Looking for a way to make an alternative income? Or are you looking for a new hobby to experiment with? Welding just might be the one for you. There are many unique things to weld and sell. This can help you earn an extra income. Creating one of a kind projects and selling them online can bring you great profits. That is why, we at founderactivity complied a list of potential projects you can choose to work on.

What is welding?

When defining welding, it is the process where two or more metal parts are fused together with excessive heat. As it cools down, the two welded objects solidifies. Therefore, creating welded objects.

In order to learn the beginner basics of a welder, we have provided a video for you below to broaden your knowledge.

List of things you can weld and sell

Looking for inspiration to weld things to sell may be a little tricky. That is why we have provided you a compiled list of over 50 ideas you can weld.

1. Full Dining Table Set

Things to weld and sell

Not satisfied with dimensions you find on dining sets available in store? Try welding your own, by taking the dimensions that are required for your needs.

2. Desk

Things to weld and sell

Custom made desks can be quite hard to find. This is why most customer desks are welded. To suit the height, length or width to suit what you need.

3. Hanging Shelves

Things to weld and sell

When there is no more floor space left for storage, your only option is left to make storage on the walls. The best solution for this would be hanging shelves. This is can relieve you of the taken up floor space of your home.

4. Stool

Things to weld and sell

A stool can be welded and just not store bought. You can weld your own depending on the space and height that suits you. Custom stool making is a niche that is growing.

5. Hammock Rocking Chair

Things to weld and sell

Ever felt uncomfortable by just cloth or wooden hammocks? That it might not be secure enough? Welding a hammock rocking chair can cater to this issue. By giving more security to those who seek it.

6. Modern Outdoor Table

Things to weld and sell

Are you not able to find the right urban style outdoor table? An outdoor table that can withstand any weather? You can weld your own. With materials that would be able to stand through any weather.

7. Coffee Table

Things to weld and sell

A coffee table is a type of furniture that is required every home. Making it creatively unique to suit your home aesthetic can be done by welding your own coffee table.

8. Corner Desk

Things to weld and sell

Corner desks are quite the ideal decision when thinking of storage and using the space available wisely. But to cater to your needs and custom dimensions, a corner desk can be welded. Making a corner table to the right amount of height and space you require is the ultimate goal.

9. Stainless Steel Handrail

Things to weld and sell

10. Steel Door

Things to weld and sell

Wooden doors do not have the ability to withstand any weather unlike a steel door. To give your home a cost effective sleek finish, you can custom weld a steel door for your home that would suit the ambiance of your home.

11. Towel Rack

Things to weld and sell

Want to keep your towel away from the shower? You build or weld your own towel rack that would hold not just your towel but your robe or laundry. Welding towel racks can bring you great income.

12. Coat Hooks

Things to weld and sell

Are the coats hooks available strong enough to hold? You can make coat hooks are strong to hold not just one but two coats at the same time.

13. Photo Frames

Things to weld and sell

Want to hold onto your precious photograph forever? Weld to make your own customized photo frame. Steel photo frames can be kept for a life time since it takes a long time for wear or tear.

14. Bookends

Things to weld and sell

You can now make your customized bookends instead of having to keep a boring ornament to showcase your books. With the declining number of readers, bookends have increased in demands by readers who are proud to showcase their book shelves.

15. Jewelry Stands

Things to weld and sell

Tiny jewelry can be hassle. Having to rummage through them to find the right pair of earrings. It is much easier to weld a jewelry stand to hold your jewelry. This will help you stay organized.

16. Steel Polygon Bowls

Things to weld and sell

Cannot find a sleek steel polygon bowl? If you want to have stylish ornaments in your home, you can start creating your own by welding. The uniqueness can bring more depth to your home.

17. Simple Set of Steel Stairs

Things to weld and sell

Welding a simple set of stairs is a great idea. You can use steel stairs for added security and long wearability. Welding your own set of stairs the way you want it to be is cost effective.

18. Wine Bottle Holder

Things to weld and sell

We all savor a wine holder. How about a unique one? Something that is unique to you? Weld the perfect bottle holder to suit your interests.

19. Steel Fire Pit

Things to weld and sell

You can weld unique or custom fire pits to suit your background. The benefits of having a steel firepit would be that they are weather resistant, light in weight and durable. They are also inexpensive.

20. Steel Wood Burning Stove

Things to weld and sell

A steel wood burning stove can be used outdoors. To have a quick barbeque and to enjoy with friends, welding one for your needs would be the best decision.

21. Firewood Storage

Things to weld and sell

All fire pits and stoves need wood. Wood requires storage. Therefore, welding together a storage space to store your wood would seem rather the best option. This would help you bring an extra income every time you decide to weld and sell fire pits and stoves.

22. Creative Log Burner Fireguard

Things to weld and sell

Do you have curious kids or pets? Having a fireguard near your fireplace would be a smart choice. A safe choice is always best. Welding a fireguard for fireplace would be an interesting project.

23. Garden Trellis

Building different types of garden trellis can be turn out to be a beautiful accessory to your garden. Letting your plants and vines grow along the welded trellis. This is a projected demanded by most florists.

24. Trolley Cart

Things to weld and sell

Welding and selling trolley carts are profitable once sold. You can take on projects by retailers to weld the perfect trolley carts to any required dimension. If they are custom sized, you can charge for it too.

25. Steel Vase

Things to weld and sell

Creating a steel vase that can withstand any weather is a project for a welder. Steel vases are durable and tend to be inexpensive, making it a cost effective project.

26. Steel Pencil/ Pen Holder

Things to weld and sell

Pencil holders and pen holders, going out of trend because of the lack of kids using them in current day. But you can still cater pencil and pen holders to artists who stay organized with their pens and brushes because of holders.

27. Steel Partition Wall

Things to weld and sell

Partitioning a particular space may seem like the best choice to make rather than having to build a hefty wall. This is cost effective and also can be easily removed if not needed. It can also be repurposed again.

28. Stainless Steel Showerhead

Things to weld and sell

Stainless steel showerheads are more cost efficient than brass or metal. Even though metal is durable, it is quite often heard to find showerheads with thicker designs. They are mostly made of plastic therefore reducing its durability. You can make this your welding project to the make best durable stainless steel showerhead.

29. Gazebo

Things to weld and sell

Have you wanted to create a space that looks like it is out of a summer novel? A gazebo is a romantic space that you can weld. People would mostly want this in their backyard to decorate it. Being able to weld a dream gazebo would bring in many customers and give you a profitable project.

30. Garden Décor

Things to weld and sell

Welding garden décor would be an easy project. To bring elegance and liveliness to your garden is a dream to every green thumbed individual. To add a twist and uniqueness you can weld several projects for gardens.

31. Metal Sculptures

Things to weld and sell

Welding and metal sculptures out of scrap metal is a skill itself. To be able to create something beautiful out of scrap is a unique skill that most welders possess. Believably, there is demand for these kind of projects. They can be purchased on Esty or Amazon.

32. Wall Art

Things to weld and sell

Wall art always has the ability to hold its on story. Like where it is from or what it depicts. Welding unique wall art would be the best project idea for you to start.

33. Steel Candle Holder

Things to weld and sell

Tired of getting dripping candle wax everywhere? A steel candle holder would be the best investment for anyone. But most candle holders hold the same design. You can weld candle holders to suit the theme of your customers house. This can bring many more customers for you and give your project idea a profitable income.

34. Steel Star light

Things to weld and sell

We all need a sparkle in our life. Normal lighting have become so boring to look at. Therefore, you have the ability to weld the perfect casing for your light. In this case, it would be a star making it shine and beautiful to light up a room. This is a very profitable welding idea.

35. Steel Giant Spiders

Looking the best to be cost effective on halloween? Making steel spiders will keep you going for years. You can weld and add a twist of your creativity to suit your halloween scare. It will also be quite profitable if you are selling them.

36. Steel Centipede

Things to weld and sell

Just like welding steel spiders being an accessory to your halloween decor at home, you can weld accessories for you. Cool and unique accessories can be hard to find. Therefore, making jewelry can be an option to start an income stream with your projects.

37. Steel Mystic Creatures

Things to weld and sell

Mystic creatures made of steel are most used an ornament for gardens and buildings. But there are not much welders who do these kinds of projects therefore, making it a niche segment. It would be a great option for you to use this segment as projects to weld and sell.

38. Dog Bowls

Things to weld and sell

Most people cannot find the right size of bowls to feed their furry one. Custom welding a bowl to suit their feeding needs is an act of love. This project will leave you and your pet happy.

39. Lighting

Things to weld and sell

A spectacular idea of making protective casing for you lighting to protect it from outside natural hazards. Bringing creativity and essence to regular lighting you would have in a home.

40. Welded Metal Sculptures

Things to weld and sell

Making welded sculptures is a complete unique welding project. The faces of people welded onto steel is certainly profitable business project. You can now see so many projects like this quite often.

41. Steel Rose

Things to weld and sell

Want to gift or start a business that caters to a forever? Welding steel roses is the project for you. There is a market for people who would rather gift something to be kept forever rather than spend for roses that perish.

42. Steel Recycle Bin

Things to weld and sell

If you want to start a welding project as a way to serve the community with your projects, a steel recycle bin would a great idea. A simple idea that would benefit as a good cause is a suitable way to start welding.

43. Mug Holder

Things to weld and sell

Are you someone who loves collecting mugs? But, there might not be enough space in your pantry to store them. You can weld a customer mug holder to store and showcase your mug collection.

44. Tandem Bike

Things to weld and sell

A tandem bike lets two or more riders to cycle together without letting anyone get left behind. It is mostly ideal for an adult and child. With reducing amount of people riding bicycles, the availability of tandems and triplets are also declining. This gives you the opportunity to start welding in a niche that has demand which can be turned into an income stream.

45. Chair

Things to weld and sell

Welding chairs that suit the outdoors would be a smart decision. Since the outdoors require furniture that is durable and weather resistant. It is also inexpensive to make steel chairs.

46. Benches

Things to weld and sell

You can start a business in welding you can weld beautiful park benches so that passers can sit and enjoy their time. Welding park benches would be ideal since the durability of steel benches. And they are also cost effective.

47. Swing Set

Things to weld and sell

Everybody loves a swing. It is a place everyone loved spending time as a kid. But there are not much swings availability for adults. Therefore, you can weld and build swings for sale.

48. Step Ladder

Things to weld and sell

We all need that extra height when we are not able to reach to the top pantry or cabinet. This is why a step is a very convenient tool in every household. Being able to weld a very helpful tool like this and sell it to the market would a smart decision to make.

49. Window Guard

Things to weld and sell

Do you windows that face an alley? This might give you security concerns. Your best solution would be install metal grills on your windows. But sometimes these can be hideous. Therefore, you can weld good looking metal grills that would still make your windows look good.

50. Steel Geometric Clocks

Things to weld and sell

Tired of the same old clock? You have the ability to weld the most creative and unique types of clocks with a twist. Unique clocks can be quite hard to find. This is a perfect niche to start your welding projects.

51. Steel Dessert Pedestals

Things to weld and sell

Space always matter when trying to set a table of desserts. Welding the ideal steel dessert pedestal would help you stack up more of your favorite desserts.

52. Butterfly Tables

Things to weld and sell

Butterfly tables are starting to make an appearance in stores because of its high demand by women. The benefit of welding this beautiful piece of furniture would be cost effective. You will have the ability to turn the customer base towards you since you will be able to provide a much reasonable price than a store.

53. Steel Signage Designs

Things to weld and sell

Steel signage designs are the most cost effectives signs for a business. Taking into consideration that they very durable and water resistant. They also have the ability to withstand any weather. You can turn this type of welding project into a thriving business.

54. Steel Shelves

Things to weld and sell

Staying organized is essential. It helps you have a clear state of mind. What if you were someone who helped someone stay organized? Building shelves with added storage to showcase your ornaments or even books. This would be a great project for you.

55. Steel Christmas Tree

Things to weld and sell

Tired of cutting down a tree every year for Christmas? It is about time you invest into a reusable tree. Something that is durable. Such as a steel Christmas tree. Not only would be able stack so many ornaments, you will have the ability to weld the ideal tree that would suit your house and ornaments.

56. Steel Succulent Plant Holder

Things to weld and sell

Want to hold all your favorite succulents together? You can weld a steel succulent holder to suit how many plants you want your holder to hold. This is a very profitable project idea.

57. Key Holder

Things to weld and sell

Staying organized is healthy. But sometimes, it may seem impossible to store your keys properly. They could either get lost or jumbled up in some drawer. This is why key holders are important and helps you to properly store your keys at visible view.

58. Steel Shoe Holder

Things to weld and sell

A shoe holder is always a blessing. This will have the ability to hold more than one or two pairs of shoes. It can hold all the shoes of an entire family. This is would a great welding project to start and a convenient one too.

59. Steel Umbrella Stand

Things to weld and sell

Umbrellas can be messy on rainy days. Having a steel umbrella stand would be a great choice. Not only would it hold the dripping water but also hold it standing still, so that the water can run down for the umbrella to dry. Welding this umbrella stand as a project could start out as a great way to have an income stream.

60. Garden Hose Holder

Things to weld and sell

How many time as a kid have we tripped over the water hose? About time we fix that problem by getting the hose a holder. It can help your garden look neat and organized. It is a great welding project to start with.

Where can you sell your welded things?

Finding opportunities to earn money online is both fun to start and profitable for many people. This is because people adore and love to buy handmade products. Unique items that are not produced in batches and made with high standard quality.

The best places for you to sell your welded things would be e-bay, Amazon, Etsy or Shopify.

What equipment do you need to weld?

Starting to weld as a hobby or business can be a daunting task for beginners. It requires many tools that you will need since you will be working with so much heat. You will also be using to many pressurized components are dangerous. These products are easily available for purchase on Amazon,

You do not have a reason to fear. In order to start welding safely and efficiently, we have provided the best essential welding tools for beginners.

  1. Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
  2. Welding Gloves
  3. MIG Welding Pliers
  4. Welding Magnets
  5. Chipping Hammer
  6. Welding Framing Jig
  7. Speed Square
  8. Metal Brush
  9. Angle Grinder
  10. Sheet Metal Gauge
  11. Soapstone
  12. Metal File
  13. C Clamp
  14. Welding Boots
  15. Welding Cart
  16. Welding Sleeves
  17. Safety Glasses
  18. MIG Welding Nozzle Gel

In conclusion, we at founderactivity hope that you will find the ideal welding project for you that will suit you and your skills. Giving you over 50 projects to choose from to start welding and also turn it into an earning income opportunity.

Welders were created because engineers need heroes too.

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