for online business. Nowadays, people often use their mobile devices to search and buy products. However, they need an uninterrupted as well as intelligent user experience.

70% of web traffic comes from mobile phones. As well as, 61% users will never return to a website that is not mobile friendly. However, it is not enough to have a great eCommerce website. Your site also be optimized for mobile shopping. In order to do that,

1. Make sure your page loads quickly

The fact is, slow loading speed leads to a poor user experience. The mobile experience is different from that of a user browsing on a desktop or laptop computer. Data speeds and internet connections are slow and users can become impatient. 40% of estimated shop owners drop a website that takes more than three seconds to load. So, Make sure your page loads quickly. You can check the loading speed of your page with Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool.

2. Add clear calls to action

On a mobile device, your e-commerce website will divert a lot of attention: other apps, text, games, and phone calls can all be diverted by completing a purchase. Keep in mind that the shopkeeper’s attention gap is already short. Add bold calls for outstanding action (CTAs) from the rest of the page. The button style should use different colors and be large enough to be tapped without difficulty.

3. Optimize your user experience

The user experience of a mobile-optimized e-commerce website should not be the same as your average website experience. Your mobile page should be lighter, faster, and smarter. There are various design features you can add, making it easy for a visitor to browse your products.

4.Formalize the exit process

Brands lose 23% of consumers, by asking for extra steps in the exit process. The need for a customer to sign up for an account or enter additional personal information adds. The ability to accept any form of payment is also important.

If you want to exaggerate conversations in your email store, it is important to provide the best mobile experience for the customers. So, these strategies will help you to do so.

#2. Ad campaigns

Ad campaigns are another effective way to bring an audience to your business. These advertising campaigns help you to target relevant audiences and engage in integrated marketing communication. Also, you can observe the natural process even if your advertising campaign is more or less congested. Another business is the PPC business that can be used to generate more traffic to your business website. It also displays data based on the results that will help you get more viewers.

As an online grocery store, you can try to use Google analytics, Insights, Adwords to design a unique and attractive advertising campaign.

#3. Use social media

Social media is so powerful nowadays. It helps many businesses to grow their business online as well as offline. When it comes to grocery stores, they are so connected with the Internet now. It has the power to bring together more communities. In fact, using the power of social media to promote your online grocery store is the most effective segment of digital marketing.

If you do not appear on social media, you will miss the main opportunity to reach the place where shoppers spend their time online mostly. With social media for retail stores, you can build your social presence and attract leads to your store. You can create a successful grocery social media strategy with the following tips.

1. Choose platforms where your audience is most involved

Before you start posting, you need to make sure that, you reach the grocery shoppers on the right platforms. So, if you want to see success in your grocery store through social media strategies, you have to start by identifying the platforms where you can reach your audience on social media.

First establish your target market by defining their attributes like age, gender, occupation, location, socioeconomic status, and more. Actually, as a grocery store, you may have multiple types of customers that shop from you.

Once you know who you are targeting, you can consider where to target them. Each platform has user demographics and they will help you to make sure where your audience spends their time most.

2. Get creative with your content

Once you have set up your platform, you can start posting content to get the following and increase functionality. The content you post varies between platforms. You should explore your selection platforms to see what you can post. But remember, your audience may follow a lot of businesses on social media. So, it is easy for your posts to get lost in the sea of content. In order to get rid of that, you have to make your content creatively.

3. Encourage your audience to engage

Social media is one of the places that you can connect with your audience at once. You can interact with them on a personal level by interacting with them in the comments or by replying to their messages on your platform. You can encourage engagement by creating open posts on your social media. A prime example of this is a poll.

4. Customer service from the platforms

In addition to encouraging connectivity, you will also want to use your social platform as a medium for customer service. Some of your posts encourage engaging in answering a question, and you may have people commenting on your notes to complain, report a problem with your store, or ask questions. You can use this as an opportunity to answer and address questions and concerns.

5. Run social media ads

Running social media ads is a crucial part of your online grocery store’s social media strategy. Social media ads are paid ads that appear on users’ social media. These ads look like normal social posts unless they are tagged with the word “sponsor”.

So, this way you can promote your online grocery store with the help of social media. For more, refer the article, Social Media Strategy For Grocery Store.

#4. Search engine optimization

Search engines will help you to excellent visibility globally as well as locally. Google, Yahoo, Bing help to improve your local rankings and gain more customers to your website. Google is the most used search engine in the world and at the top of the list is the retail distribution web app and the application is very important.

Using the relevant words SEO and ASO (for the App Store and Play Store) can maximize the benefits of the web app and app to meet your app’s target audience. Incorporating better words, web design, faster loading, better web design, and better content that meets your customer’s needs will increase your ranking in search engine results among popular search engines including Google. Optimization with search engines will help you to promote your online grocery store.

#5. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a huge advantage of digital marketing. By influencing the influencer to showcase your application to thousands of your target audience, you will reap the maximum benefits of converting these audiences into your potential customers at a high conversion rate.

A marketing strategy can be achieved by using influencers to focus on a brand and build trust. This is one of the top ways grocery owners use it to attract shoppers and promote their products. Leveraging influencer is a smart strategy for grocery stores.

Influencer marketing can help online grocery store owners to achieve their goals of continuous growth and retaining satisfied customers.

#6. E-mail marketing

As a grocery store marketer, you want to have a direct line of communication with your past and future customers. You may want to let your audience know if you are running a sale, announcing a new product line, or have other news to share.

In order to achieve this, e-mail marketing is a better option. E-mails allow for highly personalized, highly targeted, communication with customers, allowing you to send the right person. This makes e-mail a more lucrative channel, both in terms of providing direct communication and the return on investment.

The normal open rate across the grocery industry is 36.6%, making them almost 50% higher than the overall average for email campaigns.

#7. Video promotion

Given the current marketing situation, most users are interested in watching promotional videos. Therefore, to increase the popularity of the brand, introduce promotional HD animated videos and share them on video sharing sites as well as on social media channels. There is no better way to bring your products to shoppers’ life than with video, showing the product with quite creative with an emotional story element. It has the potential to create a truly resonant experience with your audience and make your brand memorable in front of their eyes.

Actually, some brands have made their products big through their videos. For instance, Dollar Shave Club Videos.

#8. Offer surprise rewards

Do you want to keep your customers happy with your services? Actually, you should find a way for existing buyers to buy back from you. Therefore, the best approach to this is with the help of a loyalty program. You can give your loyal customers gifts in the form of points that can be used to get free products, free shipping, and discount coupons. In addition, this will encourage customers to revisit your online grocery store.

#9. Use live chat

Every customer has different questions and it is not really possible to answer all of them. Using live chat, the customer can ask questions or reveal issues before making a shopping decision. Therefore, this opportunity can increase the rate of conversation or fulfill the customer shopping experience for your brand.

In addition, by providing live chat on your e-commerce website you will be able to find out the lesser and more common issues that customers feel. Solving those problems lead to the overall growth of translations. Further, a number of companies have had great success with chat apps.

#10. Use pop-up offers

Many people are interested when they hear the word “pop-up”. Pop-ups help your online grocery store to generate email subscribers by offering a special discount coupon to the customer, who fills out a form.

Moreover, pop-ups can reduce shopping cart drop-off rates and increase your conversion. If you really want to increase your conversion rates and sales, ignore the potential of choice offers. Moreover, popups not only significantly improve your relationships but also increase sales faster.

But remember, your pop-ups work well by giving the customer something suitable and useful. If your offer is a promotion or free that your customers are happy to use, the popup window will be perceived as a gift, not a hindrance.

#11. Provide multiple payment options

Having multiple payment ways for your online grocery store makes it more convenient for your customers. Further, it will prevent the abandonment of shopping carts. Many payment gateways allow customers to make purchases using their smartphones, which adds to the flexibility.

Offering more payment choices such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Stripe, Wi-Fi, including new services that are becoming increasingly popular on mobile phones. Of course, optimizing your e-commerce website to add all these options can be a hassle, however doing so is a good way to improve online sales, especially if your grocery website has large mobile traffic.

Accordingly, running a successful online grocery store is not never easy. But, using the strategies, mentioned above can help you to boost your sales and improve your conversion. Once you know how your audience thinks, you can customize your strategy to be more effective. But, be sure to use the right grocery e-Commerce solution and approach for your industry to target the market. Combine strategies and make the most effective tool and amazing customer service.

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