Around a million people applied for jobs at STARBUCKS last year, but only 80,000 were hired.
You should be able to perform your math, in my opinion. Only 10% of applicants were ultimately hired by Starbucks. And this year’s tale is probably going to be the same—and identical tale for you.

We at founderactivity will explain to you some of the starbucks interview questions and how to respond to them. This ought to make you one of the ten people who eventually land the job!

Starbucks Hiring Process

Starbucks is interested in hiring workers who share its values and beliefs. In fact, Starbucks is so certain of its guiding principles that it prefers to refer to its staff as “partners” rather than employees.

We call our employees partners because we are all partners in shared success. We make sure everything we do is through the lens of humanity—from our commitment to the highest-quality coffee in the world to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business responsibly.

Starbucks will call you for a brief phone screening after you submit an online application. You will have an in-person interview if they like you. Both general and behavioral or scenario-based interview questions will be asked during the interview.

Check out the video below to know what a day in a life of a starbucks employee can be like.

Starbucks Interview Questions

1. Describe yourself to us

It’s acceptable to talk about your interests and hobbies but keep it brief. Focus on prior work experience that is related. Having relevant work experience will help you stand out from the crowd.

2. How would you respond to a client who argues that their drink order is incorrect?

It’s inevitable that a customer will occasionally complain that their drink is incorrect; it’s just part of the job at Starbucks. They may in some cases be metered regarding it. Others will quickly progress from silence to yelling.

The hiring manager wants to know you can handle the circumstance because it will undoubtedly arise. By asking you this question, they can determine whether you’d naturally adopt the proper strategy.

Sample Answers – “I would first ask the customer to explain the problem if they complained that their drink was off,” said the server. I would need to know what they originally ordered in addition to the issue with the beverage. I would start making the correct drink right away if it wasn’t the one they requested. If the issue was more complex, I would ask them to elaborate on what they disliked about the beverage. In this manner, I could remake their drink to their satisfaction if a particular type of correction was required, such as adjusting the temperature or amount of flavoring or something slightly more nuanced.”

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3. How well do you know Starbucks?

About Starbucks :

Starbucks Interview Questions
  • In 1971, Starbucks opened its doors in Seattle.
  • High-quality coffee, tea, espresso, Frappuccino’s, smoothies, and a variety of other foods are sold at Starbucks, which is well-known for doing so.
  • They bought 2003’s Seattle Best Coffee.
  • In 2009, they introduced VIA instant coffee.
  • For their regular customers, My Starbucks Reward card is a loyalty program. Loyal customers can receive free drinks, food, and other items with this card.
  • Inspiring and nourishing the human spirit one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time is their stated mission.
  • Consider yourself an expert on Starbucks. See how you do on our interview Starbucks Trivia!
Starbuck Interview Questions - cheat sheet

4. Why did you choose Starbucks and not a different company?

Most people discuss the benefits the position offers when compared to similar job openings (flexible working hours, a lot of part-time opportunities, brand recognition, returning customers, job security, relaxed night shifts, etc).

It’s not a bad answer, but you can think of something better. From the viewpoint of an employer, consider why it is advantageous for them that you want to work for Starbucks and what they value about the organization.
In this response, you can concentrate on the company’s culture and values, something that sets Starbucks apart from its rivals and that its managers are proud of.
Since their objectives, principles, and workplace culture align with your own, you can concentrate on the value you can add to their team.

Sample Answers – “I enjoy working here because of how well-organized everything is while also creating a positive and laid-back atmosphere. Additionally, I appreciate the variety you provide, the caliber of your coffee, and the way your staff treats one another. I would choose to work here rather than somewhere else because of the wonderful workplace culture. I think I make a good addition to the team here. Additionally, your part-time offer really fits my college schedule, so it’s a perfect fit. I would rather work here than someplace else because of that. Although I have applied for other jobs as well, Starbucks is unquestionably my top choice for a part-time position.”

5. Why this job? (Barista, shift manager, etc. in a specific location)

You could imply that you think your strengths are ideal for the position in question.
As an alternative, you could mention the nature of the position or, in the absence of any other justification, the location, your prior experience, or the hours of operation.

Sample Answers – “I’ve led teams before, so I know how to keep everyone organized, and they appreciate my direction. So, since I can use my abilities, strengths, and prior experience in this position, I applied for a shift supervisor position. It just seems like a natural choice for someone like me; I enjoy the nature of the work, working with my hands, and interacting with people. I applied for a barista position because of this. Additionally, it is in a fantastic location that is close to my dorm.”

6. It’s a repetitive job. What would inspire you to perform well each and every day?

The typical Starbucks employee’s daily tasks are monotonous, particularly if we are talking about baristas. You should therefore concentrate on your preference for routine jobs. Your response may also mention teamwork and how much you enjoy being a member of a team, as well as the satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

Or you could claim that the work is not repetitive from your perspective if one approaches it with the right attitude and looks for nice, subtle details that change every day.

Sample Answers – “I’ll be honest; I like doing routine work. Once I’ve mastered something, I do a good job and feel good about it. Nothing else is necessary, at least not for me.
Relations are important. It makes me happy and motivated to work hard constantly if I enjoy the time I spend with my coworkers and if I feel like a part of a hard-working team. Whether the work is repetitive or not is irrelevant. This work is not monotonous, in my opinion. I am aware that baristas perform the same tasks all day. However, there are always new faces, conversations with them, and issues to resolve, so no two shifts are ever the same. This work is enjoyable in my opinion, and I wouldn’t describe it as monotonous.”

7. What would you do if a customer picked up their drink, took a sip, and appeared visibly upset but didn’t tell an employee about it?

If they don’t think their beverage is perfect, some customers will immediately confront the staff, but many won’t. But that does not preclude negative consequences. You can’t ensure that a customer won’t complain just because they didn’t request a new drink in the age of Yelp reviews and social media rants.

Additionally, businesses benefit when customers return. Some people might be driven away, at least from that area, by a single negative encounter.
The hiring manager is attempting to determine your level of the initiative by asking you this question.

Sample Answers – “I would reach out and ask a customer if they were enjoying their drink if they didn’t seem to be. I hoped they could explain what was wrong so I could understand what might have gone wrong. Once I knew that I would offer to remake their drink right away and use their feedback as a model for the one after that. They could then drink something they like. It is worthwhile to take this easy step because it could greatly enhance their experience.”

8. What Starbucks beverage do you prefer?

There is a good chance that the hiring manager will ask you what your typical Starbucks order is. Why? They learn a few things from it, I suppose.

In the beginning, it is a casual test of your product knowledge. They can also see how enthusiastic you are about your decision. This question is an easy way to distinguish between good candidates and great ones because hiring managers will favor applicants who are enthusiastic about the brand and knowledgeable about many of the options.

It’s important to keep in mind that this question can also be phrased differently. You might receive a complimentary beverage of your choice during the interview. Then, you might be questioned about your choice of beverage. It accomplishes the same thing but takes a different route.

It doesn’t matter which drink (or drinks) you choose; the important thing is to explain why you like it.

Sample Answers – “During the cooler months, I prefer the white chocolate mocha with whipped cream from Starbucks. It feels like a treat and gives me a nice pick-me-up. That makes it both practical and luxurious, which is great on a chilly day. I prefer the vanilla sweet cream cold brew, though, when it’s warmer. It’s opulent and decadent, and it gives me a lot of energy.”

9. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

You should discuss your strengths that are important to the job at STARBUCKS and your weaknesses that are not essential to the position in a strong response.
One can even discuss a flaw that some employers and HR managers may view as a strength, such as being overly cordial with clients.

In any case, you shouldn’t assert that you are without flaws. Humans are what we are. You, I, and the manager who will conduct the interview with you all have weaknesses.

Sample Answers – “I have the propensity to be overly amiable. Customers might interpret my actions incorrectly. I am aware of this, and I make an effort to exercise caution in my work to prevent unfortunate events. My greatest strengths, in my opinion, are my ability to comprehend the needs of various people and my good computing skills. They are useful for this job, in my opinion. I’m not as proficient in languages as I should be. I do, however, practice a lot at home and take evening classes to advance my language abilities. Since I always finish my work on time and never arrive late to work, people often compliment me on my responsibility. This is probably my strongest suit as a worker.”

More Starbucks Interview Questions

The following list of 27 additional Starbucks interview questions may be asked of you when you speak with the hiring manager.

10. How would you respond if a coworker started spreading untrue rumors about someone else?

11. What would your previous coworkers think of you?

12. You want to work at Starbucks for how long?

13. If you were running late for a shift, what would you do?

14. What have you discovered over the previous year?

15. What objectives did you set for yourself in the past year, and how did you do?

16. Give an example of a time when a client was not happy with your service. 

17. What steps did you take to solve the issue?

18. How at ease are you working with up to five coworkers in such close quarters?

19. What about coffee do you like?

20. Give an instance of your best customer service.

21. What would you do if you witnessed someone robbing the cash drawer?

22. When will you be able to begin?

23. Have you got any inquiries?

24. Why ought we to employ you?

25. What made you decide to work for Starbucks?

26. How would you respond to an obnoxious customer?

27. Tell me about a time when you erred. What was the fix?

28. How would you inform a customer if we were out of a certain product or ingredient?

29. Are you available on weekends, holidays, late at night, and early in the morning?

30. What would you do if you saw a coworker take $1 out of the register and put it in their pocket?

31. Could you give an example of a time when you went above and beyond for a client? Why did you go above and beyond?

32. What do you consider to be exceptional customer service?

33. Which of your qualities best positions you to succeed in this position?

34. How would you characterize your capacity for teamwork?

35. Do you feel at ease working in a fast-paced setting?

36. What actions would you take to control the situation if you were the only cashier and the customer line got long?

Good Questions to Ask at the End of a Starbucks Interview

There’s a good chance you’ll get to ask the hiring manager some questions as your interview comes to a close. A few should be available at all times.

Why? You come across as interested and enthusiastic about your work when you ask questions.

Additionally, it’s a chance to learn important information. It’s equally crucial to make sure the job is a good fit for you as it is to convince the hiring manager of your qualifications. Here are five excellent questions to ask at the conclusion of a Starbucks interview if you’re stuck for ideas.

1. What is the biggest problem that these baristas deal with every day?

2. What would a typical day in this position entail? What was your toughest day in this position?

3. What abilities or characteristics do all of your top employees share?

4. When you first started working for Starbucks, was there anything that surprised you?

5. What kind of training do newly hired employees receive?

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How Do I Prepare for a Starbucks Interview?

  • I can’t give you interview advice any better than what Starbucks’ page on resume and interview tips has to offer. You should read the book Onward, it is advised. They had a bad turn in 2008 when they started to grow too quickly and lost focus on their mission. The stock started to decline. To put the customer and the coffee front and center, the mission statement was revised.
  • The CEO of Onward mentions in the book a time when he was in Italy and was at a coffee shop where the person brewing the coffee knew everyone’s name. He wished he could have that same experience in Starbucks right now. Talk about how you feel you have a personal connection with the barista during your Starbucks interview and how you always receive excellent customer service.
  • The book also describes how the café in 2008 was dominated by the smell of burning cheese rather than coffee. This was brought on by their melting cheese sandwiches and cheese drips on the grill (a problem that no longer exists). Be sure to mention how much you enjoy entering a Starbucks and smelling fine coffee during your Starbucks interview questions.

What to expect at a Starbucks interview

Interviews at Starbucks are very similar to those for corporate positions. They will test your personality, ability to handle difficult situations, and communication skills by asking you some standard questions.

Starbucks Interview Outfit

For the interview at Starbucks, dress more casually than formally. For Starbucks interviews, appropriate clothing is generally regarded as consisting of slacks or presentable skirts and appropriate tops, such as button-down shirts and conventional tops.

In the end, all of the aforementioned advice can make you stand out in your Starbucks interview. Accept them! By doing so, you can present yourself as the outstanding applications that you are, improving your chances of getting the job.

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