This article about target interview questions is for you if you are a person who has been impatiently hoping to land a job at Target Corporation, your ideal employer. It may be challenging, but it is not impossible, to make yourself stand out from the competition when so many resumes are exchanged with Target Corp. every day.

Consequently, we at founderactivity have given a roadmap to assist you pass all of the interview stages at Target Corporation with flying colors in order to boost your chances of landing the ideal job at Target Corporation. Before moving on to the specific interview questions, let’s have a deeper understanding of the brand.

What is Target?

The general merchandise retailer Target Corporation lives by the motto “Expect More, Pay Less.” Its headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where it was founded in 1962. In 2014, Mr. Brian Cornell was selected to be Target’s CEO, and he is still the chairman and CEO of the company today. Target has captured the hearts of Americans by placing stores close to 10 miles from around 75% of the country’s residents.

Target revenue has increased by 5.2% annually to $108.721 billion for the fiscal year that ended on October 31, 2022. The projected yearly income for 2022 was $106.005B, an increase of 13.3% over 2021. $93.561 billion was the projected yearly revenue in 2021, a 19.78% increase from 2020.

They have developed 1,948 shops in the U.S., 51 supply chain facilities, 28 offices throughout the world, and 45+ distinctive brands that are owned by Target in an effort to assist everyone. By contributing 5% of its profits to local communities, Target Corporation also helps the community.

How to Prepare for a Target Interview

Target interview questions might be quite challenging. Therefore, it is important to keep readiness in advance and never give up. While preparing for a target interview, keep the following in mind.

  • Learn everything you can about the business: Read case studies and articles on Target. When asking questions about the brand during an interview, the interviewer should be assured and persuaded. It will enable them to gauge a candidate’s level of interest in working for this company.
  • Maintain a Clear Professional Vision: Target always wants to employ people with a clear professional vision. Keep your present plans in line as a result.
  • Be Confident: During an interview, we all experience anxiety. But it is essential to deliver your responses with assurance and to refrain from stumbling. If you’d like, you may also pause, compose your response, and then give it.
  • Formal Attire: Your choice of clothing has a big impact on how you come across. Your interview attire sets the tone for how professionally you show yourself to potential employers. You demonstrate a lack of regard for yourself and the people you are meeting with if you do not dress adequately for an interview. So, remember to dress appropriately to your Target interview.
  • Documentation: Prepare your documents before going to the interview. Bring your résumé, academic transcripts, certificates proving to prior employment, and other important papers. You must also always have duplicates of everything with you.

Also, you can check out the video below to know what it is like to work in a day at Target.

Target Interview Questions

There are some general target interview questions that you will be asked irrespective of the role you are interviewing for. These questions may include inquiries about your qualifications, your experience, and your goals.

Give below are the common target interview questions with sample answers:

1. Tell us something about yourself?

Share your present position in your response to this target interview questions. Share your interests and hobbies with your educational experience. Share the abilities and traits you possess that enhance your performance.

2. What do you know about Target?

Discover how much you know about the company from a potential employer. This target interview questions not only demonstrates your enthusiasm for the job but also your dedication in your academic study. You may discuss a lot of information about Target, like its founders, founding year, values, target market, and even tagline.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “George Dayton established Target, with the first location debuting in Roseville in 1962. Target Department Stores, Supermarket, City Target, and Target Express are among the retail formats you provide, and your corporate office is in Minneapolis, Minnesota.”

3. Why do you want to work at Target?

All Target interviews include a variation of this question. Here, you need to explain to the interviewer why you are interested in working with Target. Tell us what motivates you to work for Target. Emphasize the wonderful experience they provide while mentioning your desire to donate. Do not forget to mention your long-term objectives and how Target may assist you in achieving them. Be sure to compliment your prospective employer. You can mention how much you like their goods, the experience you stand to get, and the workplace atmosphere or work culture they have. Avoid using material factors as much as you can.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I’ve been a client of yours for a while, and I can’t help but rave about how much I adore your products and customer service. I’d be honored to stand in for you and encourage others to feel the same. I’m a university student with a commerce major as well. You are a Fortune 500 firm, therefore this would be a great location to learn about retail.”

4.  What hours are you available?

The interviewer is interested in learning how many hours you can work. This is important since it aids in staffing and ensures that there are always enough workers on the job. Be truthful. Never give an interviewer a false impression of your flexibility just to fall short of expectations afterwards.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I’m available every day of the week, with the exception of Tuesday and Friday when I have lessons. So, the only time I can work is at night. I am rather adaptable, so excluding those two days, I wouldn’t mind working any shift. (You may also state that you are unavailable on weekends if you present valid justifications.)”

5. Why did you choose this position out of all the vacancies?

Since Target offers a variety of employment, this target interview questions should not come as a surprise. Show the interviewer that you possess the necessary skills, personality traits, experience, and qualifications for the position for which you have applied. You may also say that you have done something similar in the past, which makes you the ideal candidate for the job.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “Because I like working at this specific job, I applied for it. I have taken on corresponding positions that have given me precisely the training I need to succeed at your shop. (Alternatively, you could state that you see this specific position as a stepping stone on your professional path to management.) Make sure your response appeals to the interviewer overall.”

6. What could you improve about Target if given a chance?

This is target interview questions that most leaders will ask. But you will need to be ready in case it comes up during your interview. We urge you against bringing up anything sensitive or significant that could make the interview seem awkward. Instead, bring up something that will demonstrate your keen observational abilities and persuade the interviewers that you’re going to be an asset. Stay upbeat.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I can attest that you are an outstanding business with a distinctive attitude since I have been a frequent customer in several places. I like what you have accomplished under guidance and how far you have come. However, if you let me join you and learn how you operate, I could collaborate with others to enhance a few procedures and make sure the business is more productive.”

7. What are some challenges that you face in your current job? How do you deal with the same?

Tell them about your everyday tasks and roles. Share your daily task plan and identify one or two problems you could encounter along with the resolution you choose.

8. Why should we hire you?

It is important to demonstrate why you are the best qualified applicant for this position. Therefore, carefully read the job description and the list of abilities needed. Describe how you acquired those talents and how you have used them in your present position. You believe that Target is the ideal place for learning and growth because you want to do both.

9. Mention your strengths and weaknesses.

Even though this question is asked in practically every interview, most individuals detest it. Contrary to what a few respondents believed, it is actually rather straightforward. Picking a strength which will sell you and a weakness unrelated to the task at hand is a quick cheat. Additionally, you want to discuss with the interviewer how you handle your weakness.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “My ability to sympathize with individuals around me and to listen carefully will be useful in this position. My tendencies toward consumers to be overly nice and perhaps overthinking are my flaws. But I have a mentor who is assisting me in handling it.”

10. Have you ever gone above and beyond to assist someone?

If you are able to go beyond what is required to help your coworkers or even customers, that is what the interviewer wants to know. This is a typical target interview questions topic that might be challenging to respond to. Even if it is not a work-related incident, you should talk about a time when you went above and beyond to assist someone. Your willingness to go above and beyond to assist others will also foster a positive work atmosphere and contribute to the development of a solid team.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “On the streets, I once ran upon a man who was unconscious. People ignored him as they walked past. I approached him and asked if he was alright since I thought he needed assistance. I asked him if he had any questions, but he remained silent. He didn’t have any, so I dialed 911, and an ambulance arrived shortly after. It found that the man had epilepsy and also that, if I hadn’t intervened, he would have continued to lie there for hours. Following treatment, he was given back to his family.”

11. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Think of this as a target interview questions you could pose to yourself and provide the same response. You could find yourself in a managerial role within the next five years. As a result, you must emphasize that.

12. What’s your biggest motivation at the workplace?

An interviewer has to ask this target interview questions since it enables them to determine the main motivation behind your everyday commute to work. Sayings like “money” or “appraisal” should be avoided. Mention qualitative factors like developing new talents, taking on new tasks, and improving your contribution to the expansion of the organization.

13. Share one work error you have made. How did you handle the situation?

Human mistake is common. It is possible to perform it while beginning or managing a project. The primary difficulty is how one handles it. Draw attention to any issues you may have had. Instead of describing how you were enraged or scared, describe how you calmly handled the situation and came with two or three solutions. Describe how you discussed the issue with your team and manager rather than resolving it on your own. You might fix the problem by coordinating your team.

14. What makes a good team member?

A good team player maintains a balance between individual and team development. As a result, effective team members uphold equality, demonstrate empathy, assume responsibility for their job, and encourage one another.

15. Describe a situation when you and a team member disagreed. What happened as a result?

At this stage, an interviewer wants to see if a candidate would maintain the team harmonious or cause conflicts to arise. When answering this target interview questions, emphasize how attentively you heard the perspectives of your teammates before settling on a compromise that took into account both of your ideas.

16. How would you choose what to do if two distinct supervisors offered you two contrasting priorities?

If all jobs are equally vital, you will not guarantee that you can do both of them; instead, you will decide which one is more pressing. With your management, go over the objectives and how you plan to handle them. Communication is crucial at this point.

17. How would you describe your day?

The interviewer is interested in learning what important tasks a candidate can choose for one day. Thus, providing a response to this target interview questions is important. Give specifics about the activities you carry out every day. Before the interview, make a list of your tasks to prevent misunderstanding.

18. How do you motivate yourself?

Discuss how developing a talent via practice is essential for one to advance professionally. And that serves as your main driving force.

19. Share your experience with us.

If you are attempting a certain position for the first time, you will not be asked this target interview questions. If you have previously worked somewhere else, be prepared for it. The key in this situation is to keep it succinct, as the interviewer requests, and to refrain from referencing your full résumé. Mention positions that are similar to the one you applied for or a few lessons you learned that will aid you in your future one.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I gained a lot of knowledge about this position through my employment as a teller at Stelaar Communications. I picked up how to interact with people, sell items, and respond to criticism. Due to my exceptional customer service skills, this expertise will really benefit me in my role.” (You can also discuss a few of your previous part-time work.)

20. What action would you take if you found a coworker spreading false information about another employee?

Even while nobody expects you to fix other people’s issues at work, you still need to demonstrate that you are consistently positive about others. So that you may always be productive, demonstrate your ability to concentrate on your work, mind your own business, and stop any type of gossip.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I don’t like talking about other people too much. Therefore, I would point out that everything they are stating is false and get back to doing my job. Although I am aware that office gossiping is unavoidable, I would like not participate. I think in doing my job well, getting along with others, and returning home.”

21. Tell me about three weaknesses.

An interviewer can use this to determine if an applicant has chosen the right position or not. For instance, if you are applying for a position on the PR team, it is important to have good communication abilities, but it is possible that design skills aren’t as vital. So you may say that you have been trying to master design skills but have not been successful. Thus, that ability is where you fall short.

22. What would you do if a client complained that you provided poor customer service?

You must demonstrate that you can effectively handle unfavorable consumer comments. Will you start yelling and publicly criticizing the customer? Since the consumer is always right, starting a disagreement is always the worst thing you can do. Show that you are willing to help, then get to the point.

SAMPLE ANSWER – Given my constant effort to do my duties to a high standard and go above and beyond any expectations, I think there are very little odds of that occurring. If it does happen, I would apologize and ask the client what went wrong before fixing the issue and making them happy.”

23. Which method of working do you prefer—alone or with your team?

Understanding whether you work best in a group or independently depends on your answer to this question. Mention how you like to work alone on certain jobs, but that you also like to establish a particular checklist for yourself and collaborate with your team on others.

24. How essential is communication with other team members?

A person cannot spend their entire life working for their team. As a result, getting to know the other team members better and engaging with them is crucial. It will assist in gaining new skills and knowledge as well as in better understanding how various departments operate.

25. What do you want Target to change?

This target interview questions will enable the interviewer to learn from a third party about the company’s weaknesses. But it is critical to emphasize the good aspects of the issues. Say something like, “I believe social media performance is performing great. Affiliate marketing, which is not now the emphasis, might, however, aid in increasing social media revenue. Therefore, I would want to contribute my skill sets to start the process and aid Target’s development in a better way.

26. Tell us about an instance when you used innovation in the workplace.

The Target team members will benefit from knowing whether a candidate can provide any fresh, original ideas to improve working conditions or offer anything intriguing. Therefore, describe a weakness you may have seen in your present team and how you were able to help fix it or minimize it.

27. What would you do if a customer demanded a product cost less than its marked price?

When working at Target, you should constantly keep in mind that “the customer is king.” So, if you want to maintain your career, never dispute with a customer. Always be prepared to apologize, offer help, and make various suggestions in such situations. Demonstrate your professionalism by offering to assist the consumer as much as you can.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “Before phoning the manager or work supervisor to double-check the pricing, I will pay attention to the customer and refrain from arguing. If the consumer turns out to be right, I’ll make sure the issue is resolved. If they prove to be incorrect, however, I will apologize and offer Richard alternative possibilities.”

28. What are your short-term and long-term goals?

An interviewer will want to discover if a work role is honoring a candidate’s objectives. Sharing your short and long term goals that are in line with the work function is therefore important.

29. What do you enjoy doing while you’re not working?

Target thinks everyone should have a full life outside of work and should not be constantly worried out about it. Share your interests or activities that you like doing after work. Simply chilling out with your buddies or going for a walk will suffice.

30. Do you work well under stress?

You will be handling thousands of consumers while working lengthy shifts. Therefore, the interviewer must attest to your ability to handle such pressure. Inform the interviewer about your typical workflow in these situations. If you have any experience working under pressure, you may also share that.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I have experience working in a call center, so I am familiar with pressure. I am capable of doing well under difficult conditions. I think pressure drives me to perform better and give it my best. I normally take a deep breath, gather my thoughts, set priorities, and concentrate.”

31. Tell us about a time you exceeded someone’s expectations.

When working at Target, you should always aim to surpass customers’ expectations. The interviewer will constantly ask you if you have the ability to go above and beyond. From the perspective of an employer, the experience you cite ought to be fruitful. Prepare a thoughtful response.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “In my work, I often aim to surpass customers’ expectations. I once made many calls to a buddy who had extensive knowledge of automotive accessories to assist a client who needed guidance on a tricky problem. The consumer became a frequent client after noticing that I went above and beyond.”

32. What is the one subject you most enjoyed in college?

They may inquire about specific aspects of your educational experience if you are applying for a position for new hires. They must be aware of how well your intended job fits with your interests.

33. What are some of your experiences in leadership?

Your title or professional background may not necessarily help you build leadership skills. It originates inside. Highlight two or three instances, whether at the management or executive levels, when you have led and managed your team.

34. What may your former coworkers have to say about you?

This target interview questions is frequently asked during interviews to gauge a candidate’s level of trustworthiness or to see whether they are critical and able to confess their mistakes. Therefore, when responding to this target interview questions, try to gather some references and be as truthful as you can. Additionally, you can phone prospective references and let them know the store manager will be calling them.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “My coworkers would describe me as entertaining. They would attest to the fact that I value cooperation and am a customer-focused, responsible, and compassionate individual. They won’t overlook the fact that I can be very stern when team members fail to fulfill deadlines.”

35. What do you appreciate about your present employer?

Describe the factors that influenced you to join your present team. It may be cohesive teamwork, good corporate practices, etc.

36. Which aspect of your firm do you find least appealing?

Now, this is a challenging question. Here, you will need to use caution. Instead of outlining the drawbacks explicitly, point them that the firm is expanding and that all businesses conduct tests. The alternative is to say, “Instead of focusing on the things I don’t like, I’d prefer to focus on the areas where they can improve.”

The interviewer will respond favorably if the answer’s tone is changed.

37. What would you do if your shift supervisor asked you to change the way you do your duties even if you were confident you were doing the right thing?

Because Target adheres to the principles of hierarchy, all workers are expected to respect and obey their superiors. Instead of demonstrating that you are the shift supervisor’s superior, declare that you will follow their instructions. Keep in mind that these folks have been around for a longer time than you have and accept responsibility for their actions.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “Supervisors have more knowledge and have a broader perspective. Additionally, they have a duty to guide me and make sure I abide by the organization’s laws and procedures. In order to be clear, I shall in this instance clarify my point of view. If they insisted, I would alter my approach to my work and take on everything they recommended.”

38. How long do you plan to work for our company?

How long do you intend to remain employed at Target? Employers are mainly interested in persons who will stay because the procedure of hiring a new employee is rather expensive. You should discuss your motivation for staying. Keep in mind that you will not be tied to a certain employment location in the future, so you can decide to quit whenever you want.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I adore the culture, mission, offerings, and working environment of your organization. If I get hired here, I would like to remain for as long as feasible. I’ll work really hard to make sure of that. Duration is extended.”

39. Tell us about a time when you prioritized your work.

Task prioritization is important, especially in a hectic setting. You will have a lot on your plate, so multitasking might not be simple for you. Give an example from your experience that will demonstrate your ability to manage your time and set priorities.

SAMPLE ANSWER – “After a coworker unexpectedly left a previous job, I was given the responsibility of managing his workload until a replacement with the necessary skills could be located. I had to set priorities for my workload and start with the most urgent duties. I put through a month of 11-hour days until a replacement was located. I never made a mistake.”

40. What precisely do you hope to accomplish by joining Target?

Emphasize that you want a place where you can learn new things, improve your current talents, and work with a supportive team. A setting that will support you in striking a balance between your personal and professional lives.

41. Tell us about some of your successes outside of work.

You are under no obligation to divulge your academic credentials. If you have a pastime that you pursue ardently outside of work, you must disclose it.

42. Why are you searching for a new position?

This is a target interview questions that every interviewer encounters. Instead of criticizing the business, say that you would like to advance in your profession and that you believe now is the ideal moment to do it.

43. How do you measure your level of success?

Start your response by stating that you have created your own KRAs while taking the company’s major goals into consideration. Those KRAs have been separated into daily and weekly goals. You assess such items later and consider the success at your place of employment.

44. What about your previous company will you miss the most?

Your response may be as straightforward as missing your team members who later became into friends or your supervisor who has always been encouraging.

45. Are you a reader? If so, what are you reading at the moment?

This question may be asked if you have listed reading as a pastime. Always be sincere while answering this question since you never know whether the interviewer is reading the same magazine or book as you, and the conversation might continue throughout the entire interview.

46. Who had the most impact on you?

Your parents, friends, or a famous person might be your straightforward response. But be careful to defend your response by outlining that person’s special characteristics and why you wish to follow in their footsteps.

47. What methods or equipment do you employ to maintain your organization?

They need to know if a candidate can properly plan out their daily chores or not. Mention how you start working on each of your daily activities one at a time after making notes on them each morning. You may also draw attention to certain applications you use to keep track of your chores. Take Trello, Calendly, etc. as examples.

48. What is your mission statement?

A personal mission statement will outline who you are as a person, your life’s objectives, and your preferred method of achieving them. Most importantly, it clarifies why you prioritize those goals.

Questions to Ask at the End

You have reached the conclusion of the interview. There is nothing more to do now that the recruiting manager has finished asking their target interview questions, right?


You will get the chance to ask a few of your own questions before it comes to an end. It is a chance you should not pass up. Do not miss this opportunity to learn more about the position, the workplace area, the culture, or anything else you might be interested in learning about.

49. What will my day at Target be like?

50. What are the days and hours of work?

51. What will my tasks and responsibilities entail?

52. I have reached the point where I want to advance my knowledge and take on new challenges. Will somebody who is better than me assist me in achieving the same goal?

53. Before I begin taking on significant tasks and responsibilities, will I receive any special training?

54. What kind of training will new hires receive for this position?

55. Did you discover anything about Target once you started in your role that interested you?

56. What is the toughest task that new employees must complete in this position?

57. What qualities do you believe are necessary to succeed in this position?

Tips for Target Interview

Okay, so now we can just go off the path and begin answering random Target interview questions carelessly. The issue is that that isn’t the best place to begin.

Think of it this way: wouldn’t you want a handy compass in your palm if you were hiking? You would, of course. It is a good idea to have anything that indicates the direction you should travel in order to reach your destination. The same is true of these advices.

You will always be able to locate north with the proper interview methods and plan. Because you took the time to carry your compass, you’ll be better able to answer the hardest questions. Then let’s start honing those abilities.

  1. You must first conduct some study. You should evaluate the duties and essential abilities of the function, just as you would any landmarks that aid in staying on a forest track. The many roles at Target are all distinct from one another, as are all jobs.
  2. Carefully read the job description. Look for any abilities or traits that appear more than once on the list of must-haves. The north is these. This is useful information since they tell you exactly what the recruiting manager is searching for. You may learn a great deal about what Target is looking for by combining it with a careful examination of its purpose and values statements.

Now, you don’t only want to list your talents and characteristics when you come up with responses to the Target interview questions. That is probably the most boring strategy possible. That won’t ultimately convince anyone.

How can I demonstrate to the hiring manager that I have what it takes? Consider your prior experiences and note instances where you made use of distinct abilities or depended on particular characteristics. Make those a part of your answers after that.

  1. Using that strategy while responding to behavioral interview questions is rather simple. STAR is a good place to start. It enables you to transform your experiences into captivating narratives, enhancing the impact and interest of your responses.

What should I bring to the Target Interview?

  • 2 copies of your resume
  • To take notes, use a notebook and a pen.
  • A list of questions you wish to ask the interviewer 
  • A list of non-related referees

Target Interview Attire

Target Interview Attire
Entry Level Position
Management Position
Dress Code for Target Interview
Colors to wear at Target Interview

Roles and Responsibilities Offered by Target 

It is important to be certain about the employment role you wish to choose. While working for the dream company is important, it is also important to grasp the job you will be given and the duties you will be responsible for in order to perform effectively and accomplish your goals. The positions that Target offers at both the retail and corporate levels are listed below.

Store and Supply Chain Careers

Nothing is more important than treating consumers fairly when they come into your shop. As a result, every position at Target is essential to providing each client with the best possible service and resources. You can investigate executive and leadership positions at the store level.

  • Specialty Sales: Convince consumers by acting as a visual merchandiser and, at the same time, improving the appearance of the business.
  • Service and Engagement: If you enjoy interacting with others, this is the one for you. Assist in welcoming customers and getting to know them better. If you chose this position, you must develop strong client connections.
  • General Merchandise and Food Sales: The general merchandise and food sales section would be a great choice if you enjoy math. Make sure the inventory is accessible in enough quantity and is priced correctly in each store.
  • Roles in Support: Working in this position allows you to give your coworkers a healthy and welcoming workplace. Make sure everything is in order and that your staff receive enough rewards to keep them engaged in their work and inspired.

Supply Chain Roles

  • Warehouse Operations: Ensure cartons are moved in the warehouse in a profitable and effective manner.
  • Packing Operations: For a speedy stock roll-out, packaging operations should pack cartons quickly.
  • Engineering and Facilities: By performing routine maintenance on buildings and equipment, they guarantee safe and efficient procedures.
  • Administrative: Distribute the papers for quick data records, reports, and bills in the administrative area.

Corporate Careers

  • Administrative Support: Personnel with administrative expertise who can make daily duties easier to complete. Direct interaction with target managers, directors, VPs, and their teams is expected.
  • Global and Supply Chain Logistics: Assist team in determining and coordinating the quick process of having things delivered more quickly to keep consumers satisfied.
  • Product Design and Development: Working with the team responsible for product design and development will allow you to unleash your creativity. Assist in developing new product designs and enhancing existing ones.
  • Project Planning: This team is essential to the success of the whole business since they establish initiatives, identify critical markets, and escalate duties to reach company goals.
  • Business Operations: Assist the organization in creating and implementing successful enterprise initiatives by using a proactive, entrepreneurial approach.
  • Legal Affairs, Risk, and Compliance: Assist the whole team in giving internal and external legal advice. You will have an easier time joining our team if you have a focus on policy, risk management, or personnel management.
  • Accounting and Finance: If you are skilled with numbers and therefore can help the company develop, you should consider the Accounting and Finance team.
  • Technology: If you enjoy programming languages and coding games, join the technology team. You would have to create new website coding, safeguard corporate data, and work with other teams.
  • Marketing: Implement cutting-edge marketing techniques to support corporate expansion. Contribute to the brand’s presence growth.

In conclusion, Target interviews may seem like a challenging task. But keep in mind that nothing is impossible. All that Target is searching for are self-assured individuals with defined objectives who can effectively contribute to the expansion of this brand. Therefore, be sure to include all of these items in your checklist. Always have a résumé that appears lively and dynamic. Include your education and any courses you have taken in your response. You must also list any online training and certification programs you may have completed using online tools and resources.

You can succeed in every interview with the proper credentials and skill set!

That awkward moment when you leave a store without buying anything and all you can think is “act natural, you’re innocent”.

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