You might wish to prepare responses to some of the most typical questions if you are applying for a sales representative employment. A well-written response may help you leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager. This will enable them to decide whether you are the best candidate for the post. In this article, we at founderactivity go through 35 of sales interview questions for sales representatives. We have also provided sample responses to help you.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

– Thomas Edison

Importance of Sales Interview Questions

An employer will be seeking for essential qualities. Including the capacity to hit objectives, persuasive strategies, and the capacity to face rejection in order to develop a resourceful sales staff. An interview is an opportunity for you and the firm to determine whether you are the correct fit for one another. Since the wrong individual might prevent the organization from achieving its anticipated business goals.

How to Confidently Answer 25 Sales Interview Questions

Sales Interview Questions and Answers

The nature of the sales industry necessitates a great deal of instant thinking and question-answering. As a result, the line of inquiry might go in a number of different areas. So it is best to be prepared. Here are some potential interview questions you could encounter:

1. Are you comfortable making cold calls?

Sales requires making cold calls, thus interviewers are interested in your prior experience. Are you outgoing? This question also reveals something about your personality. Can you engage in a conversation? Even though this could seem to be a yes-or-no question, include instances to back up your arguments. The recommended response was “yes!”

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2. What do you know about our company so far?

They want to know that you spent time learning about the business and the position before the interview. They will think that you will not be ready for sales calls as well if they notice that you were not prepared for the interview. Not appealing. Being a successful sales representative requires doing this homework. But they also want to know that you are engaged in what they do particularly. Everyone likes to work with passionate individuals as a team. In addition, to testing your knowledge about the company, your leadership skills will also be tested.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I have been following a few of the sales executives in your organization on LinkedIn. And I noticed a recurring theme: it is all about the people. Customers, partners, coworkers and the larger community are all important. The manner your leadership publicly thanks those folks is an example of this. I completely agree with your objective to transform how businesses interact with consumers throughout their lifespan. In addition to advancing a larger humanitarian cause, I want to assist the sales community. By becoming more technologically advanced and utilizing products like the one you provide. From what I can tell, your business offers a terrific setting for that type of work.”

3. Tell me a bit more about yourself.

This sales interview question enables your potential employer to assess your communication skills. Also and ability to effectively mix both personal and professional information. It also serves as an opportunity to assess how effectively you can establish connections without being excessively casual. While getting a sense of who you are as a person.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “Off the clock, though, I am completely captivated with my X pastime, which I have been doing for years and enjoy with my friends and family. Additionally, I have been a salesperson professionally for Y years. Due to my enthusiasm for Z, which helped me locate your business because it shares my interests.”

4. Give me an overview of your career to date.

A career overview demonstrates your communication skills while explaining the reasoning behind your professional decisions. You can also speak about some of your more significant successes.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I was able to get my head in the door in sales at firm X, which provided me with the platform I needed to build abilities Y. I then discovered a chance to advance with Z firm, where I could build on what I had already learnt and succeed in…”

5. What are your short- to mid-term career goals?

Setting goals that are effective is a sign of a motivated, analytical employee. It is important for carrying out daily duties and maintaining the course throughout your professional development within a company.

This question provides the interviewer the chance to determine whether you will stay organized, interested, and ambitious during your employment with the organization.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “My short-term objective is to X because I want to surpass my previous Y motives. This will enable me to develop the abilities I need to reach Z, my long-term objective, and new heights.”

6. How do you generate, develop and close sales opportunities?

Surprisingly, you must show that you have real sales knowledge if you are applying for a sales career. Recruiters want to know if you have the necessary abilities to carry out your duties; cultural fit will not go you very far if you cannot really close sales.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I start producing sales possibilities by X thanks to thoughtful planning and customer targeting. I create possibilities by paying attention to the client’s demands and attempting to offer the best answer. I complete sales by earning the customer’s confidence in both the goods and myself until we come to an acceptable arrangement.”

7. What do you consider your most significant sales achievement to date?

Where interviewers give you the chance to leave a lasting impression is with this question. They want to know that you can successfully use your expertise to achieve genuinely impressive goals. They are also interested in how effectively you can describe the difficulties you have encountered. The methods you used to get through them.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I was looking for fresh opportunities to pursue. And after putting myself forward by attending more conferences, making more phone calls, and developing connections with individuals all around the world. I was able to close a six-figure deal with a business on a lead that I personally sourced!”

8. Tell me about a time that you failed to achieve goals you set. What went wrong and how could the outcome have been different?

Successful salesmen are able to correct their errors. They are able to deal with failure by honestly evaluating their flaws, accepting them, and not repeating the same mistakes.

Just as important as learning how to succeed is understanding how to deal with failure. Interviewers want to know if you will be able to successfully overcome problems without becoming overburdened, disheartened, or confused. Hitting jams and setbacks are a natural part of sales life.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I was not able to reach target for deals in the X business at the start of my profession. I took a moment to identify the source of the issue and discovered that I was focusing on the wrong age and profession group. I discovered that I had to use data to undertake more in-depth research. And I have maintained that line of thought at the center of my approach ever since.”

9. Why are you interested in this company? Why are you interested in this role?

Our question is intended to determine how excited you are about the interviewer’s firm in particular. Just like the second item on this list; a passionate employee is an engaged one.

And when the going gets tough, they are considerably more inclined to go the additional mile. They want to be certain that you fit in. They will likely pass on you if you can’t explain why that is the case in detail.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I have always been interested by this sector of the economy. And how your business has developed such a cutting-edge product for its clients. It would be a joy to find out more about the many solutions you provide and to use my skill set to help your business succeed. I would like the chance to become more knowledgeable about everything and develop in this role.”

10. Consider a time when you haven’t gotten along with someone on your team. What would that person say about you?

Passionate people work in sales. Employers need candidates with self-awareness and teamwork skills in this high-stress industry. You’re more or less destined to hinder the performance of your sales department if you cannot properly contribute to a team dynamic, interact with others, and wisely handle issues with coworkers.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “In my previous position, I collaborated often with a co-worker who had a communication style extremely unlike from mine. We had early disagreements because I process thoughts out while he processes them within. In the end, we spent some time discussing how he might be more clear in expressing his views and how I could be more objective when I listened to him and gave criticism.”

11. How do you keep up with the latest industry trends in sales?

This sales interview question gives recruiters an opportunity to determine how enthusiastic you are about sales in general and whether you are in it for the right reasons rather than merely to earn money. It demonstrates drive, genuine interest, and a commitment to both professional and personal growth to follow market trends.

SAMPLE ANSWERS – “I follow sales trends in a variety of ways. I frequently read the hot subjects appearing in my favorite business sources and participate in LinkedIn discussions. Even my library of books on sales success is expanding.”

12. Tell me about the toughest sale you have ever made.

This sales interview question is intended to provide you the opportunity to highlight a significant achievement, clearly communicate your problem-solving abilities, exhibit critical thinking, and illustrate how you have applied the skills you have acquired during your professional growth.

The presence of passion is also desired. They want to hear some excitement from you when you speak about something you’re really proud of because they know it will show in your future position.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I once pitched my company to a man at a social gathering even though I had not been there specifically to do so. I could not help but overhear him complaining about X at his company. I secured the biggest contract of my career with a major corporation in my Y years of work after hours of consideration, exchanging business cards, and attending several meetings over the course of months!”

13. Have you ever had to break up with a client or prospect? How did you approach that?

This sales interview question reveals your level of tenacity, communication skills, empathy and strategic thinking. It demonstrates to interviewers that you have a solid sense of when to cut your losses with prospects, the courage to act on that intuition, and the requisite finesse to break up gently and carefully.

Considering it takes a lot of courage to break up with prospects, but it’s an essential step in the sales process. It demonstrates your self-assurance in your capacity to handle additional business, your awareness of your customers’ needs, and your passion for defending the assets of your organization.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “There have been instances where a client and the product offering were no longer compatible. I understand when a product is not the proper match for a consumer, even if I want to achieve the quota. I would consider all possibilities before making a decision, and I would politely let them know that they should consider alternative options.”

14. Why are you interested in sales?

This sales interview question, like a few others on this list, aids interviewers in determining how much game you are bringing to the company. They want to know that you approach your work with excitement and genuine interest, and that you take it very seriously.

This will give you the chance to demonstrate with this question that you have the necessary drive for the job. They could assume you’re applying for the job for the wrong purposes if you can’t explain why you enjoy working in sales.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I was motivated to pursue a career in sales because it rewards persistence and creative problem-solving. I like the challenge of closing a sale, and it makes me feel good when I provide a customer what they need.”

15. Do you consider yourself a team player?

People who work well in teams may accomplish their own objectives while encouraging and supporting everyone around them to do so as well. Admittedly, hiring managers prefer to work with applicants that improve team spirit rather than undermine it.

If you disagree with that statement, they will know that another candidate will be more eager to work with you and around others in the workplace.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “Yes, I appreciate being part of a team that pushes one another to achieve greater things. I have demonstrated in my most recent experience that I can succeed in a career that requires me to operate both independently and collaboratively.”

16. How do you establish a relationship with your customers?

The recruiting manager for sales places a lot of importance on this simple inquiry. They want to know if you already have a solid sales strategy that enables you to establish relationships with potential customers.

If your CV already shows that you have some sales expertise, the interviewer will undoubtedly be anticipating a response from you that shouldn’t take too long to develop.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “Every customer is unique, therefore in order to guarantee that I can develop connections with them. I would tailor my approach to meet their specific needs to engage in friendly and acceptable discussion while we conduct business.”

17. What do you do when sales are down?

Since not every month will be the most successful in sales, the hiring manager is interested in learning how you spot and solve this issue when it arises.

They want to see that you have a strategy in place and a positive outlook that shows you won’t quit up or obsess over the setback.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I do not become anxious when sales decline. Instead, I step back and create a strategic plan to use a new approach to reach more clients. I would figure out how far I am from my target and adjust my strategy as necessary.”

18. How have you maintained your motivation in a remote world?

At the moment, the most, if not all, sales teams are remote or hybrid. And from what we can gather, the majority will continue to function for the foreseeable future at least in a hybrid setting. Working remotely in a sales profession is difficult, that much is certain. You miss the excitement of being among your peers, you lose the chance to hear what’s going on with someone else’s call, and you lose the team’s joy when someone eventually answers the phone. In order to find out whether you can succeed in that situation, if you have figured out a method to make it work for you, or if you have a strategy for it, interviewers want to know.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “It is essential that I take care of myself before starting my workday. I allow myself plenty of time to get ready for the day, do something I love (reading, journaling, walking) and set aspirations for the day rather than rolling out of bed and starting my laptop. I place a high priority on reviving myself throughout the day so that while I am working. So that I can be fully present and productive.”

19. Pitch our company to me

They want to evaluate your communication abilities and know that you performed your research on their business. Can you describe the company in a way that makes sense, emphasizes the value and stays away from jargons?

SAMPLE ANSWER – “We provide recommendations, banking, insurance, investment choices and direction on how to live a generous life. Your ultimate aim is not money per se. Our financial advice can assist you in moving forward in life and fulfilling your own greater purpose (but it may also help you get there). We take the time to find out what is most important to you and offer tools that will enable you to live out your principles.”

20. What is most important to you in your next company?

They want to be certain that you are a good fit. They can also be attempting to understand how you think while you look for a new position. Did you apply because you were “throwing spaghetti against the wall” or because there was something in particular about their business that appealed to you?

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I value being a member of a team that works together toward a common goal and it comes through in how I deal with coworkers from other areas. Additionally, I am excited to work on a team where everyone has high expectations for both themselves and one another.”

Questions You Can Ask in a Sales Interview

21. What are the characteristics of your top salespeople?

This sales interview question demonstrates your desire to determine whether you are a good fit for the interviewer’s organization. It will show that you are interested in learning the essential requirements for success in this position, which has two benefits.

One benefit is that it demonstrates to your interviewer that you have a real, personal interest in getting the job. Furthermore, it provides you with some glimpse into how you could do in the organization.

22. What types of objections do your representatives encounter?

This sales interview question demonstrates your proactive thinking and your interest in researching the difficulties associated with the position. It conveys to the interviewer that you are interested in learning about the challenges that possible coworkers face on a daily basis. It aids your interviewer in mentally placing you in the character, much like many other aspects covered in this article.

23. What are the biggest challenges new hires face in their first three months?

This sales interview question shows that you have a growth-oriented attitude and a special interest in the firm. You will be demonstrating that you are already motivated to take on and overcome the difficulties that is commonly faced by salesmen in this position.

Asking about the challenges that new recruits often face is a great approach to demonstrate to interviewers that you are already considering what you’ll need to do to succeed at their business.

24. Can I get a high-level overview of your sales process?

Asking about the sales process demonstrates your ability to think practically. This sales interview question demonstrates your desire to comprehend the selling process and determine whether your abilities and sales acumen match those of the organization as a whole. Interviewers will value that type of practical consideration.

25. Can you give me some more information about your tech stack?

This sales interview question demonstrates your interest in the more practical, down-to-earth aspects of the profession, similar to the fourth one on this list. You are showcasing two major pluses for anyone interested in a sales career by saying that you want to know what tools you’ll be applying. You are demonstrating your familiarity with some sales tools in the first place. Second, you’re demonstrating that you are eager to pick up new skills and learn how to use tools.

How to prepare for sales interview questions

You have a special opportunity to do well in an interview because you are a sales representative. Simply consider yourself the product and use the same strategies you would in any sales meeting. To convince your interviewer that you are a good fit and sell your skills.

Consider the company’s sales plan before the interview and provide examples of how your prior sales expertise has prepared you to participate.

  • Do some research on the business and the items it sells.
  • Next, determine who the product’s likely target customer is.
  • Consider your sales achievements.
  • Think about how you can express them in a tangible, quantifiable way.
  • Have the ability to describe oneself like you would a product or customer.
  • Use the STAR interviewing technique.
  • Put together a list of open-ended questions for the potential employer.

How to Answer Sales Interview Questions with No Experience

For someone who has already been in this particular industry, the common sales interview questions will not be new to you. But how do you answer these questions if you are a candidate who is new to this industry with no industrial experience or outlook?

  • Describe your inexperience as a desire to learn and develop.
  • Showcase your extracurricular activities from your academic history.
  • Discuss your background’s relevant talents.
  • Tell us about a time when you solved an issue.

Sales Interview Tips

  • Give a brief explanation of your study into the company’s solutions, the customers it serves, its competitors, and the views of insiders in the industry.
  • Clarify your interest in the organization and the position.
  • Describe in great detail how you carry out your sales function from beginning to end.
  • Never make claims about your prior performance without supporting evidence.
  • Everybody enjoys a good sales tale, so the more drama you can provide, the better.
  • Be open and honest about mistakes, and give a specific instance of a time you faced a difficulty and overcame it.
  • Be yourself and prepared above anything else.

Watch the video below to gain more insight into a day in life of a sales representative.

Ace your Next Sales Job Interview

Wrapping it all up, while it’s hard to predict every conceivable sales job interview question. These examples will help you be ready for the most crucial ones and any questions that are derived from them. Make sure to do your homework on the firm before the sales interview. Discover more about their sales tactics and what your requirements are for this specific position. Make sure you can effectively demonstrate your sales abilities. This set of sales interview questions will give you more self-assurance and a chance to brush up your expertise. You will succeed if you practice your sales interviewing techniques or upskill with our assistance.

Be yourself and prepared above anything else. Your finest job interviews and results are still to come. Go for it today.

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