Today, online shopping has completely changed the concept of day-to-day marketing and made it easier for customers who do not have time to go from house to house for basic necessities such as food purchasing, home decoration, clothing, health equipment. And also it changes the way of marketing.

Before you make the purchase and you can do the comparison itself. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch. If you are not implementing a marketing plan it’s like you’re missing a valuable opportunity to reach customers and drive them into your stores. So here is the complete guide we at founderactivity have compiled for you about Marketing Strategy For Online Grocery Store.

It is no secret that supermarkets have invested heavily in marketing their businesses in order to increase their customer spending. By taking into account customer behaviour and social behaviour, you can build a successful marketing plan to increase your sales and increase your profits.

Today, the popularity of online grocery shop is growing rapidly. The primary goal of most businesses, large and small, is to grow online sales. Even if you plan to create an online grocery store, if you already have one, you should use profitable strategies to increase sales and customer satisfaction. In this article, we have gathered some valuable strategies to grow your online grocery store. All of the following channels play an important role in portraying an online business as a brand and in giving a new identity to the world of online marketing.

Marketing channels

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Brand Building
  • Paid Marketing
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Social Involvement & Interaction
  • Video Promotion
  • SMS Marketing
  • Offline Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • Email Marketing

When running an online grocery store it will help if create a shopping app for your business. This is optional. Otherwise, you can just create a page website or any simple thing. Because promoting the app with fierce competition is not as difficult as we think. But it is a bit terrible to handle. Using marketing strategies for your online grocery shop and the app will help you get the most out of the retail app. Take advantage of the grocery app with marketing strategies to get the most out of your app reach.

#1. Identify Target Audience

As your first step, you need to identify your target audience. On the other hand, who are the people you are targeting through your marketing campaign. So it is a basic part of a marketing campaign to know to whom your product is perfectly suited. Therefore, getting information about the audience’s lifestyle, demographics, tastes, etc. will get your target audience and tell you exactly which part you should focus on. It usually targets people with a fairly busy schedule. Identifying your target audience will help you with creating a strong brand message and creating better communication channels. So, define your attributes such as,

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Location

#2. SEO Marketing Plan

Google is the most used search engine in the world and at the top of the list is the grocery distribution. Incorporating better keywords, web design, faster loading, better web design, and better content that meets your customer’s needs will increase your ranking among search engine results among popular search engines, including Google. If you want to invest in SEO marketing on your online grocery store you can have the use of SEO techniques such as,

  • Website Analysis
  • Implement Title MetaData
  • Implement Sitemap.xml and other on-page implementation.
  • Industry-specific Keywords Research
  • Keywords specific Content Implementation
  • Setup Google Analytics A/C & Webmaster
  • Building Quality backlinks via off-page SEO activities.
  • Management of online business development campaigns

It all starts with your website. The website for your grocery store is your foundation and needs to be updated. Get a second opinion from a reputable design firm as what you think is an update can be very different from what is currently being updated. So your website should have a blog in your grocery store where you can express your online personality.

01. Here are a few things that to be considered

  • Make sure your site loads quickly.
  • Make your e-commerce website responsive.
  • Simplify the exit process
  • Optimize your mobile website and improve site search

Therefore, it should have a newsletter sign up form and you can email your customers once a week with specials and promotions. Not only that, if you should have any animated employees you can add a video section where different employees talk. Here are the great examples for grocery store websites,

And also a content marketing strategy focuses on developing and launching a competitive content marketing plan. This plan is a roadmap for all the original content you intend to build your business on. That content may include written information as well as visual. Keywords related to SEO may be one of the oldest tricks in the research book but it is still functional and your content is relevant to your target market. Remember, your content is only powerful if there are people reading it. Therefore, to make sure people see it, you need to make sure your content is properly optimized for the right keywords.

#3. Brand Building

Marketing Strategy For Online Grocery Store Brand Building

In the current marketing situation, brand building is very important for any business. Therefore, make your business stand out, keep your brand alive and give your customers the most important values. It helps to increase brand reputation and increase trust than the search engine. Here are some activities for you,

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Building Trust Over Search Engines
  • Website Influence

You can work with other brands. As is often the case today, customers at your grocery shop may have a card that can earn points for deals and discounts. Why not make such deals with fashion brand products. So try to find the local brands to collaborate with you.

#4. Paid Marketing

The best way to target your most qualified viewers is through PPC or click-click ads. Because it allows your online grocery shop to reach where they are already waiting and stand up against competitors. And also PPC advertising will optimise your bid, develop custom landing pages for your marketing campaign, and you will be able to generate compelling ad copy. Therefore, with the help of PPC marketing efforts, you can get the most qualified customers and maximize your profit potential. Many online grocery store websites today enable their paid campaigns to reach out to prospective customers on a limited budget.

01. PPC benefits

  • Getting Quick Responses
  • Qualified & Potential Customers
  • Separates out reporting of Brand and Non-Brand keyword performance
  • Target returning customers
  • Gets Brand Impression
  • Understands and Implement Strategy according to business needs

02. PPC advertising includes,

  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Keywords Research & Optimization
  • Tracking Reports
  • Analyze Competitors and setup profitable Campaign
  • Remarketing
  • Monitoring Ads Performance & Optimization
  • Conversion Goal Setup & Tracking
  • Budget Allocation & Management

#5. Social Media Promotion

An average user spends 28% of their internet time on social media. If you do not appear on social media, you will miss the main opportunity to reach the place where shoppers spend their time online. With social media for grocery stores, you can build your social presence and attract lead to your store.

Key ingredients:

  • Creating rich media content
  • Creating polls
  • Social Media Business
  • Social media audit of your brand
  • Run the competition and offers
  • High-quality images
  • Referral Schemes
  • Introduce weekend shops and promote it

So as that follow the below steps,

01. Choose relevant platform

Before you start posting, you need to make sure you reach the grocery stores on the right platforms. If you want to see the success of your grocery store social media strategy, start by identifying where social media can reach your audience. Therefore, you can build a presence on numerous social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.

If you are not sure where your audience is spending their time, look at the user statistics for each platform. This demographic information can provide a good start in figuring out which platforms to use. Keep in mind that you can use different platforms for buyer personalities. So, you can use Facebook to target your middle-aged customers and you can rely on Instagram to attract millennials.

02. Create a create content

As you’ve set up your platform, you can start posting content to get the followers and boost activity. The content you post varies between platforms. You should explore your selection platform to see what you can post. Keep in mind that your audience will follow dozens of businesses on social media, so it’s easy to get lost in the sea of ​​content for your posts. However, if you make your content creatively, you have a good chance of gaining the attention of your audience and testing your content.

03. Encourage engagement

Encouraging engagement is pivotal to build your brand awareness for your grocery store. Social media is one of the places where you can connect with your audience at once. You can interact with them on a personal level by interacting with them in the comments or by replying to their messages on your platform. And also creating open posts on your social media can encourage you to get involved. An example is a poll. Some platforms like Facebook and Twitter give you the opportunity to vote and create a good interactive opportunity to connect followers with your store’s content.

04. Customer services

Apart from the encouraging engagement, you will want to use your social platform as a medium for customer service. Some of your posts encourage you to answer questions and you have people who comment on your posts to complain, report a problem in your store or ask questions. You want to use this as an opportunity to answer and address questions and concerns. Use social media messaging as customer service.

05. Run social media ads

Social media ads are great for helping you reach customers who have not yet found your grocery store. With specific targeting, you can create ads that will appeal to your audience. If you want to get more customers in your store it is a good way to add to your supermarket social media strategy. You can run ads such as Image ads. Video ads, carousel ads, collection ads, etc on social media. These social media ads can help you with increasing followers, leads, brand exposure, conversations and more.

#6. Video Promotion

Given the current marketing situation, many users are interested in watching promotional videos. So, to increase the brand’s popularity, introduce promotional HD animated videos and share them on video sharing websites as well as social media channels. The following exemplary video will show you how it will be done. Here is a simple animated video of Direct Fresh online grocery store on how to complete online shopping.

Here is also the video done by SAS Supermarkets as their promotional ad.

#7. SMS Marketing

A great way to spread your message and reach the pockets of potential customers. You need to get the contact number for this. Targeted market data. But how? We have a variety of options for obtaining contact information.

Marketing Strategy For Online Grocery Store SMS Marketing

01. Tips

  • Social Media Channels
  • Offering coupons for sign up
  • Purchase Data from multiple sources
  • Listing websites

Some of the SMS marketing templates are,

  1. 20% off store purchases this weekend only. Get a 20% discount on your purchase by showing this foot show in store. Can be used for multiple purchases.
  2. Big Summary Sale – 40% off all swim shorts, bikinis, shorts, buns and more. Order today at
  3. Hi Claire, the red shoes behind you are now in stock. Follow the link to buy them.
  4. 25% off this weekend when you spend $15 or more at Fast Pizza and collect orders
  5. Are you hungry? So why not go on our interesting tour tonight – Order
  6. Limited time only! We have a Flash sale and you can get a 20% discount on everything when stocks last! Visit
  7. Maybe you should meet and you should get a good one Check out our latest menu and book a table or order a flight tonight
  8. We like your style. Your big pizza 3, garlic bread, chicken wings and 1 litre Pepsi are getting ready. Visit to view your order
  9. Hi, your table is set for Simon’s birthday party on June 2 at 12.30 pm. We have set up 12 spaces but can add more if needed.
  10. Bernard, you bought a big pepperoni pizza last week, we thought we’d give you that order again, but there was a 20% discount. interested in?

#8. Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is changed marketing concept that followed in past. Most retail grocery store owners prefer online marketing or offline marketing channels for their retail store, but businesses should choose both channels, which we call multi-channel marketing. Followings are the offline marketing tips,

  • Home delivery facility
  • Offer Surprise Rewards
  • Use Pop-up Offers
  • Provide Multiple Payment Options as Possible
  • Business Cards
  • Community Presence
  • Speak At Events
  • Provide Specific Discount Coupons
  • A Referral Program
  • Charities and Donations
  • Distribute free samples
  • Advertise in the local newspaper
  • Sponsor Events

#9. Press Releases

Rotate business-related news regularly to get more both new and old customers. It is a way of promoting things through pre-sale / pre-launch, new customer registration and collection of user data.

#10. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to reach the right audience at the right time and in the right place. It is the best strategy to link to your website or app. To send the correct email, you need to open it and read most messages within 3 minutes. The ultimate goal of email marketing is to give your client a long-term offer or future offer that makes them think about using your online marketing devices and turn those clients into real customers. Here are the simple steps to creating an email marketing strategy for your grocery store.

  • Choose an email service provider (ESP)
  • Build your email list
  • Figure out email marketing ideas for your grocery store
  • Automated email marketing

Here is the Ocado online supermarket uses its email marketing on their supermarket. There is a positive quote from Jane. And also there is a three-step guide to shopping with Ocado alongside a bold CTA. After they will send a reminder email to place an order.

Marketing Strategy For Online Grocery Store Email Marketing

You can use above all marketing strategy for boosting your sales and the customers as the owner or the marketing executive of your online grocery shop.

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