As everyone knows that the teenage years are the best years of your life. So don’t waste your time without engaging in any useful thing that believing the false premise that you are only going to get your sh*t together once you are older. So you might think that you need to earn something. Just think about earning $10000. If it sounds terrible here is the complete guide on How To Make $10,000 At 16.

Contrary to popular belief, adolescence is the best time to get ahead of the game and get started in a hurry. There are tons of cool ideas you can expect to make money as a teenager. Yes, we narrow down those things that are not involved in things like part-time retail, because who already does not know that it is an option?

In every teenager’s life, there is a wish if they had a bit more cash. But with a little creativity and hard work, you can easily make money doing what you love. Any skill you have can be turned into a good money-making opportunity. These tips show you some ways to make good money without losing your mind from repetitive lazy work, we will add to this over time, so be sure to check back for updates and new monetization ideas.

#1. Hard Labour

AS hard labour you can participate in Shovel snow, Mow lawns, rake leaves, clean cars, clean windows, deliver papers, Clear gutters, etc. These are great, but some people want to avoid them because you need to know people in general to make this work. That’s where the other steps come from.

#2. Taking surveys for money

This one of the simplest way of making money. You need to be extra careful with this method. There are tons of scams that entice you with these expectations. You also want them available to answer your questions when you are feeling uncertain about low-cost forms. Survey Junky is one of the websites that have tried, tested and earned good money for each survey. If you want to start earning money by taking surveys, you can start right away by visiting their website.

As the name implies, online surveys are a systematic way of collecting data across various platforms on the Internet. Online surveys have become another research method that has become the most used method of data collection compared to traditional paper/cold-call interviews. Online surveys are responsible for getting feedback on new product launches, web design interfaces, politics, home and lifestyle habits, and more.

Here is the list of best paid online surveys for even more options.

survey sitesRewardsMinimum to cash outAverage rate/survey
InboxDollarsCash, gift vouchers$30$0.50-$10.00
MindSwarmsPayPal cashNone$10-$50
Survey JunkiePoints system that converts to cash and e-gift cards$10 or 1,000 points$1-$3
SwagbucksA points system that converts to cash and e-gift cards$25 or 2,500 Swagbucks points40 – 300 SB
Prize RebelPoints used to purchase gift cards, Bitcoin, or PayPal cash$5 or 500 points200–500 points ($2-$5)
TolunaPoints used to purchase gift cards and PayPal cash$10 cash or 30,000 points15 – 15,000 points depending on the length of the survey
i-Say (IPSOS)Points used to purchase gift cards and PayPal cash$10 cash or 1000 points5-300 points depending on the length of the survey
Vindale ResearchPayPal cash and rewards$50$1.50-$20
Opinion OutpostPayPal cash, Amazon, and iTunes$10 (100 points)$1-$5 (10 points to 50 points)
Valued OpinionsGift cards only$10$1-$5
Best Paid Online Surveys in 2021

#3. Buy/Sell Video Games

For this one, you need some money for the startup. First, wait until your city gets an urban garage sale date or just like somewhere a place to sell what people don’t want. Some of the neighbourhood may also have these. Buy the best cheap video games you can find. Once it is done, keep the ones you like and trade what you don’t have at a local sports shop. There is an average $10 store credit and $8 cash credit for each sport. As long as you buy the game for less than $8 you do nothing and practically make money.

And also Poshmark works on a similar basis to selling your clothes in Threadup. The stuff here generally extends to the top brands of Nike, Michael Kors, Coach and a few others. We understand that young people do not have access to such big-name brands. But you can ask around. You may be wondering how many women you don’t know about such a site have pre-loving design items that add dust to the back of their wardrobe.

#4. Listing out your wardrobe

You might have a bulk of old or even totally unused clothes in your wardrobe. You can use ThredUp. It’s a fashion paradise for those who like to make cheap purchases or for those who have previously loved various brands and are interested in others. They are known as the largest online wholesale and thrift store in the world. So you will know that you are selling to a large audience + increasing the chances of buying. They accept the clothes from 35,000 different brands which are least 5 years old.

#5. Earn money as a proofreader

If you have a good understanding of grammatical errors, you can earn a good side income as a proofreader. You will be paid to proofread all kinds of documents such as articles, blog posts, articles, or even emails. The big upside of making money from proofreading is that you can do it with a laptop and an internet connection, which means you can do it at your own speed from anywhere. Even if you are outside the US. As long as you speak fluent English, you can follow this no matter where you live. Getting started is a bit expensive, but you can get a good skill that can earn you a lot of money in the future. If you want to start proofreading, the Proofreading Academy is a great resource.

#6. Become a babysitter

Babysitting is a lucrative idea to make money. Because in the US you will get paid $16.75 per hour for babysitting one child. Of course, this depends on whether you have a license to justify the payment. Even if you don’t, amateur babysitting is still widely active. You need to look in the right direction to find the parents who need your services. If you want to reach more customers you can sign up in the platforms like Sittercity. It requires extensive background screening, but once they are done and dusted off, you can earn a fairly large income from caring for babies.

#7. Selling old gadgets, DVDs and electronics

This is one of the easiest ways makes money… selling cool gadgets to your friends. You can use your manufacturer’s skills to build cool things cheaply and make a profit from selling what you earn. There are several tools that are very easy to do this.

Consider selling an iPod charger. These days almost everyone has a device that charges from a USB port. It could be a mobile phone, an MP3 player or something else. You can make your own things very cheap to sell to people. Best of all, you can make a huge profit by showing them how much they have to pay for a commercial charger. Commercial chargers run for between $10 and $50, and some only carry adapters.

And also custom cables. This is another good and easy thing and it will not cost you much. Now that you have sold a charger to your friends the cable should be easy to sell.

#8. Hosting a yard sale

Selling a yard is a tried and tested method of unloading junk. Set up a few tables in your runway, stick a few price tags on stuff, advertise them, and let the money rollover. A yard sale is a good option when you have tons of things you need to get rid of or remove in a short time. Then you can make signs and flyers for sale. You can share a short video of some of the items for sale in the yard with friends and neighbours.

#9. Sell creative things

As you may have guessed that the best way to make money other than working hard is to sell the things or make electronics. But these are not only the things that you can sell. There are tons of ways 16 years teen can make money by selling their creative ability if you are not interested in electronics. Most kids love engaging in creating something that makes them happy.

  • A Birdhouse: You can easily get wood, a hammer and a few nails, then cut the boards of the birdhouse and nail them together. Tell those around you that you are selling customized birdhouses. When you find someone you are interested in, ask them what design/colour scheme they want. Then paint the birdhouse and sell them. Therefore, you will get more money because it is customized. You can go further than a colour scheme and add a bird feeder or a bowl of water to the side.
  • Make friendship bracelets: Most of the kids love to have a good collection of friendship bands. If you have experience making friendship rings, take advantage of your skills and sell them to others.
  • Make jewellery: Remember that unique jewellery never goes out of style. Jewellery can be made from a variety of materials and designs. It is helpful to think about what type of jewelry is most popular to ensure good sales.
  • Sell your art
  • Sell your ceramics

Addition to selling your creations within your friends you can sell on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Artpal, etc.

#10. Do Peoples’ Makeup

You might be a teen who is interested in beauty products. Therefore, you can turn what you love doing into a mode of making money. You can practice a bunch of different looks on your friends and family. Then you can create a portfolio with all your best work and the pictures on a simple website or on Instagram feed.

#11. Becoming a freelance writer

If you are an expert in grammar and words, look no further. The freelance writing business is a great way to take advantage of those skills and build a portfolio that looks good at the same time. Isn’t it nice to be able to spend your time and get what you want? In short, that is what freelancing is all about? Instead of working for a company, you work on yourself to give your skills, products or services to a client. You have to be your own boss. You can start your personal blog on best platforms like,

SEO tools.

Best hosting platforms

#12. Manage Social Media Accounts

If you are a teenager who spends many hours a day on social media, you qualify for this job. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses without a huge amount of social media. For small business owners, this aspect of the business is large enough to sync the time they invest. Why not turn to local businesses to see if any business owner wants someone to maintain their social media accounts?

So if you believe that there is a business, you can get online followers who run them and convince them to pay for that business. Once you start creating a track record for yourself, you can get more clients and start earning, even more, each month. There are social media managers who earn $1000 a month for one business. Send bulk of emails and see if anyone is interested.

#13. Make Money Organizing Events

You can use your organizing ability to work. One idea is to organize birthday parties for small children. It is often a headache for parents and children with high expectations. You can take that responsibility off their plates for organizing an amazing birthday party with fun games and cute decorations. If one child goes to a wonderful party you organize, they will tell the parents that you want to organize their birthday. That’s where you can turn this idea into your business.

you can use the above ideas to make $10000 as 16 years old. As a kid, you can engage different types of money-making businesses and earn more.

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