Are you struggling to manage your money? So, you are not alone. almost all the people are struggling to manage their personal finances. But, most of them are finding a magic formula that allows you never to have to worry about money. That may not be realistic. But, when considering personal finances, we found simple five steps to manage your money, just seems likes simple magic. So, “founder activity” loves to share this helpful guide with you.

How to Manage Your Money in Simple Five Steps | Everyone Should Know

01. Figure out Financial goals

What are you hoping to do with your money? Take some time to write specific and long term financial goals. No matter what kind of financial goals you have, they will all affect how you plan your finances.

Taking time to think about the future not means that, you are stressing out about all the things you can’t afford now or are circumscribe from doing because of lack of money. You just need to focus on the positive things and removing out negative thoughts.

First of all, ask yourself what is the need for money for you. Just take a piece of paper and think a bit, where you see yourself in the next 10 years.
Ask yourself,

  • What is the lifestyle you aim to achieve in the next few years?
  • What do you see yourself owning, enjoying, or experiencing?
  • Where do you see yourself personally and professionally with the time?

Thinking according to these facts means that you are planning towards your goals and not restricting your lifestyle and desires depending on the money you are making now.

According to the studies, 80% of people never set goals for them. Another surprise is that, among the people of the remaining 20% who set goals for themselves, almost 70% fail to achieve these goals. So, that’s why you need to figure out specific goals.

02. Complement your plan

A financial plan will always help you to reach your financial goals. In fact, having a solid financial plan will allow you to save money, afford the thing you really want, and achieve long term goals.

In order to be financially independent and build wealth, it is better to make a financial plan.

03. Develop a budget

In order to manage your money and work towards financial goals, you need to create and develop a budget. By the way, a personal budget is a summary that compares and tracks your income and expenses for a defined period. A budget will show you how much money you expect to bring in, then compare that to your required expenses.

Before you take off on making a budget, find a good template you can use to fill in the numbers for your expenses and income.

  • Gather your financial paperwork
  • Calculate your income
  • Create a list of monthly expenses
  • Determine fixed and variable expenses
  • Total your monthly income expenses
  • Make adjustments to expenses

According to these steps, you can create your budget. After you have set your budget, you must monitor and continue to track your expenses. Moreover, you can use budgeting apps like Mint, YNAB, EveryDollar, Personal capital.etc.

04. Pay off your Debt

Debt is one of the major great obstacles to reach financial goals. That is why you need to pay off your debt to reach your financial goals. First, set up a debt elimination plan. It will help you to pay for them quickly.

01.How to make a debt elimination plan?

How to Manage Your Money in Simple Five Steps | Everyone Should Know How to make a debt elimination plan?

In fact, a debt elimination plan is easy to set up and hard to follow. However, this plan definitely gets rid of the debt. Being free from your debt will allow you to build wealth and take control of your finances.
In order to make a debt elimination plan,

  1. Make a list
  2. Start budgeting effectively
  3. Set up an emergency fund
  4. Start paying down debt
  5. Stay focused on getting out of debt

Once you have worked so hard to get free from debt, you should stay continuously stay out of debt.

With this debt elimination plan, you can pay off your debt quickly. Further, these tips will help you to pay off debt.

  • Doing a second job can help you to speed up the debt-paying process
  • Selling stuff, that is not used by you and earn extra money
  • Remove from unnecessary payments

With this step, you will be able to easily manage your money.

05. Track your net worth

Tracking your net worth is also a very special step to manage your money. Your net worth can measure your financial progress. So, are you thinking why do you tracking your net worth? Net worth is the single most important financial metric one can trick. In fact, it is more important than a person’s salary or monthly budget.

After all, you can manage your money with these steps. Make this a habit. It will help you quickly understand how your spending is tracking, and what needs to change. Moreover, if you need any financial advice, don’t afraid to ask. In fact, once you have grown your savings and want to begin investing to increase your wealth, contacting a financial planner to help you is a wise investment decision.

Accordingly, it does not seems like a difficult experience. So, manage your money with these simple five steps and make your life’s progress, financially.

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