What things can you sell at school to make money? The things you decide to sell at your school will depend on whether you are in elementary, middle or high school. Each age group will be different. Therefore, they should be catered to their demand. As you work hard, you will be able to recognize what high profitable things to sell at school according to your market preferences.

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What are the best things to sell at school?

Let’s get started on what are the best things to sell at your school. Depending on what school you go to and the state it is located in, students may prefer to purchase different things. Also consider what is most popular among the youngest to the older students in your school will affect your sales. Your base will develop as you start recognizing what the demands are for the products you sell. Check out our tips on how to sell at school and what the selling process is like.

Disclaimer for all students:
In this article, we do not support disobeying the school rules or taking actions that do not adhere with local rules and regulations. Get permission from the school board to start selling at your school premises.

01. Food and Beverages

High Profitable Things to sell at school

This is one of the most popular methods of earning money on your school premises. There will always be someone looking for something to eat from elementary to all the way to older classmates. Food and beverages have the ability to arouse the best interests in school students. To broaden your interests on how to calculate your profit, you can use the formula below. [CoGS – Cost of Goods Sold]

(Selling Price – CoGS) ÷ Selling Price = Gross Profit
Gross Profit x 100 = Gross Profit Margin

Here is a list of the types of edibles you can sell at your school.

  1. Candy
  2. Jellies
  3. Chocolate Bars 
  4. Gum
  5. Chips
  6. Sandwiches 
  7. Baked Items
  8. Brownies
  9. Lemonade
  10. Cup Noodles

Any of the items you choose to sell, you can be assured that you will have the ability to make a few bucks if not, more. Let your peers know what you are selling, during break times or in between classes. Since, this is when students will be looking for extra food or snacks. Someone will always be hungry. Doughnut take us lightly.

02. School Supplies and Stationery

High Profitable Things to sell at school

Students or your classmates are always in constant need of stationery and school supplies. If you are someone who sells these items, this is where you can promote your goods. You can sell them good quality products.

Where do you plan on buying your supplies for sale? Will you able to have a good profit margin? You can purchase your product from a wholesale store so that you can buy it at bulk price. This will allow you to sell your products slightly lower than the market price. So that your peers will find your products cheaper and thus, letting you enjoy a good profit margin.

  1. Pens and Pencils
  2. Pencil Cases
  3. Erasers
  4. Pencil Sharpeners
  5. Glue
  6. Staplers
  7. Scissors
  8. Coloring & Painting Supplies
  9. Markers & Highlighter Pens
  10. Notebooks, Writing Pads & Diaries
  11. Rulers & Geometric Tools
  12. School Bags
  13. File Folders

03. Clothes and Styling Accessories

High Profitable Things to sell at school

All kids and teenagers enjoy being trend and following them. This becomes a good business opportunity for you if you are looking to sell your products to that segment. As a word of advice, just remember to keep your prices reasonable in a cheaper range. Since most school children do not have an income to purchase overly priced products with their pocket money.

  1. T-Shirts & Shirts
  2. Pants, Denims & Shorts
  3. Leggings
  4. Shoes, Sneakers, and Flip Flops
  5. Hoodies & Jackets
  6. Caps
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Bracelets
  9. Perfumes & Deodorants
  10. Make-up and Beauty Accessories
  11. Necklaces
  12. Anklets
  13. Shoelaces
  14. Scarves
  15. Tote bags
  16. Handmade soaps
  17. Homemade Candles
  18. Bath bombs
  19. Wallets

Stay ahead and market products that will start trending ahead of time. Chokers, metal bags and more accessories are to start trending in 2023.

04. Services

High Profitable Things to sell at school

Aside from the selling of physical products, you also have the ability to sell a variety of services. There services can be targeted towards school children. They can be very profitable and make you earn money.

  1. Tutoring
  2. Homework & Essay Writing Service
  3. Study Notes And Reading Material
  4. Shoes Cleaning Service
  5. Instant Photo Service
  6. Phone Charging Service
  7. Movie/Music Streaming Apps Accounts

05. Other Awesome Things

High Profitable Things to sell at school

To add more to the things listed above, there are lots of other products on trend that can be sold at school. Below are the listed items.

  1. Smartphone Accessories like mobile phone cases, chargers, earphones, Bluetooth speakers, pop sockets, selfie sticks, etc.
  2. Small Toys and Gadgets 
  3. Video Games for Consoles
  4. Stickers for Laptops and Mobile Phones
  5. Concert & Event Tickets 
  6. Skateboards, Longboards & Roller Skates 
  7. Sports Accessories 

You have the ability to purchase these products for cheap prices on platforms like Amazon, e-bay or alibaba.

Looking for other ways to earn money because your school does not allow in-premises sales by students or you are not comfortable starting a business at school? You are able to check out our other articles below on other ways for you to start a business as a teenager or a young adult.

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To wrap it all up, you will find a lot of high profitable options for you to sell at school. Try not to spread across and start multiple product lines at the same time. You can pick one segment and build it up. You will initially start with making a little money but if you are consistent with your sales, you will soon have a profitable business. Increase in sales correspond with the demand for your product. Be patients and work hard. You will be earning profits in no time.

Ignore your failures like how your crush ignores you.

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