Using door hangers is one of the best technique or tip that a door to door salesman can use in order to make effective sales. So as that, making attractive door hangers will make to persuade the homeowners to seek about the product or the services mentioned in the hanger or the flyer. Therefore, “” is offering this simple guide Door hanger ideas in fact of creating an eye-catching door hanger.

Before making a door hanger you need to understand what is a door hanger. And also what is the purpose of it.

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What is a door hanger and What does it do?

A door hanger is a kind of advertisement that is specially focused on a customer. On the other hand, specialized advertisements that you leave in your target customers door. It usually promotes,

  • Limited-term transactions.
  • Store openings.
  • Political business.
  • Special sales.
  • Local businesses.

A door hanger is a small advertisement. Not only that, it is very inexpensive to produce and distribute also. However, it is one of the most efficient ways of advertising.

As a flyer design is expected to have a 1% success rate per campaign, a door hanger has the ability to receive a 4%-5% success rate.

Therefore the door hangers ,

  • can not be ignored
  • cost-effective
  • straight to the point
  • Very targeted
  • Seamless and easy to select, handle and store.
  • Simple and convinient
  • Because it is a more personal form of advertising, people are naturally more inclined to believe it.

A door hanger can use in different ways to market your business. Whether you are looking for new customers or trying to generate business, again and again, door hangers will deal a serious blow to your marketing fee. Here are some ideas on how door hangers work for you.

How door hangers work on you

  • Introduce a new business, a new product or service
  • Seeking new customers
  • informing customers about the product while they were not at home
  • Promote a sale
  • distribute a coupon
  • Promote an event
  • Educate prospective customers about products or services

Steps to create a successful door hanger

Now you might get an clear idea about the door hangers and how useful them. Therefore, followings are the basic steps of creating a successful door hanger.

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Printing
  • Distributing
  • Tracking results

Planning a door hanger

To plan your door hanger you need to research your target customers. That means who are the people you would like to reach with your door hangers.

And also through your research, you need to figure out, where your customers live, what are the things you like to do, age limits, dreams, and ambitions of them, the relation of your product and their goals, etc.

The purpose of your door hanger is to people who come by your store and check out a new product with the advertisement.

Therefore, you can offer a kind of bonus as a special offer. It can be anything such as, giving a free product to the first 100 callers or might be a special discount.

Ultimate Door Hanger Design  Guide + 16 Ideas + FREE PSD Download door hanger design size chart
Door Hanger Design Size

Designing a door hanger

Every door hanger contains the title or headline, body text, a limited time offer, a call to action, contact info, design elements, pictures, etc.

The title is the most important text in every door hanger or any kind of advertisement. Because the title tells what the door hanger is about. therefore, make sure to keep your title text clear, outstanding and easy to read.

A body text explains that further more details about the thing mentioned in the title. However, most of the people like to have an ad with short, bullet lists apart from the blocks of text and the long sentences.

A limited time offer includes in different ways. That means it can include in body text, part of the call to action or at the end.

A call to action part tells the customer what they need to do next. So, it should be clear and simple. Therefore, this part must be clearly designed in your door hanger to inform that what the customer should do next.

Make sure to include your contact details, address, phone number, website or any other information. your customers want to know moreover about the product by you.

And also concern about following design elements.

Color and the texture

while you designing the door hanger make sure to consider the colors and the textures. On the other hand, colors might determine how your door hanger stands out at a glance. When selecting a relevant color keep the following points in mind.

  • If your company, business, or brand have any key colors, make sure to use those colors.
  • Cool colors elicit a sense of calm, while warmer colors create intensity, immediacy, or even hunger. Then the cool colors are greens and blues, warmer colors are reds, yellows, and oranges. Choose the color according to the emotion that you want to make feel on customers.
  • And also you have to choose the colors according to the age limits. Younger demographics react to contrasting bright colors while older demographics react to more saturated calmer tones.

textured designs are also the same as the colours. They help to create a specific feeling to door hanger while delivering the message.

Read this also : The Know It All Guide To Color Psychology In Marketing + The Best Hex Chart


As in flyers, and other visual advertisements, pictures are used to tell a story. Therefore, select the pictures that convey the idea in the door hanger.


shapes are the building blocks of your door hanger. You can highlight the specific parts of the text using shapes. And also help the door hanger more appealing and likely to be read.

Default Size for Door Hangers

Size in mm
Half A652.5 x 148.5
Half A574 x 210
DL99 x 210
Half A4105 x 297
Half A3148.5 x 420
Ultimate Door Hanger Design  Guide + 16 Ideas + FREE PSD Download
Door Hanger Design Size
Ultimate Door Hanger Design  Guide + 16 Ideas + FREE PSD Download
Door Hanger Design Size


The fonts that are using in the door hanger also a very important thing when designing. It is recommended to use two types of fonts for a door hanger. One for headings and another one for the body text. And also you can use many font colors.

Next comes printing. You can print your door hangers using either digital or offset printing. After that, you need to distribute your door hanger. the first thing you must do is to plan the distribution route. then you can distribute them with your sales crew.

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how door hangers work on you
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free download 16+ door hanger designs PSD
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