Cakes are just something that every people of all ages love to taste. But the fact is that everyone cannot make. Making cakes is just art. If you are a proud owner of this amazing art you can convert it into a business. Or you have already converted your passion for making cakes into a business model. As every business owner, you want to put your products or services in front of your potential customers. Here, you are just started your online cake business and you need to draw customers. On the other hand, you need to promote your startup. In order to provide you with a guide, we are putting up together How to Promote My Startup Online Cake Business?

#1. Target Your Audience

While boosting the visibility and user base of your online cake business startup, remember one simple thing, you can’t connect or please everyone. However, not everyone will like your product, because you are not targeting it anyway. You want to get the knowledge of those who are interested in your product or service.

Before you start any business, it is important to find out which way you should go. Think about what kind of people you would like to attract to your online cake business and who might be a better customer for your products. If you can do that, the rest of the marketing process will be much smoother.

Once you have your ideal customer in mind, you need to think about how to let them know about your cake business. Of course, groups of different people take the time to do different things and are therefore exposed to different ads. For your online cake business, the best way to attract potential customers is to participate in social media, cake shows, offline and online networking. For advertising, it is essential to choose the right colours, words, images and overall style.

#2. Listen to your customers

Remember that, customers are the most crucial part of your business and your promotional strategy largely depends on whether your products or services apply to them. You can analyze social media, statistics and other data to better understand the demand. But the best way to find the right answer is to talk to them directly.

Though you are running an online cake business you need to have a website. So on your website build a section where your customers can educate themselves about your products. Another option is to explore the potential tastes of your audience and create quality content for them based on that. For example, if you have a start-up that offers online cake designs, you may be interested to see how interest in designs has increased in recent months.

Once you know what your clients expect from you, you can change your business plan accordingly. In this process, you will not necessarily need to invest money, but you will need to install several management tools and create suggestions with the information you have gathered.

#3. Make a detailed analysis of your competitors

Knowing your competitors is a key part of any business. You need to know the status of your part and then you can finally distinguish yourself. This gives you an idea of ​​the market you are trading in, the strategies used by other companies and the biggest challenges you face. This analysis of competition gives an idea of ​​the weaknesses of other companies, especially with regard to their communication problems. You can develop an innovative brand more than your counterparts based on your product or service. While you are analyzing your competitors visualize your findings by writing a report.

#4. Launch a referral program

If you need to make your startup with the huge following very quickly, it will be beneficial for you to launch a referral program. This is a basic strategy that allows customers to promote your product for you. It’s a simple concept, but many beginners I’ve seen don’t use it adequately. You want to share your startup news with your friends and encourage your customers to promote it vigorously, you can launch a referral. Do not create a referral program from scratch, if you want to launch a referral effectively. It is better to use a tool like Ambassador, which will handle all the difficult details of the referral program, allowing you to focus on product creation and promotion.

Today, business owners can use the web for more focused marketing. This marketing method allows businesses to attract more people. Also, the web makes it easier for people to share information about your startup and monitor its impact.

#5. Create a Website

Most of the customers are looking for that product or service on Google. First, they try to gather as much information as possible about the product and after they look for business owners who sell that product. So, if your site does not show up in Google search, it means that you really do not exist.

Remember that, a working website is critical for promoting your online cake business. Based on what you sell, your website serves as a lead generator, an online brochure, a directory and a source of information for your potential customers. You have complete control over how your website promotes your products and services and how long you can see promotions and other content.

If you are not able to customize your website, set up your website using one of the companies like Wix, Godaddy or Squarespace. Build that provides templates and tools that make it easy to create a basic website. Whether you choose a ready-made template or someone builds a website for you, make sure the design is responsive.

#6. List Your Products In Business Directories

Most of the buyers search for the items in popular business directories. These services provide mobile applications and attract large traffic. Therefore, your online cake business should be listed on business-listed sites such as Yahoo Local and Google Local. Listing your business on these websites is a good way to provide general information such as company address, working hours and other useful information about the business. Be sure to keep promotional activities up to date.

For example, take google my business. This allows your company to easily find and display Google Maps in Google Search Tools. All you have to do is fill out the form and register and verifying by mobile or email. Yahoo and Bing have a large business database at Microsoft so you can register your startup there. Followings are some of the listing sites.

#7. Use The Power Of Social Media

If you do not use social media, it’s just like you are losing your business. Social media helps your fans continuously come back to your business. Customers will often visit the bakery’s social media profile to view photos, read reviews, and access both the good and bad of a business. Think of these platforms as gateways to your website. Having a strong online presence at your online cake business is a great way to connect with your customers and get instant feedback.

To get started, you need to create profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. This will not only help you get more customers but also connect with them and get quality feedback on your cakes. Using social media allows you to build loyal followers for your online cake business, find new customers and connect with your current ones. There are several user-friendly ways to promote your company on social media platforms, and it will be beneficial for maintaining one or two of the following platform


Instagram is a place where all the cake businesses shine, it focuses primarily on great visual content. It is the best vehicle for your other cakes photos. It helps to cross-promote content, raise awareness about your brand and promote specific content and events. Remember that you get the best marks for visually and professionally cured photos or videos. It is better to post to Instagram once or twice a day. Take a look at the Instagram profile of Lily Vanilli cake shop in London.

10 Amazing Steps - How to Promote My Startup Online Cake Business?

Use below ideas when posting content to Instagram,

  • Colourful photos of cakes
  • Contests and events
  • Contests and events photos
  • Packaging presentation
  • Behind the scenes pictures
  • Special entertainment
  • Videos

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Facebook is one of the biggest and most popular platforms for businesses around the world. Because it is a great tool for maintaining customer relationships, promote new products, events and specials, customer services, etc. Therefore, creating a Facebook fan page for your online cake business not only offers you the advertising tool, but it also strengthens your brand image. So while you are starting a Facebook page, remember that your information is complete and up to date. Because your customers need to reach and contact you easily. Take a look at the Facebook profile of Lily Vanilli cakes.

10 Amazing Steps - How to Promote My Startup Online Cake Business?

You should have the following information:

  • Category
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Opening hours
  • Special promotions
  • Website address
  • Short description
  • Long description

Remember that people love pictures more than text. A customer can’t taste your product without buying it first. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to entice them with a few high-quality photos. Pictures should showcase your products and services.

Post a maximum of two or three times a week to prevent your audience from drowning. Your Facebook fans can ask what else they would like to see and you will get instant feedback. Here are some ideas for posting content on Facebook,

  • Job postings
  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Media coverage
  • New baked goods
  • New seasonal menus
  • Funny stories
  • Promotions and coupons
  • Event photos
  • Special announcements

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Twitter is the best platform for short and fast messages of less than 140 characters. So use it for promotions, updates, customer relations and customer service. One of the best ways to connect with your brand is to ask questions. Look at the following example tweeter profile of Lily Vanilli cakes.

10 Amazing Steps - How to Promote My Startup Online Cake Business?

Some of the tweet questions such as; What is your favourite flavour? What would you most like to have us sell? Here are some ideas for posting content to Twitter,

  • Short videos and images
  • Job postings
  • Positive brand news
  • Promotional codes or coupons
  • Employee recognition

#8. User-Generated Content

For a start, making quality posts for social media or other media can be a little tricky, especially if you have a limited budget to buy cameras and lights. The best way to fix it is to use user-generated content. As the name implies, this content is user-friendly and requires no investment, no complex editing and much effort. You can create a platform to collect data, select appropriate publications and use them. Your content should define your cake business.

#9. Build Your Brand

So you’re done troublesome works, your products, website and business are ready to roll. Now, your focus is on getting the word out about your cakes. Word of mouth is the most important marketing channel for building a loyal customer base. Instead of simply presenting your product line, think about how your cakes will meet the underlying requirements. Your bakery will sell different kinds of cakes, or it can give families something to eat and be a reason to spend time together.

#10. Answer Questions

If there is a question or when people are stuck, they will look to solve their pain point, they turn up to specific forums on the Internet such as Quora and Yahoo Answers. Create accounts on these sites and start searching for your product or service. Then start answering the easy question and then move towards complicated questions.

10 Amazing Steps - How to Promote My Startup Online Cake Business?

Mistakes That Should Avoid

  • Half-prepared entry into the Market– This is a common mistake made by owners for the first time, but it can also be easily avoided. Often, while starting their own business, business owners are able to grasp their vision and ideas to the extent that they fail at certain key elements that make their vision a reality.
  • Focusing on Short Term Gains– Many business owners often lose sight of the bigger picture in order to reap short-term benefits. Instead, the effort should be to build engaging relationships with clients to ensure a repetitive business.
  • Ignoring the importance of Research and Analytics– Another mistake that many business owners who start their own business can easily avoid is underestimating the important role that data analysis and market research can play in your business.
  • Disregarding the importance of contracts and legal documents-Never go for any agreement without defining the contract. When entering into a business transaction, you and your clients will mutually decide and agree. A contract documents the evidence of that agreement.
  • Focusing too much on the idea instead of on the team– A big business has a good idea in its essence, but at the same time, it has a large team that works hard to make that idea a success. The idea you come up with can be very good, and you should also recruit people who can support the long-term vision of your online cake business.
  • Modelling your Small Business on Short-term Trends– Most of the business owners often fall into the unnecessary trap of joining a particularly popular trend. Needless to say, most of these startups live beyond the start year.
  • A Rigid Business Model– Another mistake made by business owners is to get involved with their idea. It looks amazing at first and looks good on the drawing board but always create a quick business model that will help your cake business survive the rough and tumble of the real market.

Related questions

Is it a good idea to start a winter cake business?

It’s a good idea, but only for one season. Your cake business should be designed to be profitable not only in winter but throughout the year. To make your business successful you need to choose a secure e-commerce platform for international exporters and importers so that you can expand your business to a wider range and open up new possibilities.

Is it better to start a cake business from home?

The simple answer is yes. It is a good idea to start a cake business from home. Because it leads you to manage your finances. But remember that you need to manage your business plan correctly.

How can I reach and acquire corporate clients for my cake business?

Drive around your local area. Identify other business around your cake business. Give them to the receptionist with some pamphlets. Then write an automated email sequence with lavish photos of your cakes.

Do I need cake baking experience to start a cake business?

It is not necessary. you can hire someone with expertise. But it might be useful for you to have some knowledge of the cake business. Do not give away your business idea if you haven’t any experience in cake making.

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